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Asking yourself, ‘Am I an old soul?’ During a spiritual awakening it’s common to start to wonder about our soul’s history and character. In this post I reveal the major signs you are an old soul, or highly evolved soul.

If you’re asking the question, ‘Am I an old soul?’ you probably are

Asking the question, ‘Am I an old soul?’ suggests that you have an awareness at some level of consciousness that you are, indeed, an old soul.

New souls don’t normally ask this question.

The very fact that you’re on Earth means you’ve completed at least 40 percent of your soul lessons, so you’re at least an ‘old-ish’ soul.

This is a very difficult environment so souls don’t come here until they reach a certain level of maturity.

On top of that, if you’re going through your spiritual awakening now, then you’ve completed at least 70 percent of your soul lessons.

The higher evolved are being awakened first, so they can lead the way for others.

In fact, you may be a ‘bodhisattva’ soul.

That means you’ve completed at least 98 percent of your soul lessons and have come here to help the human race to its next goal of enlightenment.

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Signs you’re an old soul: You had a difficult childhood

Most old souls, certainly those who are due to awaken in this lifetime, have had a difficult childhood.

Typically they will have had problems with at least one parent, or that parent may be completely absent.

The reason for this is that, we’re playing the game of life.

Souls are highly intelligent, fun-loving beings, so when we created the Earth as a learning environment, we ‘gamified’ our experience.

As with many games, there’s more than one team.

You may have the mission to awaken, but there’s an opposing team whose mission is to stop you.

This team will have positioned certain actors in your environment whose goal is to prevent you from realising our true soul potential.

One of the ways they can do that is by making your childhood very difficult, because then you have a lot of trauma to untangle.

Until you untangle it, you can’t awaken – it’s a prerequisite.

So if you had a difficult childhood and problems with at least one parent, that’s a really strong indication that you are an old soul and you came here to awaken in this lifetime.

Similarly, you may have experienced much trauma in your life, in childhood and beyond. It’s for the same reason.

Find out more about the Game of Life in the video below.

Am I an old soul? Having psychic experiences is a sure sign

An old soul due to awaken in this lifetime will be born into an ‘adept’ human avatar.

That means, in your human form, you’re naturally tuned in to the higher dimensions, your guides, and your higher self.

Often that means we have very unusual experiences as a child, which might continue into adulthood, even before awakening.

We often find we’re telepathic, go out of body, dream lucidly, or can intuit the future.

Sometimes there’s a break in experience after childhood, but you find your psychic abilities come back during spiritual awakening.

Woman reading tarot cards.

Signs you’re an old soul: You’ve been exposed to religion during your life

It’s very typical for old souls to have some connection to religion or Buddhism.

It may be the way you were brought up, or you may have independently developed an interest in these areas.

The reason for this is, these kinds of beliefs introduce the idea of a ‘supreme being’.

That’s something we need to understand to be able to fully awaken – that there’s a supreme being who governs our universe (I call her ‘the Architect’, others call her God or ‘the Source’.)

It’s because we’re all part of this one supreme whole.

So having that foundation of religious belief, whether you’ve maintained it or not, allows you to put your awakening into context.

A statue of the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman

Signs of being an old soul: You feel like an ‘outsider’

As an old soul, you may have been aware through your life that you’re different.

You may have felt like an outsider in many environments.

That’s because, as an old soul in an adept human avatar, you’ve retained a strong connection to the way of life in the higher dimensions.

Up there, society is already enlightened. There’s no war, greed, all of those things, they just don’t exist.

That means that you may feel you ‘ill-fit’ into current Earth society, where we still have a lot of catching up to do.

You hate injustice of any kind and struggle with seeing so much of it around you.

One green heart-shaped sweet amongst a grid of red heart-shaped sweets

Signs you’re an old soul: You feel compelled to help other people

There’s an idea in the higher dimensions, which is called ‘Only the Other’.

It means putting other people before yourself and looking for ways you can help.

Because of this, as an old soul, you’ll often feel compelled to help others in your earthly incarnations.

This is a direct consequence of the connection you have to the higher dimensions.

You’re remembering the idea of ‘Only the Other’.

It’s a hallmark of an old soul that you’ll often give too much.

And because human society hasn’t embraced the idea of Only the Other yet, you’re giving but you’re not getting back.

So your energy balance becomes net negative.

This can mean you become drained very quickly and your energy becomes low.

So if you’ve had these periods of very low energy, again, it’s a hallmark of being an old soul.

Two women embracing.

Do you instinctively know you’re here to do something important?

Having a strong sense of purpose is a key sign of being an old soul, even if you’re not sure what that purpose is yet.

If you’re an old soul who has come to awaken in this lifetime, you have a mission.

During your awakening you’ll uncover this, but if you’re not there yet, you’ll still have a sense that you came to do something ‘big’.

You want to go out into the world, you want to connect with people and you want to do something that leaves a mark.

Smiling woman raising her arms to the sky in a field of sunflowers.

Am I an old soul? Do you love to travel?

If you love to travel, you may be an old soul.

Wherever we go, we leave an energetic footprint, and if you’re an old soul, who is here to awaken, that footprint is strongly positive.

You’re making a difference completely unconsciously, every time you travel out into the world by spreading your positive energy.

So our guides awaken in us a love of travel and a desire to see the world, so we can share our energy.

Signs of an old soul: You love all animals

One of the strongest indications you’re an old soul is that you love all animals.

You particularly struggle with pain or injustice inflicted on animals and may be very drawn to veganism, even if you haven’t managed to implement it in your life.

You understand intrinsically that we’re the guardians of this planet.

That we’re here to take care of, not just other people, but the animals (and plants) who share the Earth with us.

Often you keep animals, or if you aren’t able to for any reason, then you find opportunities to spend time with animals.

Man holding a dog.

So how do you know if you’re an old soul?

If you can tick yes to most of the things above, you’re almost certainly an old soul!

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