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If you’re one of the world’s millions of pet owners, I guarantee that at some point you’ve asked yourself ‘do animals have souls?’ In this article I’ll answer this question, and reveal the extraordinary connection between humans and the animals in their lives.

So, do animals have souls?

I’m not going to keep you hanging – the extraordinary answer to this question is yes!

But that’s not even the half of it.

The connection between humans and animals goes much deeper than you could ever imagine.

In this article, I’m going to explain:


  • why animals have souls
  • how animal and human souls are the same but different
  • exactly how they’re connected to one another
  • why humans and animals incarnate together in the first place, and
  • what all of this has to do with Karma.

What is a soul?

Before we look more closely into animal souls,  let’s get clear on what a soul actually is.

There are lots of opinions on this topic, but only one truth, which was shared with me by the Council of Light early in my awakening.

(Watch the video below to understand more about the Council of Light.)

A soul is a consciousness, or an intelligence.

It’s non-physical and immortal and it roams the universe incarnating into multiple physical bodies.

It also carries out duties in the higher dimensions.

It does all of this simultaneously, so it’s multi-dimensional.

(Read this blog post to learn about the thirteen dimensions of our universe.)

So if we look at it from your personal perspective, you are one part of a bigger soul,  called the ‘oversoul’, temporarily incarnated into a physical body so you can have a human experience.

A body doesn’t work without a soul. The soul is the ‘spark of life’.

It’s not just human bodies which need the soul’s spark of life to animate them, it’s all bodies, which is why animals have souls.

Animal and human souls are the ‘same but different’

There aren’t separate categories of souls for animals and souls for humans.

Our souls come from the same oversouls.

In fact, I can guarantee you that your very own oversoul is not only incarnated in your body, and other human bodies right now, but also in a number of animals.

You might even know some of them!

So in this respect, animal and human souls are the same, but how are they different?

This is to do with the vehicle.

If you put engine oil in a Ferrari and engine oil in a Reliant Robin, the engine oil is the same but the vehicles aren’t.

Animals have a different brain structure to humans so the soul has a different experience when it’s ‘driving’ an animal body.

That’s because the brain is the physical, mechanical, 3D tool which gives us access to the universal mind across the various dimensions.

You can only unlock the bits of the mind that the brain has the keys for.

The fact that animal and human souls come from the same place is fundamental to understanding why they incarnate together

All of the animals around you, just like all of the humans around you, are members of your extended soul group.

That’s the case whether it’s your rescue dog that’s been with you for ten years, or your neighbour’s cousin’s hairdresser’s pet ferret.

The difference is that the animals which are closer to you in your life here on Earth, are (usually) also closer to you in your soul group.

So your dog might well have the same soul as your Grandpa Joe.

No animal comes to you by accident.

Just as with important human relationships, animal-human connections are planned and orchestrated.

The fact that you and the animals in your life are part of the same soul group means you have a karmic connection.

Your respective souls are going through a cycle of incarnating together and providing experiences for each other, both positive and negative, to help with your respective lessons.

This is one of the major reasons souls incarnate in animals and are paired up with humans – so we can learn.

If you have pets in your life, you’ll already know that they do this in all sorts of ways.

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Is your pet your soulmate?

Sometimes these learning partnerships can last many hundreds of lives and produce very deep bonds.

We call the souls we have these bonds with ‘soulmates’.

So, yes, your cat or your dog might be one of your soulmates, or at least an animal version of them.

If you live with other people and/or you have multiple pets, you might have observed how an animal can attach more strongly to one person more than another.

That’s because animals are able to intuit soul group and soul family connections far more strongly then the average human can.

They’re responding to your unique frequency and how it resonates with their own.

So your dog might be paired with you and your cat might be paired with your husband, for example.

These connections will be visible in the way the animal attaches.

You’ll also notice that some animals go out of their way to look after you, especially if you’re having a difficult time.

This is also linked to soul group and karmic relationships. 

Human-animal relationships aren’t always harmonious

You might also come across an animal who really doesn’t like you.  

In this instance, it could be that the soul of that animal belongs to another team to you in the Game of Life.

Or it could be there’s some negative karma in your shared past that the animal is intuiting.

When I fostered Morris, one of my cats, he came to me as one of a pair of kittens who had been rescued from a rubbish dump.

From the moment Morris and I met, he was my cat.

It was clear he recognised me, he came straight to me and was on my lap purring within 5 minutes.

The other kitten, May, took an instant dislike to me and didn’t warm up for the whole time I looked after her, which was a good couple of months.

So that’s an example of karmic dynamics between humans and animals.

There’s one really surprising reason souls incarnate alongside humans as animals

Sometimes souls incarnate alongside us to offset harm which the human version of that particular soul has done to us in this lifetime.

To understand this, you have to remember that we’re all friends in the higher dimensions.

Even though someone may have hurt you ‘down here’ (such as a narcissistic parent or partner) at soul level, they don’t want to do you harm.

So incarnating alongside us as an animal allows this soul to show that they love us, in a way that their human counterpart can’t.

If animals have souls, does that mean they go to Heaven?

Yes! Animals go to Heaven.

Animals go through the exact same process at death as humans do.

That means that the spirit of their 3D ‘avatar’ continues on after physical death and ascends to one of the higher dimensions, which is known as Heaven.

(Yes, it’s a real place.)

So you can look forward to being reunited with your beloved pets when you pass over.

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