Asking yourself, ‘is depression spiritual?’ is very common during a time of extreme low mood. Often we can sense that an important and vital light inside us has dimmed. This post explains why depression is a spiritual issue.

Depression is spiritual because everything is spiritual

‘Is depression spiritual?’ In a way, it’s a trick question.

Because everything is spiritual.

We are immortal spiritual beings (souls),  incarnated on Earth in a human body, primarily for the purpose of learning.

Having said that, during the spiritual awakening journey, it’s common to feel depressed at two different stages.

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Depression during spiritual awakening

‘Spiritual Awakening’ is the process of integrating the earthbound soul with its higher self in the upper dimensions.

It can also be described as integrating the conscious mind (soul) with the superconscious mind (higher self) – see the video below to find out more.

We begin this process of integration without being aware of it: everyone on Earth is integrated with their higher self to a certain degree.

(We experience this connection as ‘intuition.’)

However, some time before our conscious awakening, or spiritual epiphany, we often go through one or more periods of depression.

I call this a ‘growth-oriented’ Dark Night of the Soul.

These types of spiritual depression are designed to encourage us to change and gorw.

Later in the integration process, typically after our spiritual epiphany, we again become ‘depressed’.

I call this later stage of spiritual depression the ‘spiritual’ Dark Night of the Soul.

Find out more about both types of Dark Night of the Soul in this blog post.

Depression before conscious spiritual awakening

You are probably less likely to ask yourself, ‘is depression spiritual?’ during this early type of depression because you may not think of yourself as a spiritual person yet.

However, depression is a spiritual issue whenever it occurs.

Depression early in the awakening journey – a ‘growth-oriented’ Dark Night of the Soul – is used by our teams in the higher dimensions to encourage us to do two things:

  • Undertake deep inner work to untangle our mental and emotional issues;
  • Explore healthy living and spiritual practices.

Both of these build a strong platform for a future conscious spiritual awakening.

Not everyone experiences depression before their conscious awakening, but it is common.

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Depression after conscious spiritual awakening

‘Conscious’ spiritual awakening just means we have become aware of ourselves as a spiritual being, or soul.

Any period of depression which happens after this point is almost always the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul.

This is when you’re most likely to ask yourself, ‘is depression spiritual?’

The spiritual Dark Night of the Soul is ‘hard-wired’ into the awakening journey, and is triggered at 50 percent integration with your higher self.

Everyone who progresses through the spiritual awakening process will reach the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul at some point.

What does the Dark Night of the Soul feel like?

The two types of Dark Night feel different to one another.

The early type (growth-oriented), manifests as a ‘typical’ depression.

We feel sad and listless, and we’re in emotional pain.

The later type (the ‘spiritual’ Dark Night), is characterised by a feeling of being ‘shut down’.

It always occurs after a period of intense connectedness to the universe and our teams, so is very noticeable when it arrives.

All communication stops, and we feel ‘lobotomised’ – as though a vital part of ourselves has been cut away.

However, we don’t usually feel the heightened emotions and deep sadness that we experience with a more ‘everyday’ depression.

The spiritual Dark Night of the Soul is more ‘damped down’.

This is because all of our seven main chakras – the energy centres which connect us to the universe – have been constricted at the same time.

Read this blog post for more about the symptoms of each type of Dark Night of the Soul.

Chakra constriction is the root cause of all depression

Any depression, or Dark Night of the Soul, is caused by one or more of the chakras being blocked or constricted to 50 percent or less of their capacity.

A growth-oriented Dark Night in the early part of the spiritual journey is caused by our own actions or inactions, or events that we have no control over, such as a bereavement.

Typically only some of the chakras are constricted, to varying degrees.

This is why the symptoms of this kind of depression can be very diverse.

On the other hand, during the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, later in the awakening journey, all of the chakras are constricted at the same time to a very low level.

That’s why we get the sensation of a sudden ‘switching off’.

I hope this post has answered your question, ‘is depression spiritual?’ 


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