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Asking yourself ‘what is spiritual awakening?’ There’s an ocean of information about the symptoms of awakening out there, but what is really going on? This post explains the mechanics behind awakening and what spiritual awakening really is.

What are the symptoms of spiritual awakening?

If you’re asking the question, ‘what is spiritual awakening?’ you probably suspect you’re going through one.

If that’s the case, you’ve almost certainly experienced some of these symptoms:

  • Increased psychic activity
  • A realisation that there’s more to life than 3D reality
  • An intuitive understanding that you are a soul having a human experience
  • Developing a deep interest in spiritual matters
  • Meeting new people who are also on the spiritual path
  • Experiencing a spiritual ‘Epiphany’

(Watch the video below to learn more about the Epiphany in spiritual awakening.)

The list of spiritual awakening symptoms is almost endless but my rule of thumb is, if you’re wondering if you’re having a spiritual awakening, you probably are!

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What is spiritual awakening? It’s integration!

During spiritual awakening we’re integrating, or rather, re-integrating with our higher selves.

When we incarnate in an earthly lifetime, a fragment of our soul descends and takes up residence in a human body.

It’s your ‘conscious mind’ and it’s the major part of the human system, or avatar as it’s known.

Meanwhile, your higher self remains in the upper dimensions.

It’s our ‘superconscious mind’.

Prior to awakening, we experience the superconscious mind as the voice of intuition.

This is your higher self sending you little messages of guidance.

The reason they’re so brief and ephemeral is because, until you’ve completed awakening, your integration level is very low.

It’s like trying to listen to someone talk behind a door at the end of a long corridor!

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What is the higher self?

Many people think the higher self is the soul, but this isn’t the case.

It’s actually the soul that your soul was birthed from – your ‘soul mother’.

In the higher dimensions it’s known as the oversoul.

So in terms of the evolution of consciousness, it’s a few steps ahead of you, and that’s important to understand, because it’s your primary guide.

It’s always there with you, from the moment you’re born to the moment you die.

But we’re not aware of this, because when souls incarnate on Earth, they experience cosmic amnesia.

We forget who we are, where we came from, and all our soul level knowledge.

And that’s so that we can learn; because you can’t learn if you already know all the answers!

Every human life is one tiny learning cycle in a much bigger learning cycle we’re going through at soul level.

Prior to spiritual awakening, as we get older, we lose our connection to our higher self

When we’re first born, the connection to our higher self is still strong.

That’s why a lot of children remember and talk about past lives.

We retain this connection until the age of 5 or 6 years’ old.

This is because being born into a human body is very disorienting for a soul.

In the higher dimensions we don’t experience ourselves as an individual, we operate as part of a whole.

All of that is cut off as soon as we incarnate, so the thread of connection to our higher self is maintained for a few years until we acclimatise.

What does integration really mean?

Integration really means integrating your conscious mind with your superconscious mind.

You’re exponentially increasing your mental and spiritual processing power!

Spiritual awakening is a process that typically takes many years, but during that process, we’re progressively integrating and building a data pipeline to our higher self.

This means we also progressively open up the knowledge and soul power that we always have access to when we’re in the higher dimensions.

Ultimately, at the end of spiritual awakening, when we’ve built the data pipeline and learned how to use it, we ‘transcend’.

This is what people mean when they talk about ascension.

Eventually we can access ‘higher self modality’

When we’re fully integrated and transcended, we have the ability to raise our consciousness on a daily basis to such a level that we can operate in higher self modality.

Leading up to that point, your level of consciousness is limited by the degree to which you’re integrated.

So if you’re at 50 percent integration, you can elevate by 50 percent and so on.

One of the goals of spiritual awakening is to learn how to access and switch in and out of different modalities, as we pursue our soul purpose.

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