Root chakra affirmations are an effective way to clear blockages in this important chakra. The root chakra is associated with security. When it’s blocked, this can result in feelings of anxiety and fear, and give rise to money problems, loss of a job or a home, or family issues. Use the affirmations on this page to solve root chakra issues.

Guided root chakra affirmations

The guided root chakra affirmations in the video below will release immediate blockages.

They are set against a background of the 396 Hz frequency, which is associated with root chakra health.

Follow the instructions below to get the most out of this root chakra affirmation video:


  1. Find a warm comfortable place where you can lie down undisturbed for 5-10 minutes
  2. If your mind needs quieting, meditate for a few moments before using the guided root chakra affirmations
  3. Listen to the video through headphones if possible
  4. If you’re aware your root chakra is very blocked, listen to the video once or twice a day for a few days.

Using root chakra affirmations to address the underlying problems

The guided root chakra affirmation video above will help reduce or remove the immediate symptoms of root chakra blockage.

However, you also need to address the underlying reasons for the block, to bring your root chakra back to full health.

Below, I provide sets of affirmations which will help you do just that.

Common reasons for a root chakra blockage are:

  • Money worries
  • Unemployment
  • Job insecurity
  • Losing a home or living in substandard accommodation
  • Family strife
  • Under-nourishment
  • Being the victim of bullying or attack

They can give rise to emotional and mental symptoms such as:

You may also experience physical symptoms such as:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bowl disorders
  • Bladder infections
  • Colon problems
  • Kidney issues
  • Problems with the lower back or skeletal system

Read this blog article to discover the best crystals for root chakra healing.


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Affirmations for the underlying causes and symptoms of root chakra blockage

Below I have provided some sets of three affirmations to tackle the underlying causes and the symptoms of root chakra blockage.

(Affirmations work best when used in sets of three.)

Pick the ones which apply to your situation.

To use them most effectively, follow the instructions below:

How to use these affirmations

  1. Lie down somewhere warm and comfortable
  2. Take 3 long, deep, breaths (this is a signal to the universe that you’re about to meditate)
  3. Perform a short meditation if you need to quiet your mind (third eye meditation is best – see the video at the bottom of the page)
  4. Set an intention for your meditation, for example: ‘this meditation will remove my anxiety about money’
  5. Always start every affirmations ritual with this statement:
    “I am a powerful manifester, everything I desire I create”
  6. Select no more than 3 sets of root chakra affirmations to focus on at a time
  7. Couple each affirmation with a visualisation (I provide a suitable visualisation for each set)
  8. Repeat each affirmation in the set 3 times
  9. When you have finished your root chakra affirmations, conclude with this statement:
    “I release all attachment to fear and worry, and trust entirely in the power of these affirmations to remove the causes and symptoms of my root chakra blockage.”

The video below also explains how to use affirmations most effectively.

Root chakra affirmations for causes of root chakra blockage

Remember to say each root chakra affirmation 3 times and to use the visualisation.

Affirmations for money worries

Visualise yourself smiling and looking up to the sky as gold coins rain down on you

Affirmation 1:    I always have more money than I need

Affirmation 2:   Large sums of money come to me, quickly and easily

Affirmation 3:   I never worry about money

Affirmations for money worries

Affirmations for unemployment

Visualise yourself leaving the house, smiling, on your way to work

Affirmation 1:   I have found the perfect job for me

Affirmation 2:   I keep receiving job offers

Affirmation 3:   I earn all the money I need to live a good life

Root chakra affirmations for unemployment

Affirmations for job insecurity

Visualise yourself at work, smiling and happy

Affirmation 1:   All the challenges with my job have been resolved

Affirmation 2:   My boss values me

Affirmation 3:   My job gives me everything I need

Root chakra affirmations for job insecurity

Affirmations for housing problems

Visualise yourself smiling, curled up on a sofa, in front of a roaring fire

Affirmation 1:   I can always afford my rent / mortgage

Affirmation 2:   My home is warm, safe, and secure

Affirmation 3:   My house provides all the space I need

Root chakra affirmations for housing problems

Affirmations for family issues

Visualise yourself in a family group hug

Affirmation 1:   My family is safe from harm

Affirmation 2:   My family never argues

Affirmation 3:   All rifts in my family are healed

Root chakra affirmations for family issues

Affirmations for bullying or attack

Visualise yourself in a superhero costume, arms folded, in a strong stance

Affirmation 1:   People always treat me with the respect I deserve

Affirmation 2:   I am not a victim

Affirmation 3:   I stand up to bullies

Root chakra affirmations for bullying or attack

Root chakra affirmations for emotional symptoms of root chakra blockage

Remember to say each root chakra affirmation 3 times and to use the visualisation.

Affirmations to feel safe

Visualise yourself inside a fortress which nothing can penetrate

Affirmation 1:   I am protected

Affirmation 2:   Nothing can harm me

Affirmation 3:   I feel safe

Root chakra affirmations for emotional symptoms of root chakra blockage

Affirmations for fear

Visualise yourself standing on a top of a mountain, triumphantly holding a flag aloft

Affirmation 1:   I overcome all fear

Affirmation 2:   I am full of courage

Affirmation 3:   Nothing frightens me

Root chakra affirmations for fear

Affirmations for anxiety and worry

Visualise yourself meditating, with a contented smile on your face

Affirmation 1:   I am always calm and peaceful

Affirmation 2:   I am in complete control of my emotions

Affirmation 3:   Nothing ever worries me

Root chakra affirmations for anxiety and worry

Root chakra affirmations for physical symptoms of root chakra blockage

Remember to say each root chakra affirmation 3 times and to use the visualisation.

Root chakra affirmations for bowel and bladder problems

Visualise yourself going to the toilet with no problems

Affirmation 1:   My bowel and bladder work perfectly

Affirmation 2:   My digestive system operates exactly as it should

Affirmation 3:   I am in perfect health

Root chakra affirmations for bowel and bladder problems

Root chakra affirmations for back issues

Visualise yourself as a body builder, with a strong and powerful back

Affirmation 1:   My back is sturdy and strong

Affirmation 2:   I never have back problems

Affirmation 3:   My bones and joints are in perfect health

Root chakra affirmations for back issues

Creating your own root chakra affirmations

If you can’t find exactly the affirmation you need in this post, then write your own.

It’s best to phrase an affirmation in the present tense, as though it’s already happened.

Then follow the same routine, using the affirmations you’ve written.

Other ways to heal the root chakra

Affirmations are just one way to remove root chakra blocks.

You could also try:

  • Eating a hot, nutritious meal
  • Taking a warm shower or bath
  • Eating a small quantity of high quality sugar, like organic honey
  • Wearing red
  • Taking a root chakra healing sound bath
  • Using crystals for root chakra healing [Link to crystals for root chakra post]
  • Grounding


The videos below offer more help and guidance.

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