Are you asking yourself, ‘what is a soul’? Even if we accept the existence of souls, it’s natural to wonder what they actually are.  I explain exactly what a soul is in this article.

We are all souls

The first thing to say when answering the question, ‘what is a soul?’ is that we are all souls, every single one of us.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not human beings who happen to have a soul, we are souls having a human experience.

So, what is a soul?

What are we?

A soul is an immortal, non-physical being, which exists across all of the dimensions in our universe.

Part of a soul might be incarnated in this dimension, on Earth and/or another planet, often multiple times.

Other parts remain in other dimensions.

The highest dimensions in our universe are completely non-material, exactly like souls.

We experience these places as ‘pure thought’ when we spend time there.

But if we want to spend time in the lower, denser, more material dimensions, then we need a body so we can interact with the physical environment.

(A bit like a virtual reality suit.)

Woman in a virtual reality headset against a blue sky with clouds.

The soul’s place in the human avatar

On Earth, that body happens to be in human form.

In the higher dimensions, we call this union of soul and body an ‘avatar’.

You probably know this word because we use it already on Earth, in a similar sort of way.

All avatars are a collaboration between a soul, a body, and the soul’s higher self.

(Our higher self is the soul we were originally birthed from, also known as an ‘oversoul’.)

We also have an ‘Ego’ or ‘Id’ (as it’s called in Soul World), which is comprised of the beliefs we start to collect about ourselves from the moment we are born.

So we are all a team effort – a ‘we’ rather than an ‘I’.

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You have more than one name

The name you know yourself by in this lifetime – Jane Smith, Joe Bloggs – that is the name of your soul’s human avatar.

But your immortal soul also has its own name.

Usually this is different to the one you have on Earth, although sometimes it can be the same.

(The universe loves to leave us little clues to the truth of our existence – this is one way it does that.)

If you’re awakening (and if you’re wondering ‘what is a soul?’ you probably are), then it’s worth trying to discover your soul’s name.

You can do this through guided meditation, self-hypnosis, ‘life between lives’ hypnosis, or consulting a trusted medium.

(Please note that not all mediums will be able to uncover this information, check with them first.)

Finding out your soul’s name helps consolidate your ideas of who you really are and where you came from.

This can be of great help during the conscious awakening journey, especially if you are struggling with acceptance.

A handing holding a necklace with the name Sophia as a pendant.<br />

The soul is the conscious mind

Each of the four parts of the human avatar – higher self, soul, body, Ego – has its own part of the mind.

Your soul controls the conscious mind

So when you’re thinking a conscious thought, or using logic, that is the soul thinking.

It is the primary driver of the human avatar and that is why I say we are souls having a human experience.

It’s our soul’s mind which makes our conscious decisions and takes conscious action.

We do this with our primary guide or oversoul’s help, whilst battling the demands of the body (subconscious mind) and the often self-limiting beliefs of the Ego (unconscious mind).

Some of your characteristics come from your immortal soul

A lot of characteristics such as your sense of humour and the things you like and don’t like, come from the immortal soul at the core of your human avatar.

Your soul has developed over many lifetimes and picked up preferences and traits along the way.

So whilst your experiences in this lifetime will shape you to a degree, there is also a lot of history there too.

That’s one of the reasons why we have certain passions from an early age, or are drawn to specific places or eras in history.

It’s also why different avatars of one soul can be very similar, even if they are separated by centuries of time.

They may also look similar.

Twin blonde teenage girls.

Why do Souls incarnate on Earth?

There are two reasons we choose to incarnate on Earth.

The first is that we love to learn and the Earth is a learning environment for souls – we built it that way.

The second is that we are playing the ‘Game of Life’ (find out about the Game of Life in the video below).

Before we come to Earth we make a plan.

We know why we’re coming and what it is we want to do.

However, when we’re born into our human bodies, we forget we’re souls.

We lose all our knowledge of where we come from and what we are.

The reason for this is so we can learn more effectively – because if you already know all the answers, how can you truly learn?

And it makes the Game of Life more enjoyable too.

We are in the age of global enlightenment

We’re now going into a new phase in the Earth’s history where some of this is starting to change.

That’s because we are on a mission to deliver enlightenment for the Earth.

It will take a long time to get there (we’re immortal so we tend to stretch things out a bit) but things are already beginning to happen.

An increasing number of people will awaken from this point onwards.

(By ‘awaken’ I mean they will realise they are immortal souls having a human experience.)

Also people will start to be born with more innate knowledge of what they are and where they came from.

We are already seeing this with the ‘Indigo children’ and the spiritually-minded Gen Z.

All of this will help to build a new culture of understanding and acceptance that we are all souls.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this has the power to completely change society on Earth.

Are you awakening?

If you are in the early stages of awakening, it’s important to accept that you are an immortal soul.

It’s a bit of a head adjustment and can take a while, especially if you are discovering you’re a very old, highly evolved soul.

The greatest help you can give yourself during the early stages of awakening is to work on believing this.

Also rest assured, almost everyone who is awakening at this time is higher evolved, or a ‘Bodhisattva’ soul.

(Bodhisattva just means we have completed at least 98% of our soul’s lessons and incarnate on Earth to help the mission along, rather than to learn.)

We are the vanguard, driving the early stages of the enlightenment mission forward.

Past-life regression therapy can really help you get over the acceptance hurdle.

It’s also very helpful to develop communication with your guides via daily meditation.

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