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Our spiritual universe is a fascinating place. ‘Modern’ science is just catching up to the idea that it’s multi-dimensional – something the spiritual community has known for millennia. In this post I reveal the 13 dimensions of the universe as shown to me by the Council of Light.

I have visited the 13 dimensions

I’m sure you know, or at least suspect, that our spiritual universe is multi-dimensional.

But did you know that there’s 13 dimensions and that they’re structured in a very specific way?

During my spiritual awakening, I was shown our entire universe.

I’m a channel for the Council of Light, and over the years they’ve been teaching me about how our universe really works.

This is the information I share in this blog and on my YouTube channel.

At the height of my awakening I was lucky enough to be taken on a tour of the universe’s 13 dimensions by the Council.

I still visit some of them now, and so do you! As I will explain later in this post.

Please suspend your disbelief

I should mention that this is brand new information, never before shared in our earthly dimension, so please suspend your disbelief just for a moment.

By the end of this post, you’ll see that what I reveal makes a lot of sense.

And of course, outside of spirituality, string theory requires 11 dimensions for the mathematics to work.

So physicists working at the cutting edge of science are already starting to uncover some of the truth.

What is the (spiritual) universe?

The ‘spiritual universe’, by which I mean the true universe, with all its dimensions, is an enormous consciousness.

It (she) is self-aware and identifies as Athena.

(Find out more about Athena in this blog post.)

This consciousness contains souls – you and me – who exist primarily for the purpose of learning: we’re learning machines,

However, we also play ‘the Game of Life’, which is a gamification of the lessons we go through in lifetime after lifetime.

It makes the experience more challenging and enjoyable for us – we enjoy playing the game.

Souls and spirits live side by side

Our universe also contains spirits as well as souls.

Spirits are versions of human beings – or avatars, as they’re known in the higher dimensions – which continue after physical death.

They go on to live wonderful, rich, fulfilling, immortal lives in the upper dimensions.

This is where the idea of eternal life comes from, in all of our major religions.

Spirits and souls interact in all the 13 dimensions of our universe, so it’s a thriving community.

Our spiritual universe has a ‘bonus’ dimension

In a moment I’m going to explain all of the 13 dimensions in our universe.

But first I need to mention that originally there were only meant to be 12 dimensions.

Yes, that’s right, we got a bonus level!

I’ll explain what that level is and why exists at the end of this post.

The dimensions become more physical as they descend

Conceptually you can think of the upper 12 dimensions as being shaped like a pyramid.

This isn’t their physical structure, but a representation of the energy each one uses.

The higher levels need less energy, because the dimensions become more dense and physical as you descend.

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The highest dimension: Valhalla

The highest dimension, at the top of the pyramid, is called ‘Valhalla’ and it’s the ‘home’ of Athena.

Valhalla is where senior souls (including the Council of Light’s inner circle) and some spirits meet.

It’s where higher level strategies and important conversations take place to do with the running of our universe.

Valhalla is almost completely non-physical, so all the interactions that take place there exist almost as pure thought.

It does have a little bit of structure: I experience it as a meeting place, a bit like an enormous teepee or great hall, but glowing and white.

Perhaps you’ve been there and not realised it?

Because Valhalla is virtually non-physical, things happen very quickly there.

This is necessary when you’re trying to run a 13 dimensional spiritual universe with quadrillions of data points.

The second dimension: Heaven

The next level down is Heaven – yes, Heaven really exists.

And it’s no accident that it sounds like the word ‘haven’.

It’s a nurturing and magical place, where spirits and souls live and play and enjoy themselves.

There’s also some learning which takes place in this dimension, although we don’t need to incarnate to take the lessons.

The Akashic Records are also stored there and can be accessed by any soul or spirit, up to their individual level of clearance.

(This is linked to the proportion of their lessons they’ve completed.)

Heaven is where souls recuperate in between incarnations, and where spirits are integrated into the wider community after physical death.

New spirits may require special handling, often because they have trauma which needs to be resolved.

So it’s a healing place too.

Heaven is theoretically infinite, so as new spirits ascend, they can create their own environments.

They can build their dream home!

This is easy to do because manifestation occurs very quickly in Heaven.

Again, it’s not a hugely physical environment.

The 5 ‘Live Earth’ dimensions

The 10 layers below Valhalla and Heaven are organised into 2 blocks and they’re intimately connected to each other.

I’m going to talk about the lower 5 layers first.

These are the ‘earthly’ dimensions of our spiritual universe.

They all look roughly like our ‘universe’, as we term this one dimension we’re in today.

These are the dimensions where souls incarnate into human avatars to learn, and they’re ‘live’ environments.

Time runs roughly forwards, continually and sequentially

You can think of all of the events in these dimensions as flowing like a stream.

When we incarnate, we get dropped into the river and must adapt to and work with the time of history we find ourselves in.

Now again, these earthly dimensions become more physical as you descend.

The more physical the dimension, the harder it is for us to learn and play the game.

This is because it requires enormous strength of mind to manifest in an environment which is very dense.

We’re moving heavy blocks around

Our dimension is ‘Live Earth 3’ – right in the middle.

The structure of the ‘Live Earths’

You may have heard the theory that our universe (by which I mean this dimension we’re in – Earth 3) is shaped like a donut.

That’s almost correct.

In fact, all of the 5 Live Earth dimensions are shaped like flattened eggs – they have a pointy end.

That’s because we are moving forward in time and creating new data as we go.

The pointy bit is the data expanding outwards.

What’s happening in the other 4 Live Earth dimensions?

You might be wondering what’s happening in the other 4 Earth dimensions while we’re incarnated here.

Their stories are continuing too, but at different speeds to our own.

The major activity in the universe is happening on Earth in our dimension right now, this is where the resources are concentrated.

(The spiritual universe has finite resources.)

We are literally the biggest show in the multiverse, because we’re heading for this ‘story waypoint’ of global enlightenment.

It’s a big deal.

We’ve already achieved this milestone in Live Earth 1 and Live Earth 2, which are the two layers above us.

We learn more each time we descend through the Live Earth layers

As we progress through the layers, we take the skills we learned in the previous dimension and hone them even further.

It’s a bit like a weightlifter building their muscles and being able to lift progressively heavier weights.

We’re doing the same, only we’re strengthening the power of the mind.

In the layers where we’ve already achieved enlightenment, time still runs but it’s on ‘go slow’.

Just enough happens to keep the story moving forward.

And part of our soul is also incarnated in these layers, but in a much lighter way.

It’s the same for Live Earths 4 and 5 which are below us.

They are behind us in ‘history’ and time is on go slow, but a part of our soul is also incarnated down there.

Once we’ve reached the enlightenment waypoint for Live Earth 3 we’ll move on to Live Earth 4.

And, of course, once we’ve completed the Earth missions, there’s plenty of other planets for us to move on to!

So in effect, it’s an infinite game.

The 5 ‘Shadow Earth’ dimensions

The 5 dimensions above the ‘live’ earthly dimensions are ‘shadow’ environments of the 5 lower Earths.

Live Earth 1 has a Shadow Earth 1, Live Earth 2 has a Shadow Earth 2, and so on.

They are similar to the Live Earths, but with important differences.

For example, these shadow environments don’t have a story in the same way and time doesn’t always run forwards.

They are used as ‘dry runs’ for the Live Earths.

If you’re familiar with software development, they work on the same principle as a sandbox.

They’re environments where souls can go and test their skills, and also where teams can try out strategies they might want to use in the game.

Because the Game of Life is hugely strategic.

Each team is trying to achieve its mission and they want to measure the impact one decision might have versus another.

That means these shadow dimensions are more made up of little pockets of experience – individual tests – rather than being one free-flowing time driven environment, as the Live Earths are.

And because they’re less densely physical than the Live Earths, tests can be run quickly.

We use them as ‘models’.                                                             

Shadow Earth tests sometimes filter through into Live Earth environments

Sometimes things that happen in the Shadow Earths can filter through to the Live Earths.

This is deliberate!

The Council of Light is leaving clues all over the place to help us uncover the true nature of our universe.

This is an essential step towards enlightenment.

Take the ‘Mandela Effect’, for example.

This is a term which describes a discrepancy between ‘real’ and imagined happenings.

It comes from an event during which a significant number of people around the world believed they had seen Nelson Mandela’s funeral on TV during the 1980s.

But in actuality, Mandela went on to become president of South Africa and died in 2013.

This is the perfect example of a team testing a strategy in our Shadow Earth – Mandela’s death – which was then allowed to filter into our live consciousness.

You’ve visited a Shadow Earth!

As I mentioned, you’ve definitely visited some of these other dimensions, even if you’re not aware of it.

(I mean you, in the human avatar you’re in now.)

It’s because our corresponding Shadow Earth is where we visit in our dreams.

That’s why dream reality looks a lot like our live reality, but strange and wonderful things can happen – you can fly for example.

It’s because you’re manifesting in real time in an environment which is far less densely physical. 

The thirteenth dimension: Hell

So the mysterious thirteenth dimension – it’s Hell.

But don’t panic, it’s nothing like the Hell you’ve been taught about in bible class.

In fact, it’s now defunct.

Hell has been mothballed and is no longer used.

When people have experiences of travelling to ‘hellish’ places, in their dreams and during out of body experiences, they’ve actually visited one of the lower Shadow Earths.

These are not nice places right now. 

So what is Hell and why does it exist?

In a much earlier chapter of our universe’s history, before time as we understand it started, the universe’s story centred on Valhalla and Heaven.

This is where many of our myths and legends come from about the gods, in our earthly traditions.

So, it’s true that Lucifer was cast out of heaven, for rebelling against the cause.

And he needed somewhere to go, so he built the dimension which is now known as Hell.

But Hell, as Lucifer constructed it, was just a standard environment, where he and his team could live and interact.

In fact, it was pretty much a replica of Heaven, just smaller.

But the Council wanted to discourage people from joining Lucifer, so they created the idea of Hell as we have it today.

Interestingly, the idea of the fiery flames is a little cosmic joke.

It comes from the fact that Hell was ‘firewalled’.

No-one could get into Hell without Lucifer’s permission.

So the Council used the fact that the thirteenth dimension was obscured, to create this idea of a terrible place, that no-one in their right mind would want to go to.

Otherwise they would pretty soon have their feet roasting in the flames!


Have you visited any of these other dimensions? Do they feel familiar to you? I would love to hear about your travels so please leave me a comment below.

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