Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of birds? Each of the 12 senior members of the Council of Light has specific birds associated with them, so if you’re seeing bird signs and synchronicities, you might be receiving a spiritual sign from one of them.

The spiritual meaning of birds and the Council of Light

Birds are full of spiritual meaning, especially those which are associated directly with the Council of Light.

If you are wondering about the spiritual meaning of birds associated with the Council, this article explains all.

At this time of global awakening, the universe is sending an increasing number of signs with spiritual meaning.

Birds are often used because they are all around us and can travel great distances to deliver their message.

People who are awakening, or whose conscious awakening is drawing near, will often see bird signs.

If you are getting a synchronicity with specific birds, they may represent the branch of the Soul Tree  and Council member you’re descended from.

Alternatively, they could represent your primary guide, or a guide who is important for you at this time, and the branch of the Soul Tree they descend from.

It’s not unusual to get spiritual signs for more than one bird at a time, especially if you are going through your awakening.

How we receive spiritual meaning from bird symbols

Typically we will experience ‘synchronicities’ which means the same bird keeps popping up.

This doesn’t have to be in the form of the actual bird, it can be a word or a picture in a book or on TV, a logo on a shirt, or an image on a poster, for example.

We are constantly surrounded by signs from the universe and our guides.

With a bit of practice it becomes quite easy to spot them.

Learning how to read signs is an important skill for awakeners as they are used both to encourage and direct us.

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The 12 senior members of the Council of Light and the ‘Global Enlightenment Project’

The 12 senior Council members are: Lucifer, Om, Sophia, Michael, Freya, Aphrodite, Isis, Agamemnon, Thor, Mammon, Shakti, and Saturn.

At the moment a lot of the spiritual meaning of the birds we see is associated with the first six – Lucifer, Om, Sophia, Michael, Freya, and Isis.

That’s because these are the main council members driving the global enlightenment project on Earth, although some other Council members are starting to get involved, like Shakti and Mammon.

Global enlightenment is the next chapter in this planet’s history and that is why so many people are awakening at this time.

The Spiritual Meaning of Lucifer’s Bird: Blackbird Signs

We all know that Lucifer has a bad reputation but it’s unjustified.

It’s partly linked to a much earlier time in our universe’s history, when he and other senior souls broke away and formed a rebel group.

(He’s back in the fold now.)

It’s also because he looks after a special team whose specific task is to give us challenges to push against.

It’s what they’ve been asked to do, it’s their job.

We have to have those challenges because without them, we can’t learn and grow, and we come to Earth to learn.

Because of these two facts, Lucifer has become associated with this reputation of devilment but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lucifer’s bird is the blackbird.

A blackbird on a branch.

The symbolism of the colour black is rebellion – it is the opposite of white which is strongly associated with the council.

But the other reason he’s represented by the blackbird is because of its beautiful song.

When the universe was being built and each member of the Council was overseeing a particular area, Lucifer was in charge of music.

That’s why we say the devil has all the best tunes.

If you are seeing blackbird synchronicities then it can mean you’re associated with Lucifer.

That’s great news if you are because he is one of the most powerful souls in our universe, equal to Om.

It can also be an encouragement to break away from the herd, go against the system, and question everything.

The Spiritual Meaning of Om’s Birds: Dove and Pigeon Signs

Om currently leads the Council of Light and his birds are the dove and the pigeon.

He represents ultimate compassion, love, harmony, and peace.

The dove has a long tradition associated with these qualities.

He is also represented by the pigeon because pigeons are everywhere and so is Om.

He and Sophia are spearheading the overall Earth project and have been involved with our planet’s fortunes from the very beginning of time.

Om is also very egalitarian and the spirit of equality is very strongly associated with him.

Pigeons are often thought to represent the lowest common denominator in the bird world.

They really are everywhere, wherever you go.

So the spiritual meaning of this bird is equality, humility and means that Om is all around us.

Spiritual meaning of birds - two doves in a nesting box.

The Spiritual Meaning of Sophia’s Bird: Owl Signs

In Greek mythology, which was a whole different chapter and timeline in the Earth’s history, Sophia incarnated as the goddess of wisdom.

Representing wisdom, her bird is the owl, particularly the snowy owl.

That’s because the colour white is associated with the Council of Light, as it is made of all of the colours of the rainbow.

Someone I was coaching through their awakening not that long ago, told me they were starting to receive images of a large white owl swooping at them during trance.

It was interesting because I knew she wasn’t descended from the Sophia branch of the Soul Tree, but she was getting this synchronicity.

In fact it was because either Sophia (or someone from the Sophia branch of the tree) was guiding her at that time.

It’s no accident that owls became very popular a few years ago (and still are).

This is a sign from the universe that Sophia is very present right now.

A snowy owl.

The Spiritual Meaning of Freya’s Birds: Eagle Signs

Freya’s bird is the eagle and particularly the golden eagle.

This partly comes from her long association with the Scandinavian countries where eagles are commonly found.

But also because eagles are associated with truth, honesty, and freedom.

This connects to Freya because she represents self-expression and authenticity.

Her major contribution to the global enlightenment project is to encourage people to be their true selves, as well as promoting enlightenment through creativity.

(Creative activities help us to ascend because they activate the right hand side of the brain, which is our means of interface with our higher self.)

We can see this influence in various movements around the world, for example the trans movement.

If you are receiving synchronicities around eagles, as well as perhaps meaning you’re connected to Freya, it could also be sign encouraging you to express yourself and live your authentic life.

A golden eagle.

The Spiritual Meaning of Aphrodite’s Birds: Swan Signs

Aphrodite represents the harmony and balance of the human system, the feeling of big emotions (especially love), parenthood, pregnancy, and beauty and grace.

So it’s easy to see why she is represented by the swan. 

In fact, the reason that two swans often make a heart symbol by putting their heads together, is a reflection of the fact that Aphrodite is so strongly associated with the feeling of love, in all its forms.

If you’re seeing swan signs, it could mean you’re connected to Aphrodite, either as a descendant of her branch of the soul family tree, or perhaps she is guiding you.

She is less active in the Global Enlightenment Project right now, however she is strongly connected to Sophia and so often helps guide descendants of the Sophia line. 

Spiritual meaning of birds: swan symbols: two swans making a heart symbol by putting their heads together.

The Spiritual Meaning of Isis’s Birds: Magpie and Crow Signs

Another bird that you will see a lot of right now is the crow.

This is one of Isis’s birds, as well as the magpie.

In fact, all of the members of the Corvid family are associated with the Isis branch of the soul family tree.

Crows symbolise transformation, and Isis is all about the spiritual and mystical side of life.

In particular she is the sponsor of the Global Awakening Project being rolled out on our Earth right now, and of course awakening is the ultimate transformation.

Isis also helps earthbound souls transition from life to death, which is just another type of transformation (because of course, apart from our body, we don’t die, we just change into spirit form).

So this bird has a lot of spiritual meaning.

If you are seeing synchronicities around crow signs or magpies, it may mean that you’re undergoing a spiritual transformation and are on the awakening path, or that you’re strongly connected to someone in the Isis line of the soul family tree, perhaps even Isis herself.

A crow on a branch of a tree.

The Spiritual Meaning of Michael’s Birds: Sparrow and Bluebird Signs

Michael (the archangel) is represented by a few birds and they are all small domestic birds

For example, sparrows, swallows, and particularly bluebirds, because Michael’s colour is blue.

This council member takes on a protective role during transformation and spiritual awakening.

Many people are acutely aware of Michael’s presence in the early stages of awakening when they’re having lots of visions and going out of body.

Michael takes care of Earthbound souls when they leave the body, especially if they’re going further than they have gone before.

So the fact that these little birds that are everywhere represents the fact that he is also everywhere.

Seeing synchronicities around Michael’s birds typically means you are being protected, especially if you’re going through your awakening.

Bluebird with its feathers fluffed up.

The Spiritual Meaning of Thor’s Birds: Robin Signs

Robins have been associated with Thor since the time of Norse myth. 

The legend tells us that the God, Thor, was fond of the colour red, and so adopted the bird as his mascot.

(I can confirm that a number of Thor people I know particularly love red.)

Thor is responsible for building and physical infrastructure, and this fits with the robin, which is a particularly versatile builder of nests.

It is also said that the robin protects from thunderstorms!

But if you’re seeing robin signs it’s more likely you’re associated with Thor from the Council of Light.

Spiritual meaning of birds: robin signs: robin on a branch chirping with its beak open.

The Spiritual Meaning of Agamemnon’s Birds: Falcon and Hawk Signs

We’re moving out of an Agamemnon phase right now as we transition towards enlightenment on Earth.

Agamemnon represents leadership, war, governments, and authoritarian regimes, masculinity, and the patriarchy, .

(It’s no accident that the 60s counter-culture, linked to the Gobal Enlightenment Project, talked about socking it to ‘the man’.)

Agamemnon’s birds are the hawk and the falcon.

There are still a lot of his symbols around at the moment but we will see fewer as his influence continues to decline.

Even though we are coming to the end of his phase, Agamemnon is involved in the project towards enlightenment.

All of the members of the Council of Light are looking forward to that goal because it ultimately means peace on Earth.

In his highest expression, Agamemnon represents benign leadership and the uniting of governments and factions, so he is also looking forward to moving into a more enlightened period of history.

If you see hawk or falcon synchronicities, then you are associated with Agamemnon in some way, or one of his team is supporting you.

(Often he brings a strong dose of energy to help us get things done if we need it – you can invoke this, if you’re feeling under the weather.)

A falcon with amber eyes on a branch.

The Spiritual Meaning of Mammon’s Bird: Peacock Signs

In our current era Mammon looks after banking, finance, money, commerce, and barter.

(In a future, more highly evolved time he will faciliate the use of love as the currency of our society, instead of cash.)

His bird is the peacock.

That makes perfect sense because, right now, he’s all about the showy and material things of life.

If you’re seeing peacock synchronicities, you may be associated with Mammon.

It could also mean good luck is coming your way, especially around money, or perhaps you will gain power in a particular domain.

A male peacock with its tail fanned out.

The Spiritual Meaning of Shakti’s Bird: Parrot Signs

Shakti looks after religion and religious doctrine, and societal structures.

At the moment, she expresses as inflexible doctrine – the unmoveable dictats of the government, church and other religious organisations.

(In a future, more evolved era, she’ll look after ideas and systems facilitating an individualistic society, willingly self-governed by its citizens.)

Shakti’s bird is the parrot, symbolising adherence to rules, as parrots repeat words without questioning.

If you are seeing parrot synchronicities, this can be a sign you’re linked to Shakti.

It can also be an indication that you need to shed old belief systems, break free, and think for yourself.

A brightly coloured parrot.

The Spiritual Meaning of Saturn’s Birds: Chicken and Geese Signs

Saturn’s  is concerned with agriculture, farming, and husbandry, as well as other essentials for human survival, like water, heat, and shelter.

Right now, he makes sure people have the tools to look after themselves at the most basic level.

In the future he’ll help us design sustainable, organic food systems which protect humans, animals, and the planet.

His birds are all of the domestic fowl, particularly chickens and geese.

The spiritual meaning of these birds related to Saturn can mean you’re associated with him.

It could also mean you need to focus on your basic security, look after yourself.

They can also be a sign to take things easy, as he is a relaxed and happy character.

Two chickens with some chicks.

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