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There are many signs your higher self is talking to you – this article lists 20 of the most common. If you’re going through your spiritual awakening, consciously or not, you are likely to experience at least a few of these signs of higher self communication.

What is your higher self?

When we’re talking about signs your higher self is talking to you, it’s first helpful to explain what your higher self is.

Also known as the ‘oversoul’, your higher self is the being that your own soul was ‘birthed’ from, way back in time.

It remains in the upper dimensions while your soul incarnates on Earth in human form, and it guides you from above.

The seat of the higher self is the ‘superconscious mind’ and the seat of the soul is the ‘conscious mind’.

The process of spiritual awakening is the reintegration of the Earthbound soul and higher self, combining of these two parts of the mind.

(Watch the video below to understand more about this topic.)

Higher self communication starts before you are even born

As soon as your soul enters the human embryo, your higher self is talking to you.

This link between the higher and lower dimension is a crucial aspect of life on Earth.

When we incarnate, we forget everything about ourselves and the universe.

We forget that we are immortal souls, and we lose our connection to the Akashic records – the vast universal database.

Without our higher self (and other guides) we would be completely adrift.

Their role is to keep us safe and help us find the path we planned for ourselves before we incarnated.

So your higher self is always communicating with you, you just need to know how to pick up the signals.

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Twenty signs your higher self is talking to you

Higher self communication – sign #1: intuition/flashes of insight

Earlier in our lives, before we are very far along the path of integration with our higher selves, we experience higher self communication as flashes of insight.

This is the little voice that whispers to us, right before our conscious mind kicks in.

We usually ignore the first voice and trust the second, in fact this is the wrong way round.

By learning to listen for and respond to these quick flashes of communication, we will find our paths more easily.

Higher self communication – sign #2: sudden feelings or sensations

Our higher selves have a surprising amount of control over our bodies.

Sometimes they deliver messages in the form of sudden physical sensations.

This could be as an intense emotion, such as fear, or something more physical, like a shudder, or suddenly turning icy cold.

Higher self communication like this is often a warning to watch out and take care.

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Higher self communication – sign #3: Ear ringing

A classic sign that your higher self is talking to you is a ringing or buzzing in your ears.

I explain all about this common sign of higher self communication in this blog post.

Higher self communication – sign #4: Getting goose bumps

Have you ever experienced a sudden rush of goose bumps all over?

That is your higher self saying ‘this is important!’ or ‘Yes!’.

Whenever you get a rush of goose bumps, pay attention to what was just said; that is the message your higher self is trying to get to you.

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Higher self communication – sign #5: Seeing images or visions

Before we are very well integrated with our higher selves, they are unable to use language to communicate with us, or at least, they can only use language very occasionally.

That means they often communicate using images.

If you have a regular meditation practice, you may experience this.

Or otherwise, you may receive visions whilst in a trance state, such as hypnosis or self-hypnosis, or under the influence of certain drugs.

Just as with dreams, you need to interpret these images to get to the meaning of the message.

Higher self communication – sign #6: Hearing voices

As we integrate further with our higher selves, language becomes available to them (because they are able to access the language centre in our mind).

Then you may start to hear voices, in meditation but possibly also in everyday life.

The degree to which you receive verbal messages from your higher self will depend on how ‘clairaudient’ you are.

Higher self communication – sign #7: Messages delivered in dreams

Everyone on the spiritual path should be aware they receive messages in dreams.

These can come from your higher self but also from your guides and people on the other side who are interested in your progress.

The exact meaning  will be very personal to the individual and their life purpose.

Over time you should be able to identify common themes and symbols (I recommend keeping a dream diary).

If you are woken suddenly from a dream, try hard to remember what you were dreaming about.

This is your higher self drawing attention to the message in that dream.

Higher self communication – sign #8: Messages delivered via divination tools

If you’re awakening, I strongly encourage you to learn at least one method of divination, such as tarot or runes.

In the early part of awakening, your higher self will use these to get messages to you.

(It changes in the later stages when we are encouraged to turn inwards for guidance.)

If you are unsure about learning something like this, or need quick answers, I can recommend as an online divination tool.

Higher self communication – sign #9: Messages delivered by other people

A sign your higher self is talking to you is that they deliver information or guidance via another individual.

We have all had experiences like this. 

You are wondering what to do about something when, completely unexpectedly, someone pops up and gives you exactly the insight you need.

This is your higher self and guides co-ordinating with members of your soul group to get a message to you.

Higher self communication – sign #10: Messages in media

I have used the broad term ‘media’; what I am talking about is books, magazines, TV shows, films, billboards, posters, adverts, podcasts… the list is virtually endless.

If you are pondering a particular problem and keep seeing a recurring theme connected to it, then this is your higher self communicating with you.

Example: you are wondering, should I go to Florida with my family?  Over the next few days you see or hear the word ‘Florida’ repeated time and again.

You are being told – go to Florida!

Higher self communication – sign #11: Lyrics of songs

Something people aren’t often aware of is that our higher selves talk to us via the medium of music, particularly songs.

That is not to say that songs are written especially for us, but our higher self will make sure that songs with revealing lyrics are around us when we need to receive a message.

This is why some pieces of music have such meaning for us and can even change the course of our lives.

Next time a song comes on when you’re trying to puzzle out a problem, listen carefully.

There may be guidance lurking in the lyrics.

Higher self communication – sign #12: Number synchronicities

Seeing repeated number sequences, such as 11:11 or 22:22, is a sure sign your higher self is talking to you.

Generally speaking you should take these signs as encouragement you are on the right path.

Similarly, if you read or hear something and then glance at the clock and it says 21:21, or 20:20 (for example), this is a sign that what you read or heard is important/correct.

Higher self communication – sign #13: Recurring names

We might also keep hearing or seeing the name of a person or place.

This is always significant.

If it’s a place it might be somewhere you are supposed to go; if it’s a person’s name, it may be someone you need to (re)connect with, or it might be the name of an important guide.

Higher self communication – sign #14: Animal signs

Recurrently seeing a particular animal, whether in ‘real life’ or in media, is a sure sign your higher self is talking to you.

Bird symbols are very common during spiritual awakening and often indicate the member of the Council of Light you (and your higher self) is descended from.

If you are awakening you might also see butterflies or dragonflies, both symbols of transformation.

Similarly, you might receive warnings in the form of animal signs, most typically snakes, spiders, and toads.

Watch the video below to understand how bird symbols relate to the Council of Light.

Higher self communication – sign #15: Rainbows

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful ways your higher self can communicate with you.

It doesn’t have to be an actual rainbow, you might see one in refracted glass, or in a magazine or book.

Seeing multiple rainbows in a short period of time tells us we are on the right path and our higher self is looking out for us.

Higher self communication – sign #16: Losing and finding things

One of the more unusual ways our higher self communicates with us is by losing and finding things.

Sometimes we are sure we left something in a particular place, but when we return, it’s no longer there.

Then, sometimes weeks or months later, it will turn up again.

Sometimes it is in the place where we left it, sometimes it is somewhere else entirely.

This could just be your higher self drawing attention to their existence, or it could be a specific message associated with the object or the timing of its disappearance and reappearance.

Higher self communication – sign #17: Strange happenings

This sounds a bit vague so to give you an example, this could be something like a glass suddenly exploding or a light fitting falling from the ceiling, without warning.

In these cases, your higher self is trying to call your attention to something important.

It takes a lot of energy for them to manifest something like this on the physical plane, so they only do it if it’s something they really need you to notice.

Higher self communication – sign #18: Emotions

People don’t realise, but your higher self is talking to you all the time using your emotions.

They control a portion of our emotional capability and use it to send signals to us.

If we feel happy, we are on the right track and should continue.

If we feel unhappy, something needs to change.

Our higher selves can also give us the experience of falling in or out of love, when we need to connect to someone in our soul group, or move on to another.

Man and woman sitting opposite each other in a therapy session.

Higher self communication – sign #19: Illness and injury

Illness and injury can also be used by our higher selves to send us messages.

The nature of the condition is always significant and is a metaphor for the topic our higher self is trying to draw attention to.

For example, eye issues may mean we’re not seeing something important.

A sudden injury or serious illness which prevents us from continuing with our lives for a period of time, is an invitation to examine what needs to change.

Higher self communication – sign #20: Digital communication

It is very easy for our higher selves and guides to manipulate data and digital communication to talk to us.

One way they do this is by making sure information they want us to read pops up in search results or social media ads.

Even if you think it’s unimportant, it’s always worth paying attention to these kinds of adverts.

Your higher self might be pointing out something they think you need.

Our higher selves and guides are talking to us all the time.

By learning to pay attention to the signs, we can create a useful dialogue which helps us in many different ways.

If you wish to develop clearer communication with your higher self, then the best way to do this is to meditate every day.

Watch the video below for a super-easy daily meditation anyone can do.

(Not sure if you’re having a spiritual awakening? Discover the 7 major signs of awakening in this blog article.)

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