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6 reviews for Spiritual Awakening Coaching: In-Depth Consultation

  1. Linda Stone

    My coaching session with Sophia Persephone answered questions for me, of events in my life that I have searched for answers for 35 years. Everything she said completely resonated with my life experiences. She clearly has a direct line from Source. I had sought answers down many rabbit holes through a plethora of mentors, teachers, organizations, spiritual retreats. I have taken the long circuitous journey to find and to accept my life’s purpose. She told me, as many troubadours have crooned over the ages, ” It’s an inside job.” Sophia is direct and no nonsense, yet kind. She very clearly gave me direction of what to do next. I would recommend gifting yourself a coaching session with Sophia Persephone. Be prepared to hear the truth!

    • Sophia Persephone

      Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure working with you

  2. dede

    I was very excited to discover Sophia’s website as I was struggling to work out which phase I was at in my journey along with plenty of other queries.

    Without hesitation, I booked a session with Sophia and I’m so pleased I did.

    I instantly felt comfortable sharing my journey with Sophia.
    Her knowledge, experience, and intuition offered me wonderful insights, guidance and so much reassurance.

    She was able to identify where I was in my journey and offer me practical skills to support me through the rest of my awakening.

    Sophia has given me so much more clarity, acceptance and confidence to move forward.

    I feel so much more at ease with my experience so far and I can now see a clearer road ahead.

    Thank you Sophia for your invaluable guidance and support.

    • Sophia Persephone

      It was a privilege to help you in your journey

  3. al434099

    Sophia is authentic, understanding and straight forward and most importantly, empowering. It’s one thing to be a well of knowledge but to be able to empower others with the exact tools they need to navigate, progress and develop themselves is pure gold. And she doesn’t hold anything back! I was given an abundance of insights, channelled information and all the direction I needed, tailored to my specific needs in a clear, positive and structured manner. How amazing is that? Im so glad I took this session…It’s everything I could have wished for and much more!

  4. Jason

    A genuine beautiful soul to connect with…

    I consciously started my Awakening Journey many years ago where I was recently guided to Sophia’s website. I have watched and observed many spiritual teachers & coaches over the years. Finding someone with the expertise and ability to guide others through the Awakening Process in simple and easy to understand terms was such a breath of fresh air. Sophia’s knowledge coupled with her direct connection to the Council of Light is a powerful combination that MUST be experienced.

    I highly recommend everyone going through the Awakening process to connect with Sophia.

    Go for it! You will certainly get valid & honest answers to your questions.

    • Sophia Persephone

      Thank you so much for your kind words

  5. Tchiki

    As someone who has spent a lifetime being anti-spirituality, I was confused when suddenly my ears were ringing and I was having long conversations with ‘someone’ in my head. Sophia’s YouTube videos told me exactly what was happening to me—finally, I began to understand what was going on. I was then compelled to reach out to Sophia for a session, which did not disappoint. She brought so much clarity to a topic I knew almost nothing about and helped me begin to see who I really am. I could not be more grateful for her help. If you’re someone who is experiencing signs of a spiritual awakening, Sophia is the perfect person to talk to. Thank you for your guidance Sophia!!

    • Sophia Persephone

      I’m so glad I was able to help you in your journey

  6. Jo

    A Profound Spiritual Awakening Journey with Sophia

    I recently had the privilege of experiencing a transformative coaching session with Sophia, and I must say that it was nothing short of incredible. Sophia’s expertise and guidance in the realm of spiritual awakening were both enlightening and empowering, leaving me with a deeper understanding of my spiritual journey and the tools I needed to continue on this path.

    Her description of the consultation promised to be comprehensive, and she certainly delivered on that promise. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

    1. Identifying My Spiritual Progress: Sophia expertly identified where I was in my spiritual awakening process. Her keen insight helped me gain clarity about the stage I was at, which in itself was a significant revelation.

    2. Illuminating the Spiritual Awakening Journey: Sophia provided a comprehensive explanation of how the spiritual awakening process works, shedding light on what to expect next. This insight was invaluable in helping me navigate the sometimes perplexing terrain of my spiritual journey.

    3. Revealing My Unique Energies: One of the highlights of my session with Sophia was the revelation of the energies that make up my specific profile. This personalised information felt like a key to unlock my inner potential and gave me a deeper connection to my spiritual self.

    4. Exploring My Purpose: Sophia skillfully guided me in exploring my purpose, helping me unearth hidden potentials and talents that had long been dormant. Her wisdom and guidance were instrumental in this process.

    5. Accessing Internal Resources: Learning how to tap into my internal resources was a game-changer. Sophia taught me practical techniques that empowered me to access my inner strength and wisdom, which has proven to be invaluable on my spiritual journey.

    6. Continuing the Journey: Perhaps most importantly, Sophia provided me with the protocols and guidance needed to continue my awakening journey independently. Her coaching left me feeling confident and equipped to move forward on my own, knowing that I had the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

    In conclusion, my coaching session with Sophia was a profoundly transformative experience. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication to helping others on their spiritual journeys are truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Sophia to anyone seeking guidance and support on their path to spiritual awakening. Sophia has been a guiding light on my journey, and I am immensely grateful for the wisdom she shared with me. If you are ready to embark on or continue your spiritual awakening journey, Sophia is the ideal guide to accompany you on this extraordinary adventure.

    • Sophia Persephone

      Thank you so much for your kind words

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About Sophia

Sophia Persephone is a spiritual teacher, writer, painter, and awakening coach from London, England.

She splits her time between satisfying her need to create and her desire to help others along the spiritual awakening path.

She has completed her own awakening and is now fully transcended.

Sophia is a channel for the Council of Light and Athena (Source) and receives regular downloads from both, which she shares in her blog and social media pages.

She is passionate about de-mystifiying the spiritual awakening process and explaining how our universe really works.

Her mission in this lifetime is to contribute all she can to the future enlightenment of humankind.