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The spiritual meaning of a rainbow is closely connected to the spiritual awakening journey and also linked to some of the oldest and most powerful souls in our universe. If you’re seeing rainbow synchronicities, it often means you’re on the awakening path.

Why are rainbows such an important spiritual sign?

Rainbows are a hugely significant spiritual sign because they represent all of the major energies in the universe.

They are refracted light, and as such are the symbol of ‘beings of light’, sometimes called ‘angels’.

Angels are not just a religious concept, although that’s how they’re usually understood in our earthly dimension.

In the upper dimensions, ‘angels’ is the name given to souls who have completed at least 98 percent of their soul lessons.

These are ‘Bodhisattva’ souls, who no longer need to incarnate to learn, but come to Earth to help with the larger missions, such as the current one, steering the human race into a new era of enlightenment.

Currently 40 percent of souls in the wider universe are ‘Bodhisattva’ souls, and around 5 percent of them are incarnated on Earth right now.

The spiritual meaning of a rainbow in connection with the Council of Light

In particular, the spiritual meaning of rainbows is strongly connected to the Council of Light, the body which oversees our universe.

Seeing rainbow synchronicities can indicate you’re closely connected to one or more of the ten members of the Council’s inner circle.

Rainbow signs might also be telling you something about yourself.

This is especially true if you’re in the stage of awakening where you’re shedding the Ego and wondering who you really are, at soul level. 

Seeing rainbow synchronicities at this time can indicate you’re a higher evolved soul, perhaps even a Bodhisattva soul.

They suggest that you have the potential to attain a bright white aura.

This is the signature of a highly evolved soul who has completed the spiritual awakening journey and reached enlightenment, here on Earth.

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Rainbow signs can come in many forms

You don’t have to see an actual rainbow for it to be a sign.

If you see rainbows on a TV show, as a logo on a t-shirt, or in a dream (for example) these all count as spiritual rainbow signs.

The frequency of the rainbow sign is more significant than the form it takes.

If you see a lot of rainbows in quick succession, then an important message is being sent to you.

So what is the message being sent by rainbow signs and synchronicities?

The spiritual meaning of rainbows is almost always linked to the spiritual awakening process.

They can mean different things depending on where you are in the journey.

If you’re in the early stages, perhaps even before your conscious awakening (the point at which you realise you’re going through a spiritual event), they can simply be your guides saying, ‘we’re here!’

They are alerting you to the fact that they’re around you and also drawing your attention to the fact that there’s a layer of ‘invisible’ reality in our universe.

Later, when you’re aware that you’re going through an awakening, rainbows are a sign of hope and encouragement.

They’re telling you you’re on the right path and you should keep going.

The more rainbows you see, the more you’re on the right path.

In fact, they could indicate that you’re going to make a breakthrough very soon.

If you’re going through a low patch, your team is telling you that it’s only temporary (this too shall pass).

Rainbows are joyful and full of hope, so your team is reminding you that we live in a kind and loving universe and that you’re capable of overcoming any trial.

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What should you do if you’re seeing rainbow symbols?

If you’re seeing rainbow signs and haven’t made contact with your guides yet, work on your communication.

(Read this blog post to learn how to communicate with your guides.)

They’re making their presence know and they want you to connect.

If you’re already in touch with your guides, then just keep doing more of what you’re already doing.

They are encouraging you to continue.

If you’re going through a low patch, look for ways to lift your mood. 

A daily gratitude practice is an effective way to do this – try the guided meditation below.

You can use rainbow signs proactively to get advice from your guides

Our guides love to play games, and one thing they particularly enjoy is arranging signs at your request.

If you’re trying to decide on a particular direction, then ask your guides to send a rainbow sign for ‘yes’.

You can do this in meditation, just say (for example): ‘please send me a rainbow if you think I should do X’.

Signs usually arrive within 24 hours of the request, so if you don’t see a rainbow symbol within that time period, you can take the answer as ‘no’.

Spiritual meaning of a rainbow – messages from departed loved ones

Occasionally, rainbows can represent signs from loved ones who have passed over.

In this instance, you will probably only see one rainbow, not a series of them.

If you see a rainbow and have a strong sense of a person you’re missing, then this could be a sign from them.

They are telling you not to worry and that they are living a blissful existence in a wonderful place.

However, these types of messages more often come in the form of birds, butterflies, and other animals.

The Rainbow is a symbol of the true nature of our universe

Perhaps most profoundly, the rainbow symbolises that everything in our universe is made of light.

Our earthly dimension is holographic and rainbows remind us of this (the holographic ‘theory’ is a serious area of scientific study, linked to quantum physics).

If you’re a long way into your spiritual awakening and you’re a higher evolved soul (which you will be if you’re awakening – watch the video below to find out more), then rainbow signs could also be encouraging you to examine the true nature of our universe.

What doesn’t a rainbow sign mean?

The spiritual meaning of a rainbow is almost never about any of the following:


There are no negative connotations to rainbow symbolism, they are only ever connected to love, hope, peace, and joy.


Unfortunately there’s rarely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Occasionally a rainbow might indicate that some financial good luck is going to come your way, but this would be in the context of your larger purpose and direction.

For example, you might need a windfall to help you out of a difficult situation, or so you can take the next step in your mission.

In this instance a rainbow might signify money is on it’s way, but it’s rare.

A surer sign that money is coming is gushing water, for example, if a tap unexpectedly explodes, or you spill water multiple times in a day.


Rainbows never signify death except in a positive sense – as a symbol of transformation.

Souls never die, they just leave their physical body behind and return to the higher dimensions.

So, rainbows do not foretell death, however, as I mentioned, they may occasionally appear as a sign from a departed loved one that they are living a life of love and joy on the ‘other side’.


Are you seeing rainbow signs and synchronicities? I’d love to hear about them, especially if they’re connected to your awakening journey, so please leave a comment below.

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