Are you suffering from spiritual fatigue? Are you going through a spiritual awakening and feeling completely exhausted? Are you worried you’ll never get your energy back? Don’t worry, spiritual awakening tiredness is normal and the good news is – it’s temporary.

Do all awakeners experience spiritual fatigue?

I know from the people I coach that spiritual awakening fatigue and exhaustion is very common indeed.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that everyone going through an awakening will experience this symptom at some point.

That’s why I consider spiritual awakening tiredness to be one of the 7 major signs of awakening.

Spiritual exhaustion can range from feeling very tired and needing to sleep more than usual, to something as severe as chronic fatigue syndrome where you literally can’t get out of bed.

This is entirely normal and intended, and helps your team facilitate your awakening, as I explain later in this article.

It’s interesting that Long Covid, which causes extreme fatigue, emerged at the start of the mass global awakening.

(Watch the video below to learn more about the global awakening that’s happening right now.)

I know several awakeners who’ve suffered from it, including myself.

When During Awakening Does Spiritual Fatigue Occur?

Spiritual exhaustion is very much a symptom of early to mid awakening.

It can extend from pre-conscious awakening – i.e. before you realise you’re in the process – into the Connection phase, when all the weird and wonderful stuff starts happening, and then on into the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul.

Now you may be thinking, surely that’s not early awakening? It must be later?

But actually it is.

We enter the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul at 50% integration with our higher self and exit at around 65% integration.

But even when we get to 100% integration, there are other processes which take need to place afterwards so we can fully ascend.

So when you come out of the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul, you’re actually not even half way through, there’s still a way to go.

I know through my coaching practice and spiritual awakening survey that, at the moment, the vast majority of awakeners (80 to 90 percent) are in the early stages of awakening or the Connection phase.

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What is Spiritual Awakening Exhaustion Like?

Spiritual fatigue can make us feel bone-crushingly tired and desperately wanting sleep.

That’s kind of the point – as I’ll explain later in this post.

But it’s important to say that your level of fatigue probably won’t be constant throughout the earlier stages of your awakening.

It might rise and fall several times.

If you step away from your awakening for a while, spiritual awakening tiredness can disappear altogether and then return when you take up the journey again.

Awakening is a sensitive process and your team take great care of you during it, especially in the early stages.

If you step back from 3D life and take time out to focus on your journey, then you’ve created the perfect conditions for awakening and your team will let you go full steam ahead.

However, if you decide to re-engage with 3D life – go back to work for example – then your awakening will likely slow down or even stop, until you take a break again. 

So there can be a great deal of fluctuation in our levels of tiredness, although almost everyone experiences an extended period of extreme fatigue during the Connection phase of awakening.

How Long Does Spiritual Fatigue Last?

The length of time spiritual awakening tiredness lasts is different for everyone because we go through awakening at different speeds.

This is intentional and it’s part of the global enlightenment project roll-out – we’re testing different types of awakening.

So I can’t put specific timings on it for you, sorry!

But generally speaking you’ll feel most tired during these two periods of awakening:

  • the most intense part of the Connection phase (usually around 9 months to a year but can be longer)
  • the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul (typically ranges from a few months to a couple of years)

Some people also experience fatigue prior to their conscious awakening, before they’ve had their epiphany, without connecting it to spirituality.

This is usually designed to encourage us to look at our lifestyle and make healthy changes, or to take time out and do our inner work.

Both of these prepare the ground for conscious awakening.

So When Will I Stop Feeling Tired?

Once you’re out of the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul and into the Advanced Learning stage your energy levels will start to adjust, but it can take a little time.

Ultimately, by the time you’re in the final transcendence stage you should find you’re back to normal.

You may even find you need a lot less sleep than before your awakening, depending on how focused you are at maintaining ascension.

But as I said, the vast majority of people are in early or connection phase at the moment, so you probably don’t need to think about any of this just yet.

Just focus on your spiritual development and self-discovery.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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Why We Feel Tired During Awakening Reason #1 – Processing Power

So, why do we experience this kind of tiredness during spiritual awakening?

During the Connection phase, which is when most people experience exhaustion, your consciousness is massively elevated for a period of time.

That means you start to reclaim your soul knowledge and gifts – you’re accessing 5D reality.

You also research a lot at this time, because you want to learn as much as possible about what’s happening to you and how our universe works.

So, on the mental level, there’s an enormous amount of throughput.

You’re probably also doing some inner work and you might be changing some things in your life, like removing yourself from toxic relationships.

It’s a super intense time.

If you’re in the connection phase right now you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

It’s a lot for our system to cope with, so we need to rest more than we usually would.

The human system, in our time of history, can’t cope with full-on psychic transformation and ‘normal’ 3D life simultaneously.

So that’s one reason why your level of spiritual fatigue will flex depending on how much time you make available for your awakening.

If you rest more, you’ll awaken more quickly.

It also works the other way round. If your team wants you to speed up, then it will impose tiredness on you, forcing you to rest.

This is one occasion when we might experience chronic fatigue-like symptoms, which seem to come out of the blue for no obvious reason.

Or sometimes your team might engineer a situation which means you have to take time out, like redundancy or bereavement.

(Bereavement is actually very common during early awakening.)

So, this is the first reason our physical energy level drops during early awakening, we’re freeing up ‘processing’ space.

Why We Feel Tired During Awakening Reason #2 – System Upgrade

The second reason we need to rest more, and more specifically, we need to sleep, is that our team is upgrading our system.

You may have heard of this as the change from 3D to 5D.

Adjustments are being made at a fundamental level to allow for our ongoing consciousness shift and future ascension.

We need to be able to handle a greater throughput of energy, and mental gates are also being unlocked, so we can continue to build the data pipeline between the 3D version of ourself and our higher self.

(This is the integration piece I was talking about earlier.)

For all this to happen, we need to be ‘offline’ – in other words, asleep.

Your team will also do some healing work at this time if you need it.

Many awakeners get to experience this directly, in meditation or other types of trance, as I did.

I experienced a sequence of pastel pink, blue, and green lights scanning up and down my body, which went on for around half an hour.

Let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar in the comments.

What Should You Do if You’re Experiencing Spiritual Awakening Tiredness?

Try to roll with the punches.

Your team are co-ordinating your awakening with members of your soul group and other external events.

So you can interpret your level of tiredness as an indicator of how much you need to withdraw from 3D life and focus on your journey.

Our teams usually create the conditions for rest.

We have enough money, our children are of an age where they need us less, we have a supportive partner and stable living conditions.

So if you need to rest, you should be able to.

Please, take advantage of it.

One of the lessons of spiritual awakening is learning to break free of the expectations of society and do what is right for us as an individual.

If your partner has to work to support both of you for a period of time while you go through this experience, that is correct and how things have been arranged.

In another lifetime you’ll do the same for them.

Early to mid awakening is about self-discovery, self-development, and focusing inwards, so learn to be ‘selfish’ and follow the cues your system is giving you.

Don’t feel that you must work, or you must be a mum, or you must be an active partner.

If you need to take time out, take time out.

Most of all, don’t feel guilty. This is your time.

Also, don’t worry about trying to follow a ‘normal’ schedule.

If you need to go back to bed and sleep at 10am for 4 hours, just do it.

The more you can follow the cues from your team and your system, the more quickly you’ll be through this part of awakening.

So in the long run it’s actually more efficient to sleep when you need to (!)

One of the goals of the global awakening project is to help people awaken as quickly as possible, so I can’t stress this enough.

Your team knows what you need and it’s sending you the signals.

If you follow the signals you’ll awaken more quickly.

Then the fun begins!

Later in awakening you’ll uncover your mission and be able to execute it with all of your soul knowledge and power at your fingertips.

It may not seem like it now, but eventually you’ll be unstoppable. 

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

Do you want to unlock your TRUE soul potential?

I teach people from all over the world how to harness their soul power, discover who they really are, and pursue their purpose.