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Discover the major 7 signs of spiritual awakening in this post. In the early stages of awakening it’s normal to wonder what’s happening to us and whether we are actually going through a spiritual awakening. If you’ve experienced at least 4 of these major signs then congratulations, you’re on the awakening path!

Am I having a spiritual awakening?

It’s normal to wonder if you’re going through a spiritual awakening when unusual things start to happen to you.

These are the top 7 signs of spiritual awakening to look out for and indicate that you’re a good way along the awakening path.

Even if you have never thought of yourself as ‘spiritual’ you can still have a spiritual awakening.

In fact, it’s very common!

If you experience at least 4 of these 7 major signs of spiritual awakening then you can be confident that you are going through the awakening process.

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Why it’s important to look out for the 7 signs of spiritual awakening right now

Keeping an eye out for these signs is important right now because we’re at the start of a huge mass awakening event.

From January 2023, the global awakening project is being accelerated and a lot more people are going to be woken up a lot more quickly than was originally planned.

If you are one of those people, look out for these 7 signs so you can continue with your spiritual awakening more consciously.

Spiritual awakening sign number 1: You’ve been doing deep inner work

You have spent a protracted period of time doing deep inner work (sometimes called ‘shadow work’).

This usually starts long before our ‘conscious’ spiritual awakening, and can last for many years.

Doing inner work means you’re untangling your human trauma and removing self-limiting beliefs.

This is one of the most important of the 7 signs of spiritual awakening, because you literally can’t consciously awaken until you’ve built a stable mental and emotional platform.

You’re repairing the 3 lower chakras: the root, sacral, and solar plexus.

This means you’ll have a stable spiritual base for the later stages of awakening, when you’ll eventually open the third eye and crown chakras.

If you ever find your awakening seems to have stalled, this can be because you have more inner work to do.

Advice: this stage of awakening is one of the hardest but also one of the most beneficial so my advice is to fully commit.  You will need to shine a light into some dark places but rest assured you can untangle whatever needs to be addressed (the universe never asks more of us than we can handle).  Don’t be embarrassed about seeking professional help, therapy is a great tool.

Spiritual awakening sign number 2: You start researching spirituality

This is a major sign that you’re awakening  – you develop an intense interest in ‘spiritual’ matters

This includes metaphysics and quantum mechanics, which are intrinsically linked to what we commonly call ‘spirituality’.

You may have had an interest previously that lapsed and has started again, or you may never have had an interest.

Then, because you meet someone or read something or see something online, you become consumed with wanting to understand these topics.

The reason for this is that your guides are helping you build a platform of knowledge for the time they’re able to make contact and start to teach you directly.

Advice: at this time you should read anything and everything you feel an interest in.  Your guides will direct you to the information you need for your future awakening and soul purpose.

Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening? Take part in our confidential survey.

Spiritual awakening sign number 3: You have a spiritual Epiphany

The spiritual Epiphany is the moment your realise that there’s more to life than 3D reality.

You might also suddenly comprehend that you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

The Epiphany can manifest as a sudden event which turns your understanding of the world upside down, or it can be a slow dawning of realisation over time.

Watch the video below to learn more about the spiritual Epiphany.

Spiritual awakening sign number 4: You have weird and wonderful ‘otherworldly’ experiences

During the Connection stage of awakening you start to have ‘other-worldly’ experiences, or they become increasingly intense.

During this phase, the universe opens all of our chakras to their fullest extent, so we receive a huge rush of cosmic energy.

This can also mean we experience feelings of euphoria.

Examples of the kinds of things people experience during this stage of awakening are:

  • having exceptionally vivid dreams
  • hearing voices (watch the video below to understand more about this)
  • seeing shadowy figures
  • finding you can predict future events.

You may meet one or more guides, in meditation or another form of trance (such as hypnosis).

If you use psychedelic drugs you may find your experiences on these substances become more focused and intense.

(Psychedelic literally means connecting to the soul.)

This period is your team introducing the idea to you (if you need it introducing) that there is more to life than this 3D simulated reality we call Earth.

Direct experience is the surest way to convince someone that something is ‘real’.

Advice: enjoy this period! And definitely don’t be scared. We live in a truly wonderful, multi-dimensional universe and you are lucky enough to be one of those chosen to look ‘beyond the veil’.

Spiritual awakening sign number 5: You make new friends who are on the spiritual path

You start to make friends with other people who are either going through their own awakenings or have a deep interest in spiritual matters.

This will happen even if no-one in your previous circle had any interest whatsoever.

It’s a sign that you’re entering a new phase of life.

You’ll be amazed at the people who come across your path who can corroborate and enhance your own awakening experience.

(It’s the basic law of attraction.)

This is your team giving you confidence that you’re not crazy or isolated, and making sure you have the support network you need for the rest of your journey.

Out of the top 7 signs of spiritual awakening this is one of the strongest indications that you are well on your way in your awakening journey.

Advice: enjoy making these connections. These people are part of your soul group and that is why you will often feel that you have known them for ever, even if you have only just met.

Spiritual awakening sign number 6: You start receiving signs and synchronicities

If you’re awakening, you will start to see recurring signs and symbols, often called ‘synchronicities’.

These can be in the form of number sequences or it’s also common to see butterflies or dragonfly symbols.

Both of these represent ‘transformation’, which is exactly what a spiritual awakening is.

Bird symbols are also very normal at this time and typically represent the member of the Council of Light you are descended from, or an important guide.

(Watch the video below for more information about the spiritual meaning of birds.)

You will know if something is a sign.

It will appear obvious and vivid to you in your state of heightened awareness.

Advice: use this period to hone your sign-spotting skills, they are an important communication tool between you and your team.

Spiritual awakening sign number 7: You feel very tired and have a period of enforced rest

When you’re deeper into your awakening, then you typically enter a period of ‘enforced rest’.

This could be a result of redundancy, illness, or a bereavement, for example.

This is your spiritual team creating space and time for you so that you can focus on the awakening journey.

At this time it’s usual to feel extremely tired.

You will find you need to sleep a lot and this can go on for a long time.

(Adequate rest is vital during the awakening journey.)

During this period, your team is upgrading your system, increasing its capacity and abilities, and making repairs.

They are preparing it to be able to complete the later stages of the awakening journey.

(You may have heard of this as the difference between ‘3D’ and ‘5D’.)

Sometimes this period coincides with the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul – watch the video below to find out more.

Advice: at this time it’s imperative you rest.  It’s not unusual to need 16-18 hours of sleep or bed rest a day during this phase of awakening.  Again, your team will make sure the basics are covered, so just go with the flow and rest assured this phase will pass and you will regain your energy in time.

I’d love to hear if you’re experiencing any of these signs – please leave a comment below!

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