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Asking ‘Why did my spiritual awakening stop?’ Feeling stuck on your spiritual journey? You’re not alone. One of the most common reasons people seek awakening coaching is because they’re unknowingly blocking their progress. In this article, I’ll reveal the three most common reasons your spiritual awakening has stopped and how to overcome these obstacles.

Understanding The Nature of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a series of interlinked processes and learning modules, rather than a single linear journey.

We work on different parts of our system simultaneously, often without realizing it.

For example, in early awakening, we reprogram our lower mind, especially the unconscious Ego, while also cleansing our physical body and removing blocks from our energetic system.

If we focus intently on one area and neglect another, our awakening will pause until we catch up on what we’ve missed.

This is what I refer to as an awakening ‘block.’

In my experience as an awakening coach, these blocks usually fall into one of three categories:

Block #1: You Need to Do More Inner Work

If your spiritual awakening has stopped, you may need to do more inner work.

For most people, conscious awakening kicks in once we’ve resolved 50 percent of our human issues and trauma.

Before that point, the mind is too fragile to cope with the psychological impact of awakening.

However, the expectation from the universe is that we’ll continue to work on our ‘human issues’ throughout the awakening process.

If we don’t, our spiritual awakening will stop until we do the work that’s needed.

It’s actually very common for people to pull back on inner work during the Connection phase of awakening, one of the early stages.

During this phase, we become super-connected to the universe and our guides, and our third eye and crown chakras start to open—sometimes they become wide open!

Suddenly, we’re initiated into the higher dimension (you may have heard this called ‘5D’).

While exhilarating and liberating, this can make us believe we’ve reached a state of ascension.

In reality, true ascension comes much later in the awakening process; the Connection phase is just a taste of what’s to come.

As a result, we often stop working on issues connected to the lower chakras.

We feel as though everything is resolved, but unfortunately, this is seldom the case.

Read this blog post for affirmations to unblock Root Chakra. 

The Challenge of Being ‘Top Heavy’

When we stop continuing our inner work during the Connection phase of awakening, we become ‘top heavy.’

We have abundant energy flow through the third eye and crown (and often the heart) chakras, but the lower three chakras—root, sacral, and solar plexus—remain blocked, even though it might not feel like it.

This imbalance can be dangerous as it means we’re not spiritually ‘grounded.’

One consequence of this is that we leave ourselves open to spiritual attack, which is very common in the Connection phase, as the opposing teams in the Game of Life try to throw us off course.

Signs You Need to do More Inner Work

  • You notice old emotional patterns resurfacing
  • You purge difficult emotions physically, for example through uncontrolled crying or bursts of anger
  • You experience volatile moods

Actions to Take

  • Somatic Movement: Engage in practices like yoga, dance, or specifically designed movements to release stored trauma

  • Tapping (EFT): Use tapping techniques to address unresolved emotional issues

  • Therapy or Coaching: Consider working with a therapist or spiritual coach to delve deeper into your inner work

Block #2: You Need to Meditate

It’s possible to get quite far in the awakening process without meditating, but eventually, the lack of meditation will create a block, causing your awakening to appear to stop.

This is especially true when we enter the Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, the fourth stage of awakening that two-thirds of awakeners will encounter at some point.

Until the spiritual Dark Night, the universe gives us a huge helping hand.

But during this stage, we’re largely on our own.

The spiritual Dark Night of the Soul begins at 50% integration of the conscious mind and the higher self, and ends once we reach 65% integration.

The only way to continue integration during the Dark Night is to meditate.

That’s not to say that you should wait until then to start, in fact, that would be enormously difficult for you.

So the earlier you can establish a (preferably daily) meditation practice, the better.

Signs You Need to Meditate

  • Your mind is never quiet

  • You experience negative self-talk

  • You regularly feel anxious or frightened

Actions to Take

  • Daily Meditation Practice: Start with short, daily meditation sessions and gradually increase the duration

  • Mantras: Use a mantra to close out unwanted thoughts during meditation, and focus your attention on positive goals

  • Guided Meditations: Use guided meditations to help focus and deepen your practice

Block #3: Your Ego is Preventing You from Progressing

This block is linked to inner work but has a specific focus.

Even when we’ve done lots of inner work, the typical awakener still has trauma buried deep in the unconscious mind.

Unless we process this out (rather than suppressing it), the Ego will literally pull down on our tool of consciousness and prevent it from ascending.

This is very common for people in the fifth stage of awakening—higher learning—who have excavated most of their conscious issues.

I’ve recently become aware of a phenomenon I call ‘inner children.’

To progress through our 3D lives and interact relatively normally, our Ego fragments and creates additional personalities that hold onto specific bits of trauma from our past or take on the burden of difficult emotions.

These personalities are self-aware entities buried deep in the system.

We see this phenomenon in its extreme version in cases of DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This is what we used to call ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ and is usually the result of severe childhood abuse, such as ritualised sexual abuse conducted over a long period of time.

But I’ve discovered through working with my clients (and in my own inner work) that anyone who has experienced any level of trauma contains these multiple personalities.

We’re just not aware of them unless we’re going through the spiritual awakening process, as very few unawakened humans ever reach the level of lower mind excavation that an awakener does.

Signs Your Ego is Blocking You

  • You’ve never had clear connection with your guides, or it has faded out

  • You feel yourself being pulled back into bad habits, even though you’ve been doing your inner work

  • You let your spiritual practice drop

Actions to Take

  • ‘Inner Children Work’: identify the separate personalities in your system and work with them internally to help them release their trauma

  • ‘Ego Negotiation’: negotiate with your primary inner child to convince them to allow your conscious mind to take overall control of your system

  • ‘Family Meetings’: hold family meetings during meditation and invite your higher self to join. Listen to the concerns of your lower mind personalities and reassure them you’ll find solutions


Spiritual awakening is a complex and deeply personal journey, because we are all unique.

It takes time and focus to reach our full potential and we don’t always get it right first time (and that’s fine).

So it’s common to encounter blocks along the way, but recognizing and addressing them will re-start your awakening and move you forward.

Whether you need to do more inner work, establish a meditation practice, or unblock your Ego, taking proactive steps will reignite your spiritual progress.

If you feel you need some extra help in this area, I specialize in unblocking awakenings. You can find details of my coaching services here.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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