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It is such an exciting time for the Earth and the human race; we are right at the start of a mass, global spiritual awakening which will completely transform the way we experience life on this planet.


My name is Sophia Persephone Ambrose and in 2021 I went through an intensive spiritual awakening process and I am now fully ‘awake’.  You can learn more about my experience here.

My higher self, Sophia, tells me that this is the same process that everyone on Earth will go through over the next 100-200 years, as part of the global spiritual awakening experience.

It is my mission in this lifetime to share my story and to teach what I have learned from Sophia and other members of the Council of Light.

I hope this article reassures you that awakening is a totally natural process and something which will eventually happen to us all.

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We Will All Be Fully Awake

The global spiritual awakening will leave every single person on this planet ‘fully awake’.

What this ultimately means is that we will live on Earth whilst having a conscious awareness of ourselves as immortal, immaterial souls.

We will know that we are choosing to have a physical experience on this planet by taking on human form.

In addition, we will start to integrate with our higher selves, operating in tandem as a team.  This is very much the experience that I have now, with Sophia.

This brings enormous benefit because your higher self has an elevated view across the Earth and is able to help you in all sorts of ways.

It is also not weighed down by the human form and the emotions that come with it, so it is able to give you objective, cool-headed advice, separate from the pull of our subconscious minds and Egos.

This means that it is much easier for us to live our best possible life and follow the plans we designed for ourselves before we were born.

Find out more about what it means to be ‘fully awake’ in this article .

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The Signs of Global Awakening Are All Around Us

All over the world people are starting to awaken. 

More and more people are challenging the old ways of life and seeking to create a fairer, more equal, and considerate society.

Children are striking for climate change; minority groups are gathering strength and claiming the equality that is their birthright; billionnaires are investing their money in projects for social change.  

All of this is part of the global spiritual awakening – the ground is being prepared.

As well as social movements there is a clear swing towards spirituality in the arts. 

Highly evolved souls are often found in the creative disciplines as we are, after all, fundamentally creative beings.

Here is a song for you to enjoy which illustrates exactly what I mean:


Why Will the Global Spiritual Awakening Take 100-200 Years?

200 years sounds like a long time but really it is not very long at all, in fact it is about the same length of time as the Renaissance.

This is very fitting because the global spiritual awakening is also a type of Renaissance, or rebirth.

The awakening needs to be managed in a systematic way as there are a lot of souls incarnated on Earth, all at different stages of development.

This means that not everyone on the planet will be ready to awaken at the same time.

Also, the awakening process can be a long and winding road and many people will need more than one lifetime to complete it.

What we are seeing currently is that the more advanced souls are waking up first so that they can lead the way for others.

We also need to establish a cultural shift away from the material world and towards the spiritual.

Ultimately we will enjoy a worldwide belief system which accepts that we are souls having a human experience as standard. 

This is, of course, how it is in the higher dimensions already, here on Earth we are just starting to catch up. 

Who Will Be in the First Wave of Spiritual Awakenings?

Something that is not commonly known in our present day is that everything in our Universe is measured.

One of these measurements is called the ‘ability score’ and it tracks how far we are through our learning cycles on both a soul level and in our current lifetime.



We as souls are learning machines, that is what we do.  Earth is one of our learning environments.

We incarnate in life after life to acquire new knowledge.  As we complete each lesson our ability score increases.

Ultimately we are all aiming for a minimum score of 98 out of 100, that is the level at which we attain Boddhisattva status.

It is incarnated souls with a score of 70 and above who will largely be in the first wave of awakenings.

This is assuming they have got far enough along in their lessons in this lifetime.

That typically means that they have completed their inner work and adopted some kind of spiritual practice, such as daily meditation.

More and more people whose souls are at this level of development will be experiencing a spiritual ‘epiphany’, propelling them down the road to enlightenment.

How Can I Find Out My Ability Score?

 There are two main ways to find out your ability score.

The first is to ask your higher self or another guide.  There are many ways you can do this but meditation is generally the most effective.

That is because meditation is ‘sacred’, meaning that only your guides can use the channel at that time, unless you specifically invite others in.

To find out your ability score in meditation, just set the intention before your session that you wish to discover it.

You can do this by making a statement out loud, such as: ‘I am setting the intention that in this meditation session I will learn my soul’s ability score’.

Then use a ‘nothingness’ meditation, i.e. without guidance, and wait for a number to swim into your mind.  That will be your score.

The second way to find it out, if you are not yet used to meditating, is to consult a reliable medium. 

Take Control of Your Awakening

If you suspect that you are a higher evolved soul and are on the path to full awakening – congratulations.

Awakening fully is one of the most exciting and important events you will enjoy in this lifetime and will bring you immeasurable benefit.

If you don’t already meditate daily, below is a simple technique you can use, which will help accelerate your awakening.


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