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Welcome to my spiritual video page where you’ll find all of the videos from my YouTube channel. I make content designed to help you through your spiritual awakening journey and to explain the true nature of our universe, guided by my higher self, Sophia, original member of the Council of Light.

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Spiritual  Videos Are a Great Way to Get Information to Help You in Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

 I publish spiritual awakening videos regularly to help people through their spiritual awakening journey.

Whether you’ve just had your Epiphany, are deep in the ‘connection’ phase of awakening, or have entered the Dark Night of the Soul, I’m here to help.

The spiritual awakening journey is long and takes many twists and turns along the way. My aim is to provide a ‘blueprint’ for awakening which lets every single awakener take control of their journey.

I also release videos relating to who we are as souls and how our universe really works.

Without this context it’s difficult to understand what’s happening in the spiritual awakening journey.

You can find more information in my blog.


Are you in the Dark Night of the Soul?

If you’re in the Dark Night of the Soul, then you will find my book ‘How to Get Through the Dark Night of the Soul’ helpful.

I wrote it specifically because 99% of people drop out of the spiritual awakening journey at this point,.

However, it’s vital that as many people as possible go on to complete the awakening journey so we can usher the Earth into its new age of enlightenment.

I have made the book available on Kindle Unlimited so as many people as possible can access it for little or no cost.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Are You Going Through the Dark Night of the Soul? 

Everything You Need is In This Book

How to get through the Dark Night of the Soul book cover with the title in bold type on a purple background.

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