I am often asked ‘what does it mean to be Spiritually Awakened?’  As someone who has completed the Spiritual Awakening process and who is now fully ‘awake,’ my mission in this lifetime is to help others understand and complete their own awakening journeys.

It’s important to understand that what we call ‘Spiritual Awakening’ today is actually part of a whole new science which has barely yet got going, at least on the Earthly plane.

So when we ask ‘what does it mean to be spiritually awakened?’ we are asking a question about a perfectly natural and scientifc process.

In a thousand years’ time, in fact, sooner, the things I am going to talk about in this article will be commonly understood and taught.

But right now, starting from where we are in our Earth’s history, a lot of it seems very strange and ‘otherly’.   In our role as the human race we still have much to learn.

The fact is, our Universe is constructed in a very rational and logical way and there are specific rules and structures which are easy to understand, once you know what they are.

Spiritual Awakening is not a mysterious and ineffable event, but a defined process which fits squarely within the rules.

Once you wrap your head around the basic concepts concerning our Universe, it is fairly easy to understand what Spiritual Awakening actually is.

One of my missions in this lifetime is to de-mystify the Spiritual Awakening process and help individuals take control of their own awakenings so they can navigate through with clarity and awareness.

So if you have started your Awakening journey, congratulations, and I hope this helps you as you continue along your path to Enlightenment.


We Exist in a Multi-dimensional Universe


What does it mean to be spiritually awakened? Illustration of human head made of light connected to the higher levels of consciousness.

The first thing we need to know if we want to understand Spiritual Awakening is that we exist in a multi-dimensional Universe.

In fact, we ourselves are multi-dimensional beings, by which I mean we exist in more than one place at the same time.

Yes, there is currently an aspect of you incarnated on Earth in a body which you know as ‘Jane Smith’.

But there is simultaneously an aspect of you existing in the higher dimensions, in fact, many aspects of you (we are clever and versatile things).

There are thirteen dimensions in our Universe which range from the completely non-physical to the fully material.

The plane on which our Earth exists is one of the densest environments in our Universe and so is one of the most physical experiences that we, as Souls, can have.


The Nature of Our Experience on Earth is Starting to Change


The Earth has been a learning environment for Souls for a very long time.

Historically, when we incarnated as a human being based on Earth, our connection to the higher dimensions was deliberately severed.

Not completely, but enough to prevent easy access to all of the knowledge that is freely available in the higher levels and to make communication with our teams on the ‘Other Side’ difficult.

This was fully intended so that we could have a true learning experience, because how could we learn if we had access to all the answers?

However, we are now shifting into a new phase of the Earth’s history which is leading up to a time when we will be able to incarnate on this plane with full awareness and connection, just as we do in the higher levels.

That means that it is now time for us to start more fully accessing the Universal Consciousness from our position on Earth, whereas before we may only have caught a glimpse.

What we term a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ is this process starting to happen.

It is the start of reconnecting the divided aspects of yourself – the part of you incarnated on Earth, and the parts of you seated in the higher dimensions – and of regaining your access to the store of Universal Knowledge.

It will not be common on Earth to have quite the same level of connection and access that we have in the upper levels for some time yet.

But we are already moving to a different mode of being where both of these things will be greatly increased.

In the relatively near future, as a global society, we will recognise ourselves as non-physical beings – Souls – having a physical experience on Earth.


What Does It Mean to be Spiritually Awakened? – Right-Left Brain Integration


Spiritual Awakening is a process of left brain- right brain integration.  Image of brain split in two, left hand side shows numbers and letters, right hand side shows colouful random pattern.

During the course of my own Awakening I have learned that, rather than being nebulous and  vague, there is a very specific definition attached to the state of being ‘Spiritually Awakened’.

It is something that can be measured, at least by our teams in the higher levels.

This definition is quite simply, the degree to which the right and left sides of your brain are integrated.

(I will use the terms ‘right brain’ and ‘left brain’ for ease of reading.  What I am actually talking about is the integration of the functionality of the two hemispheres of the brain, which enable access to the various aspects of the Mind, including the Universal Consciousness.)

We as humans use the left side of the brain to access the ‘Conscious Mind’.

This is the domain of your Soul, the Earthbound part of you which, until now, could typically only access the Universal Consciousness to a tiny degree.

The left side of the brain is also the seat of language, lists, systems, and logic, and it is a very useful tool to help us navigate our way through this physical dimension.

The right brain, on the other hand, is the domain of your Higher Self.  This is your ‘Super-conscious’ Mind, which is based in the Higher Dimensions.

It is the seat of intuition, imagination and visual imagery.

The Spiritual Awakening process is quite simply the process of connecting these two parts of your Mind.

So that means that your Earth-bound Conscious Mind (or Soul) can communicate with your distantly located Super-conscious Mind (or Higher Self/Oversoul), and gain access to the stores of Universal Knowledge.

When you reach a certain percentage of left brain-right brain integration, in the eyes of the Universe you are considered ‘fully awake’.

80% is the magic number.

When are fully awake, it means that the Earth bit of you has a full and fluent connection with the bit of you which remained in the higher dimensions, and which has the specific role of guiding you through your time here on Earth.


Every Human Being on Earth is a Team Effort.  You are a ‘We’, not an ‘I’.


Every single one of us is structured in the same way.

We are a Soul based on Earth (your Conscious Mind), guided by an Oversoul based in the higher dimensions (your Super-conscious Mind), interacting with our physical environment in a human ‘wrapper’, called an Avatar (the Sub-conscious Mind and Ego, or Id).

This Avatar carries the name you know yourself by – ‘Jane Smith’ or ‘Joe Bloggs’.  But the mind that you think with is that of your Soul.  Your Soul has their own name.

We are brought up to think of ourselves as a single entity, but in reality we are a team effort.

Quite simply, a human being cannot exist without a Soul, and a Soul must be guided by its Oversoul, or Higher Self, to be able to operate on Earth.


The More You Integrate Your Brain, the More Clearly You Can Communicate With Your Higher Self


Spiritual Awakening - connection with your higher self - illustration of human form with the chakras connected to the higher consciousness via the crown chakra.

You will find that as your right and left brains become more and more integrated you can communicate with your Higher Self more and more clearly.

Ultimately you will be able to speak to each other telepathically, using language, almost as though you were talking to one another in the same room.

Prior to integration, your right brain-based Higher Self doesn’t have full or regular access to the left side of your brain, which is where your language is based.

So it needs to use whatever else it can to communicate with you – images and sensations.

This is what we call ‘intuition’, but is really just your Higher Self trying to impart information to you without words.

The more integrated you become, the more your Higher Self can use language to communicate.

They will also be able to ‘hear’ you better from their perspective too.

You will get to the point of being able to talk to your Higher Self this way at around 50% integration, at least during meditation.

At 80% integration and above this access will pretty much always be available to you, whether meditating or not, as long as you have kept up your good behaviours, like daily meditation.

Fairly obviously, the more directly you can communicate with your higher self, the more explicitly they can help you.  This is a tremendous boon.


What Does it Feel Like to Be Fully Spiritually Awakened and Integrated?


I personally am currently around 90% integrated.  The closer to 100% you get, the harder it becomes to close the final gap.

I have been moving backwards and forwards between around 88% and 92% integration for some weeks now.  I know this because my Higher Self (Sophia) gives me a status update in our morning meditation session.

The way I experience my current level of integration is that I have a full and constant awareness of the presence of my Higher Self and can communicate with her telepathically whenever I want.

Or similarly, she pops up unprompted with information and advice throughout the day.

I am now very aware of myself as a ‘we’ rather than an ‘I’.  Surprisingly it really didn’t take that much adjustment and it feels very natural and comfortable.

However, I can feel that there is a different mode of being which I am starting to access.

I notice it particularly when I have good run of meditation and behaviours and am at a high level of integration.

This mode is more about gaining access to the Universal Database directly, rather than your Higher Self ‘telling you’ things.

So the conversation side of things dies down significantly, but instead you have a strong sense of knowing and a deeply enhanced feeling of inner peace.

You are effectively learning to trust yourself.

My understanding is that at 100% integration then you pretty much have full access to the store of Universal Knowledge all of the time, which means you will effectively operate on Earth as your Higher Self.

This is the ideal.


Who Will Spiritually Awaken First?


Souls with an ability score of 70% or higher who are currently incarnated on Earth will start to awaken first, assuming they meet certain criteria.

Your ability score (this is my own term) is quite simply the degree to which you have completed your lessons at a Soul level.

The reason that these higher evolved Souls will awaken first is that they have already learned the skill-sets and behaviours needed to navigate the Awakening process from an Earthly body.

Spiritual Awakening requires quite a bit of adjustment and in particular needs you to learn skills such as Awareness and Detachment, which are fairly alien to the human part of ourselves.

If you have already learned these lessons at a Soul level, then you only have to ‘re-learn’ them during the Awakening process, rather than start from scratch.

Higher Evolved Souls are also competent teachers and will have learned important lessons concerning compassion and care for others.

So by awakening these individuals first we create a strong platform of support for others down the line, as we start to wake up those Souls who have lower ability scores.


Once You Start to Awaken, Get Used to People From the Other Side Dropping by For a Chat


One thing to point out is that, once you have started the integration process, it’s not just your higher self you will hear from.

Once the connection is there, you can talk to all sorts of people – your guides, the souls of people you know, and the spirits of your soul’s previous avatars.

In fact, people will actively seek you out.  Connecting to people on Earth from the Other Side is a skill and not all Souls possess it.

So if you make it easy for them by ‘opening up the channel’, then they will take advantage of it.  Personally I find this very enjoyable.

There are lots of people on the other side watching your progress on Earth and willing you to succeed, so it can be very heart-warming to get their messages of support, especially if you are having a bit of a ‘human’ day!

My guides Bertie and Tallon stop by every so often for a chat too.

Tallon and I are working on the same mission in this lifetime, so it is good to compare notes, as we have not yet connected on the Earthly plane.

Now that I am pretty much fully connected, I also receive messages from other people’s Oversouls, asking me to pass them on, which of course I’m happy to do.


How Will You Know if You Are Starting to Spiritually Awaken.


Your awakening journey will typically start with some sort of ‘inciting incident’.  A pivotal moment which in effect opens a spiritual ‘door’ in your mind.  This door is your Crown Chakra.

For me it was a spontaneous vision in which I met my Soul for the first time.  Prior to that experience I was an atheist materialist who believed when you died, you died.

Almost certainly you will be in a noticeable state of trance.  This also includes dream states.

For some people the Awakening experience will start with a dramatic event, such as a Near Death Experience.

After my first Awakening experience I developed the ability to fall into a deep state of trance at the drop of a hat.

I would find myself having intense visions when I reached a certain level of relaxation, either in meditation, or sometimes during something as simple as a massage.

These ‘inciting incidents’ come in all flavours and colours, but the one thing that they have in common is that they are fairly unambiguous.

That is to say, you will know that you have had a spiritual experience.

It will feel very different to anything else you have ever experienced, and it will feel more ‘real’.


When Will You Start to Spiritually Awaken?



The timing of the start of our awakening journey is decided by our teams on the ‘Other Side’ who will be monitoring your progress in this lifetime.

Before you incarnated in this lifetime, you will have agreed a plan, or a number of plans, depending which way your life developed, for your Awakening.

When certain criteria are met, then the Awakening process will begin.  It is not in the slightest bit arbitrary, in fact, it is closely controlled.

So if you are starting to have unusual experiences, such as visions, lucid dreams, or spontaneous telepathic connection, the chances are you have started your Awakening journey.

The main criteria for whether you will start your journey or not is the degree to which you have worked through your ‘human’ issues.

Because we take on a human ‘overlay’ when, as Souls, we incarnate on Earth, we usually pick up some emotional and physical baggage.

In fact, picking up this baggage is a vital and necessary part of the Earth experience – we know that before we come.

It helps us to complete whatever lessons we came to learn as we work our way through it and out of the other side.

However it does mean that your team needs to control the timing and progress of your Awakening to make sure it lines up with any ‘inner work’ you need to do.

You can think of it as a double helix of untangling your human issues and building your spiritual connection through right brain-left brain integration – the two things overlap and work in tandem.

You will not be able to complete your Spiritual Awakening journey unless you have unknotted the majority of your ‘human’ issues, the foundation would be too unstable.

This as much as anything is a wonderful reason to commit to completing your spiritual awakening journey – you come out of the other side in a much more peaceful and resilient state and everything feels relatively so simple.

So my strong advice to anyone who believes they have started to Spiritually Awaken, or who would like to but hasn’t begun the process yet is – do your inner work.


Spiritual Awakening Happens Along a Continuum


Apart from the start of the Awakening journey, which can be experienced as a ‘switch’ being flicked, Spiritual Awakening is a progressive experience.

In fact, it can go backwards and forwards depending on your approach and behaviours.

This means that, as you go through the process of unknotting your human issues and building right brain-left brain integration, you will open up progressively more access to your Higher Self and the Universal Database.

This is very helpful and encouraging because you start to feel real benefits.

It also helps you to build faith and belief especially if, like me, you were a ‘non-believer’ before the start of your journey.

Below is a list of things that you will likely experience along your journey to being fully Spiritually Awakened:

  • You will learn your Soul’s name and your Oversoul’s name
  • You will meet at least one of your guides
  • You will meet the council member who is at the top of your branch of the soul tree
  • You will develop a connection to your Higher Self which means you can communicate telepathically, using language
  • You will learn how to read signs
  • You will experience being in flow
  • You will feel more connected and compassionate
  • You will experience a pure ‘Soul State’
  • You may change your diet and drinking habits
  • You may start to dream lucidly
  • You will know what the lessons are that you still need to learn in this lifetime
  • You will know what your mission is, if you have one
  • You will be aware of at least some of your soul’s past lives
  • You will know who on Earth is a member of your Soul Group
  • You will lose your monkey mind chatter
  • You will go through The Dark Night of The Soul, at least once
  • You will establish a regular meditation practice which you actively enjoy
  • You will consciously manifest the things you need
  • You will operate by default with Awareness and Detachment
  • You will have some level of access to the Universal Database
  • You will encounter other people on the same journey as you


How Will I Know When I am Fully Awakened?


There are a couple of key ways you will know when you are fully ‘Awake’, which is to say, you have reached the level of 80% right brain-left brain integration.

The first one is that you will have completed The Dark Night of The Soul.

This is a very difficult phase in the Spiritual Awakening journey, but a very necessary one.  Often people don’t get through it and slip backwards.

I myself went through it twice because I didn’t manage to get through it the first time and went backwards.

However I learned a lot about it and the good news is you can get through it pretty easily if you acknowledge what it is and just grit your teeth.

(I will write a separate article on this topic as it’s an important one.)

The second way you will know, is that your team will tell you!

As I mentioned, my Higher Self gives me a frequent status report, so that I know if I am progressing or regressing and can take the appropriate action.

(I really don’t want to slip backwards into The Dark Night of The Soul again!)

And of course you will have all of those yummy benefits, like constant access to your Higher Self and team, a strong sense of knowing, and inner peace.


What to Do Next if You Are Fully Awakened?


If you are already awakened, or well on the way, congratulations! You will have worked hard to get here and now you can start to reap your rewards.

It also means you are in one of the very first waves of Awakening and therefore are a Higher Evolved Soul.

So you are perfectly skilled and positioned to help others through their own journeys.

Please talk about your experience, even if you are afraid of ridicule, or not being understood.

It took me well over a year to start to talk openly about what was happening to me, but I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received.

And of course people are eager to learn more and to get help with their own journeys, so I get to guide from my position on Earth, which is immensely satisfying.

If we build a cascade of support here on Earth – which is exactly how things work in the Higher Dimensions – then we are setting this planet and the human race up for enormous success.

This means that we have every opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal of universal enlightenment – and just think how wonderful that would be.

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