Going through a spirituality depression? It’s a normal part of the spiritual awakening process and is known as ‘the Dark Night of the Soul’ Don’t worry, it’s temporary.

What is a spiritual awakening?

Before we talk about spirituality depression after awakening, or the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, first let me clarify what a spiritual awakening is.

Spiritual awakening is a process which typically takes several years.

This process reintegrates your earthbound soul with its higher self, based in the upper dimensions.

Integrating with our higher selves lets us access the universal knowledge and power stored in the universe’s database – the Akashic Records.

We become calmer and more capable, and strengthen our intuition, psychic powers, and ability to manifest.

We start integrating with our higher selves without being conscious of it.

Our conscious awakening begins after our spiritual epiphany.

Watch the video below to understand what is happening during a spiritual awakening.

What’s a spiritual epiphany?

When people say they’ve had a spiritual awakening, what they usually mean is they’ve had their spiritual epiphany, or a ‘sudden spiritual awakening’.

This is the moment we become aware that there is more to life than this 3D reality and that we are not just ‘meat machines’.

However, the awakening process has begun long before, without us being aware of it.

It also has a long way to go, concluding with a final stage of awakening called ‘transcendence’.

Typically the spiritual epiphany will take place some time before spirituality depression descends.

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Are You Going Through the Dark Night of the Soul? 

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What is spirituality depression?

Spiritual awakening depression – the Dark Night of the Soul – is a period of time in the awakening journey when our energetic connection to the universe is cut off.

(There are actually two types of Dark Night of the Soul – find out about them here.)

The kind of Dark Night of the Soul which occurs after the spiritual epiphany (the spiritual Dark Night) is achieved by the universe constricting all of the seven chakras at the same time.

This means we fall into a type of depression as well as losing our connection to the universe and our guides.

This always happens at fifty percent integration with our higher selves.

You can read about the symptoms of both types of spiritual depression in this blog post.

Why does spirituality depression occur?

Spiritual awakening depression is designed to teach us important lessons.

In the phase of awakening prior to spirituality depression, we experience a strong connection to the universe.

We are able to communicate with our guides and receive abundant support and direction.

(This is our teams giving us a taste of what life could be like if we complete the awakening journey.)

The problem with this is we come to depend on them too much and start to relinquish our autonomy.

This raises issues because the whole point of incarnating into a human life is to exercise our free will.

We are supposed to make our own decisions and our own mistakes.

So the universe triggers spirituality depression to force us to stand on our own two feet.

How long does spiritual awakening depression last?

The good news about spirituality depression is that it is temporary.

If you push through and do the things you need to survive it, then you will exit at sixty-five to seventy percent integration with your higher self.

(Remember, it started at fifty percent integration.)

This usually takes between three and six months.

If you give up on the journey you will slide backwards and ‘de-integrate’.

This also means you will exit your spiritual awakening depression.

However you will re-enter it as soon as you reach fifty percent integration again, so the best strategy is to grit your teeth and push through.

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What can I do about my depression after spiritual awakening?

The most important thing to do during your spirituality depression, or spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, is to continue to integrate with your higher self.

This is the only way to progress and come out the other side.

You can do this by adopting certain spiritual ‘protocols’.

These include:

  • Undertaking right brain activities, like creating art, making or playing music, reading, walking in nature, and yoga;
  • Avoiding alcohol;
  • Eating a healthy diet and avoiding sugar, caffeine, and red meat will help significantly.

However, the one single thing that is most effective at helping you progress through a spirituality depression is meditation.

Ideally you should meditate every day, five to ten minutes is enough to keep moving you forward, although if you meditate more you will integrate more quickly.

Watch the video below for an easy daily meditation you can do in just 5 minutes.

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