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If you’re riding the rollercoaster of awakening, it’s normal to ask ‘can you stop a spiritual awakening?’ during the journey. In this post I explain how you can take charge of the awakening process so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Why would you want to stop a spiritual awakening?

When answering the question, ‘Can you stop a spiritual awakening?’ it’s helpful to consider why we might want to in the first place.

By the time we realise we’re having a spiritual awakening, we’re usually in the ‘Connection’ phase.

This is a time of feeling deeply connected to the universe and our guides, which can be very pleasurable.

However, we also usually experience a whole host of weird and wonderful ‘psychic’ events which can be disorienting and overwhelming.

Straight after the Connection phase comes the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, which can discombulate us in a different way.

As both of these stages can last for a long time – years in some cases – it’s natural to wonder if we can get off the rollercoaster at some point.

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So can you stop a spiritual awakening?

 In a nutshell, yes. 

If you want to take a break from your awakening (like I said, it can be pretty intense), then you can ask your guides to pause the process.

This is actually recommended if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I took a three week break during the Connection stage of my own awakening, which was much needed.

You just need to ask your guides to give you a break (do this in your daily meditation) and they will ‘switch it off’ for you.

Then you can either actively ask to resume, or you will feel things starting to fire up again, once your guides assess you’ve had enough of a pause.

Typically you’ll feel ready to get going again after 2-3 weeks (but it’s fine to take as long as you need).

Can you stop a spiritual awakening completely?

If you’re awakening has been going on for a long time, or you think it’s having an adverse effect, then you may feel that you want to stop your awakening completely.

Again, this is possible, however you team won’t stop it completely without being really sure it’s what’s best for you.

This is because they know – even if you don’t – that you’re capable of completing the journey.

Awakenings are closely managed and only higher evolved/old souls are being awakened at this time.

So you have the strength, even if you can’t feel it right now.

To stop your awakening completely, ask your guides in meditation.

They will encourage you to just take a break, and may attempt to ‘reignite’ your awakening down the line, to see how you react.

However, if it becomes clear over time that it’s what you really want, then yes, they can stop your awakening completely.

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Why has my spiritual awakening stopped?

Sometimes a spiritual awakening appears to stop spontaneously.

In fact, it has usually just been paused.

This is often because your guides are co-ordinating the timings of all of the people in your soul group – those who are awakening, and those who have incarnated to support awakeners.

They will get people to a certain level of integration and then put their awakenings on hold until the time comes to start moving forward once more.

(Spiritual awakening is the process of integrating the soul, or conscious mind, with the higher self, or superconscious mind – watch the video below to find out more.)

Your team may also halt your awakening temporarily to allow you to deal with other aspects of your earthly life, such as illness, bereavement, or family issues.

What should I do if I want to stop my awakening?

First of all spend some time in meditation.

Examine your thoughts and feelings deeply. Why do you want to stop your spiritual awakening?

If it’s through fear, then please try to summon the courage to continue.

Fear is a very human emotion which holds us back from reaching our true soul potential. 

As we progress through our awakenings, we lose most of our fears, so you may just need to push on a little further.

If it’s for other reasons – mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion, for example – then ask your team to give you a break before you make any big decisions.

You may find that you miss the weird and wonderful insights into our universe that awakening gives you, once you’ve spent a bit of time out of the process.

If you do decide to drop out completely, there’s no judgement attached to this.

It’s your life, and you can choose your own path.

What happens if I stop my spiritual awakening?

For a start, any ‘paranormal‘ activity you’ve been experiencing will die down significantly.

You’ll feel less connected to your guides – in fact, you may feel like you lose that connection completely.

Your energy will shift and your vibrations will lower.

That means you should feel calmer and more ‘together’, however you will lose some of your intuition and any ‘psychic powers’ you may have developed during your journey.

Over time, you’ll stop thinking about spiritual matters and will revert to a ‘normal’, unconscious mode of living.

Again, there’s no judgement attached to this.

If, at a later date, you feel yourself being drawn towards spiritual matters once more, why not dip a toe in the water.

You might find the experience to be more enjoyable and tolerable the second time around.

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