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What is Third Eye meditation? It’s the single most powerful technique you can use in early to mid awakening! Read on to learn exactly what Third Eye meditation is, its benefits, and who, in particular, should take up this practice.

So you’re interested in Third Eye meditation? Great!

It’s a fantastic practice which can fast-track your spiritual evolution and help to raise your consciousness, as I’ll explain in this post.

At the end of this article I’ll also share a super-simple Third Eye meditation technique you can use anytime, anywhere, without the need for a headphones or a guided meditation track.

Let’s dive in.

What is Third Eye meditation?

Ok, so, what is Third Eye meditation?

Very simply, it’s a practice which stimulates and strengthens the Third Eye, situated in the middle of your forehead.

The Third Eye is invisible to us in this dimension because it’s part of the energy body.

However, it’s connected to the ‘physical’ pineal gland which is the section of the brain designed to interface with the Third Eye.

So you might hear people use the terms ‘Third Eye’ and ‘pineal gland’ interchangeably but they’re actually two parts of the same system.

What is the Third Eye, anyway?

The Third Eye is the primary tool of the conscious mind, or earthbound soul.

That’s the bit of you which has incarnated in your body for this lifetime.

Because of this, the more you develop your Third Eye, the more ‘conscious’ you become.

That means you reduce the power that the lower consciousness has over your thought patterns and behaviour.

(The lower consciousness is made up of the body and the Ego – watch the video below to find out more.)

In addition, the Third Eye has two main functions.

First of all, it’s the mechanism which allows us to communicate between the dimensions.

It’s both a transmitter and receiver of telepathic communication.

Secondly, it’s our tool of manifestation.

It ‘broadcasts’ our desires to the universe, or at least, what it thinks our desires are. 

Third Eye Meditation Benefits

The real benefit of Third Eye meditation is you’re strengthening and developing all of these things at once.

You’re becoming more conscious and intentional and you’re enhancing your powers of communication and manifestation.

Not only that, the more conscious we become, the more we can steer what we’re asking the universe to deliver.

So Third Eye meditation helps us to manifest more powerfully, as well as have better control over the things we’re manifesting.

Building our powers of communication means we’re more intuitive and can receive messages from our guides more easily.

(At the end of this article I’ll share a bonus tip with you for getting even more clarity.)

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening, communication with your guides is essential to the process.

(Read this blog article to find out how to communicate with your guides.)

So should I be practicing Third Eye meditation?

Almost certainly yes!

And as I promised, I’ll show you an easy way to do it at the end of this post.

But first I’ll explain when during the spiritual awakening process you should absolutely, definitely be using this practice.

As a spiritual awakening coach I spend time with people at all stages of awakening, equipping them with the tools they need to continue their journey.

And I always recommend Third Eye meditation in the Early and the Connection stages of awakening.

That’s because it’s the perfect tool for shifting your consciousness upwards and starting to establish communication with your team.

And the reason I know you should almost definitely be using Third Eye meditation, is because around ninety percent of people on the spiritual path are currently in one of these two stages of awakening.

(Even if they don’t consciously identify themselves as awakening – yet.)

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Is Third Eye meditation dangerous?

In just a moment I’m going to show you how to practice Third Eye meditation.

But before I do, I want to address a common question: Is Third Eye meditation dangerous?

Well, there are a couple of things you want to watch out for, which I’ll explain in a moment.

But no, Third Eye meditation isn’t intrinsically dangerous.

However, it is powerful, so you need to keep an eye on things.

First of all, when you practice Third Eye meditation, you’re strengthening your powers of manifestation.

So if you’re not practicing positive thinking, mindfulness and acting with awareness at the same time, then there’s a possibility you might accidentally create some negative realities. 

If you find this is happening to you when you’re practicing Third Eye meditation, then you can pause for a while and work on these aspects first.

Secondly, you’re opening up a channel of communication with the wider universe.

That means that you’ll potentially pick up messages from entities which aren’t your guides, especially if you’re clairaudient.

This isn’t dangerous in itself, but it does mean you need to apply a filter and examine the messages you’re receiving. 

Anything you get during meditation is ‘safe’ because meditation is sacred.

But if you’re hearing voices outside of meditation, especially negative voices, then make sure you’re able to detach from them.

Otherwise they might start to affect your thought patterns and behaviour.

How to practice Third Eye meditation

Hopefully I’ve answered the question ‘what is Third Eye meditation’.

So now, as promised, here is a simple technique you can use, which is the same technique I teach my coaching clients.

At the end, as I said, I’ll also share a little known tip which will help you receive messages from your team more clearly, if you use it alongside Third Eye meditation.

You can do this anytime anywhere, lying down, sitting or standing.

However, I recommend you start every morning with a quick Third Eye meditation, lying in bed, as soon as you wake up.

You only need to do this for a few minutes every day for it to be beneficial, and if you can do it a few times throughout the day, you should see results very quickly.

You’ll know when it’s starting to work because you’ll feel a wincing or pinching sensation in your pineal gland, as the Third Eye activates.

Simple Third Eye Meditation technique – Step by Step

Step 1

  • Close your eyes and start with 3 deep breaths from low down in the belly.
  • This is a signal to your system that you’re going into meditation mode and helps calm the lower consciousness.

Step 2

  • Make sure your body is completely relaxed.
  • If you want to test how relaxed you are, check in with your jaw.
  • If it’s clenched or tense, consciously release it. The rest of the body should follow.

Step 3

  • Put all of your awareness in your Third Eye area, in the middle of your forehead.
  • You can point your eyeballs towards this area to emphasise to your system this is where the focus should be.
  • Make sure your physical eyes are closed.

Step 4

  • Visualise a bright light piercing the area of your Third Eye.
  • Remember, it’s a transmitter and a receiver, so you want to imagine the light going in both directions – stretching from inside your head, through the Third Eye, and out into the universe.
  • With visualisations it’s good to go with the flow, so feel free to use whatever images pop into your mind when you’re doing this.

Step 5

  • At this point you can also use a mantra if you want, such as ‘my Third Eye is powerful and strong’.
  • Just keep repeating it for the whole time you’re meditating
  • A mantra is particularly useful if you get a lot of monkey mind chatter as it closes it out and prevents it getting a toehold.

Step 6

  • Just keep going like this for ideally 5 to 10 minutes.
  • When you become aware your mind has wandered, just gently pull your attention back to the Third Eye.
  • If you’re new to this practice, or early in awakening, then your attention will definitely wander.
  • It’s important not to get frustrated, it’s just a skill that you’re learning which takes time, like any other skill.

It’s as simple as that!

You can do this easy Third Eye meditation any time, when you’re waiting for a kettle to boil, or you’re stuck in a queue.

Just slip into it for thirty seconds, it all adds up.

Bonus tip for clearer communication with your guides

Here’s the little known tip I promised.

If you burn essential oil of myrrh while you’re meditating, it will temporarily open up the communication channel even wider. 

That means you should find it easier to receive messages from your team during your practice.

This is super important during spiritual awakening because these are the people who know exactly where you are in your journey and what you need, right now.


Third Eye meditation is a transformative practice which raises your consciousness and accelerates your spiritual evolution.

It strengthens the Third Eye which in turn enhances awareness, communication between dimensions, and your powers of manifestation.

You only need to practice Third Eye meditation for 5 minutes each day to start to see some benefit.

It’s particularly recommended for people in the Early and Connection stages of spiritual awakening.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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