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The Council of Light is the galactic body which oversees our universe. It’s a vast organisation, however there are twelve original members  from whom we all descend. For this reason, the Council of Light is also sometimes called the ‘Council of Twelve’. This article explains everything you need to know about the Council and reintroduces you to its inner circle.

NOTE: I updated this article in April 2024 to include the two members of the original Council which hadn’t been revealed to me previously – Thor and Aphrodite (I suspected they were there but didn’t have their names). This is now the most complete information about the Council of Light / Council of Twelve that I have at this time.

Is there really a Galactic Council of Light governing our universe?

Yes! The Council of Light is very real and has existed since (virtually) the beginning of time.

When we incarnate into a human body in this dimension, we develop a kind of ‘cosmic amnesia’.

We forget that we’re souls and that we live in a multi-dimensional universe.

In fact, we can’t usually remember anything at all about our immortal life as a soul, outside of this 3D environment (until we start our spiritual awakening, of course).

But in the higher dimensions, we all know exactly what the Council of Light is, as it governs our daily lives.

We are also very familiar with the 12 members of the inner circle, in the same way that we know the names of our leaders here on Earth.

In the future, once the Earth is enlightened, we’ll be as familiar with the Council ‘down here’ as we are in the upper dimensions.

As we move into the age of enlightenment, the Council is already becoming more ‘present’ in this dimension and the 12 senior members are introducing themselves to people going through the spiritual awakening process.

This is evident from my spiritual awakening survey, in which many awakeners report having had encounters with the names I reveal at the end of this article.

(Take the survey here.)

What does the Council of Light do?

The Council of Light’s role is to oversee our entire universe and ensure things are working as they should.

It also helps to steer ‘the Game of Life’ and makes sure the rules are being followed.

(Watch the video below to learn about the Game of Life.)

In addition, the Council looks after the interests of every single soul and closely monitors their wellbeing, lessons. and development.

It’s democratic, non-judgemental, and benevolent.

It occupies a supporting, facilitating role, rather than telling people ‘what to do’.

You can almost think of the Galactic Council of Light as a group of kindly elders who only want the best for you.

Why is it called the Council of Light?

There are a couple of reasons why the Council is called the ‘Council of Light’.

Firstly, as I mentioned above, it’s a benevolent organisation, operating in a loving and kind universe.

So it’s on the side of ‘light’, not ‘dark’.

The second reason, is that every soul who reaches ‘Bodhisattva‘ status (meaning they’ve completed at least 98% of their soul lessons) automatically joins the Council.

Another name for Bodhisattva souls is ‘angels’ or ‘beings of light’.

Is the Council of Light the same as the Council of Twelve?

Yes, it’s sometimes called by this name.

This title refers to the original members, although, as I mentioned, the Council is actually much larger than just 12 people.

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We all descend from one of the 12 members of the Council of Light’s inner circle

It may surprise you to learn that every single soul descends from a member of the Council’s inner circle.

The 12 members of the inner circle descend, in turn, from Athena, the ‘architect’ of our universe.

She is the entity that people refer to as ‘the Source’, ‘Source Energy’, ‘Oneness’, ‘All that is’, ‘the Universal Mother’, and ‘the Creator’.

(Watch the video below to learn more about Athena.)

Right at the beginning of time, when Athena decided she wanted to construct this environment, she was given 144 souls to help her.

These were the 12 members of the inner circle, and a number of their direct descendents.

(I haven’t been able to verify this, but my hypothesis is that the 144 souls comprised: the original 12, plus 10 descendents in each branch, plus an archangel attached to each branch. This totals 144.)

 These 144 beings were the original Council of Light (steered by the 12), but as the universe has grown, so has the Council.

It now extends across the billions of galaxies and is a vast organisation.

The attributes of the 12 members of the Council’s inner circle relate directly to our soul lessons.

As I mentioned, these 12 souls are the direct descendants of Athena and each of them displays specific aspects of our Universal Mother.

You can think of it as each of them representing a percentage of her.

Each member, with their team, oversees the specific aspects of the universe which align best with their personality, ability and interests.

We, in turn, are desended from the 12 members of the inner circle.

Just as in human families, we inherit a random assortment of the qualities of the particular entity we descend from.

(And our own descendents – at soul level – inherit qualities from us, and so on.)

This process unfolds into the ‘Soul Tree’ – the family tree of souls.

(Watch the video below to learn about the Soul Tree.)

No matter where we start on the Soul Tree, the end game for all of us is exactly the same.

The objective is to learn all of the lessons from each branch of the tree, presided over by each of the senior Council members.

We do this by incarnating in life after life, both on Earth and in other places across the universe.

Between lives, we also learn in a more formal way, in the higher dimensions.

Over time, we complete these various learning ‘modules’ until ultimately we attain the same ‘profile’ as Athena.

This accruing of all known abilities and attributes in the universe – as embodied by Athena – is what’s meant by ‘returning to God’ in the traditional religious teachings.

Meet the twelve senior members of the Council of Light

In the remainder of this article, I’ll introduce you to the 12 members of the Council’s inner circle.

I’ll also explain their responsibilities in order, starting with the ‘lowest’ and finishing with the ‘highest’.

The Council is hierarchical in the sense that the responsibilities of the inner circle equate to successive phases of personal and social development.

The strucure relates quite closely to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The Council members at the ‘bottom’ of the ladder concern themselves with areas relating to security, and those at the ‘top’ are more occupied with self-actualization and transcendence.

In actuality, every aspect of life and ‘being’ that the Council represents is equally important and interdependent.

#12: Saturn (Agriculture, Husbandry, Shelter)

A carving of the god, Saturn.

 As well as being the name of a planet, Saturn was also known in Roman times as the god of seed and of sowing.

This is very apt, because Saturn’s area of jurisdiction is foraging, agriculture, and husbandry, as well as the construction of simple shelters.

He also looks after fire, springs, wells – essentially all the basics that humans need to survive.

This makes perfect sense in terms of the hierarchy, because the number one human priority is to feed and shelter ourselves.

In terms of character, Saturn is very popular in the higher dimensions, because he’s peace-loving and jovial, and prefers the simple life.

#11:  Shakti (Religion & Society)

Council of Light - Shakti - illustration of the goddess Shakti beaming down from the sky in a halo of golden light.

Shakti, in Hindu tradition, is a very senior Goddess.

On the Council she is responsible for religious and societal systems – the way people behave and interact as part of a whole.

On the one hand, she likes structure and rules; on the other hand, she believes in the potential of the collective to live in mutual love, support, and harmony.

As a personality, she’s known for being extremely clever, although she also has a slight streak of impatience.

You might be wondering why she is so low down in the hierarchy, when she is such a powerful soul.

If you think about it, at the very dawn of human civilization, belief in all sorts of gods and goddesses was a way for us to try to make sense of the world and the meaning of our existence.

Similarly, we had to learn how to organise ourselves into groups to be able to survive.

So in fact, Shakti represents some of the most vital foundations of civilisation.


#10:  Agamemnon (Men, Leadership, War)

Photo of gold death mask of Agamemnon.

In Greek mythology, Agamemnon was the king who commanded the Greek armies in the Trojan War.

Personality-wise, he’s very forthright and he does not hold back in his views and likes to take the direct route as much as possible from A to B.

He is responsible for a few different areas.

These are leadership, monarchy, dictatorship, war, sport, dogs, hunting, sport, and men.

You can see that a lot of those are what we consider in today’s society to be more masculine traits.

We’re actually starting to come to the end of an Agamemnon phase right now, which has been there, entrenched for quite a while.

(We call it ‘the Patriarchy’)

So we will start to see a ‘rebalancing’ of the genders, with a lot more power coming to the female sector of society.

#9:  Mammon (Financial Systems, Energy)

Council of Light - Mammon: bag of gold coins on a table.

You might be familiar with the term ‘Mammon’.

It’s used in the Bible to represent any entity to do with wealth, and again it’s very apt because Mammon looks after bartering, commerce, financial institutions, and money.

Interestingly, he also looks after ‘energy systems’ of all kinds.

This includes ‘material’ energy, such as oil and gas, but also non-material energy, such as the flow of cosmic energy through the chakric system.

We’re also starting to come towards the end of a Mammon phase.

That means that, in the future, the emphasis will be far less on accruing wealth for the individual and far more on using it for the well-being of society.

In terms of Mammon’s character, as you might expect, he is known for being a little bit ostentatious, he really enjoys a bit of display.

But again, he is also very kind and generous, as all of the Council members are.

#8:  Thor (Industrialisation, Engineering, Physical Infrastructure, Building)

Council of Light - Thor - man in armour standing by a flame.

As you might expect from a man with a hammer, Thor is all about building things.

He’s also responsible for the industrialisation of the Earth.

He is very direct in his thinking, and are similar to Agamemnon in this respect.

Primarily, he is a problem solver and a builder, someone who makes things happen.


#7:  Michael the Archangel (Technology, IT, Non-Physical Infrastructure, Processes)

Michael is very active in the ‘Earth project’ and has a specific responsibility for helping awakeners through the early stages of the spiritual awakening journey. 

He stands for order, and is quiet, discreet, and super intelligent, with a very dry wit.

Michael is particularly caring and often takes on a protective role.

On the Council of Twelve he looks after institutions, the machinery of government, policing, IT, technology, architecture and all related areas.

We are deep in a Michael phase of societal development at the moment, especially in terms of IT and technology.

This phase will continue for some time.

Michael usually teams up with other Council members to help them deliver their own projects.

That’s is because they need structure and that’s what he’s all about, so he’s a very busy soul.

He’s one of the Council members who has been starting to make more and more contact with souls who are incarnated on Earth, so look out for him.

He may come to you in a dream, he may come in meditation, or through another form of trance.

You cannot miss him, he’s about 12 foot high and almost completely transparent!

#6:  Isis (Women, Sex, Death, Transformation, Magic)

Isis is a very popular soul because, like Freya, whom I will introduce in a moment, she’s fun-loving and humorous.

In the higher dimensions, everyone loves Isis and Freya.

Isis looks after the metaphysical arts, healing, sex, death, spiritual transformation, cats, the energy body, and feminine powers.

She is deeply caring and (along with Sophia) is the Council member who most loves to teach.

In fact, many people incarnated on Earth working as teachers are descended from the Isis branch of the Soul Tree.

The counterpart to Agamemnon, Isis is largely occupied with things we consider ‘female’ in our society today.

We’re right at the beginning of an Isis phase of the Earth’s history which is why we’re seeing a shift towards a more spiritually-driven society.

This will continue to grow and is a vital part of helping the Earth attain enlightenment.

#5:  Aphrodite (The Human System, Emotion, Parenthood, Pregnancy)

Council of Twelve - Aphrodite - woman dressed as Greek goddess holding a plaster bust.

Aphrodite looks after the human system and the way the various elements interact.

In particular, she is connected to the big emotions. 

When we have a life focused on big emotional lessons, like overcoming grief, or falling madly in love, we are in an Aphrodite learning cycle.

She also looks after parenthood, particularly motherhood and pregnancy.

#4: Freya (Visual Arts, Self-Expression, Beauty)

Freya, like Isis, is fun-loving and humorous, and more than a little quirky.  In fact, she can be quite eccentric.

She looks after the visual arts, including all of the traditional arts and crafts, like painting, sculpture, knitting, carpentry and so on.

She also looks after TV, theatre, and film, in fact any visual media you can think of.

She also has all aspects of design, fashion and beauty.

Freya stands for diversity, individualism, and self-expression.

Souls who descend from Freya often struggle to live a conventional life or a nine-to-five existence.

For example, David Bowie came from very high up on the Freya branch of the soul tree.

We’re moving into a Freya stage right now. In fact, along with Isis, these two members of the Council of Light are spear-heading the next phase of the ‘Earth project’.

You can see Freya’s influence all around, with the increasing acceptance of diverse segments of society.

Generally we are moving more towards individualism – that’s a direct reflection of Freya’s influence.

There are a lot of souls incarnating right now who are descended from the Isis and Freya branches of the Soul Tree and who have specific missions to deliver.

Find the full Freya blog article here.

#3:  Sophia (Wisdom, Justice, Philosophy, Maths & Science)

Sophia represents ultimate wisdom and is responsible for justice, the law, language, literature, philosophy, science, maths, education, basically the cerebral stuff.

She also looks after the plant kingdom, which she created with her team during the very early stages of the Earth’s history.

Sophia represents both the ‘divine feminine’ and is what is known as ‘the holy ghost’ in Christian tradition.

However, the direct link to Sophia has been obscured over the centuries by the patriarchal church, although she is still revered in the gnostic tradition.

She is indeed exceptionally wise (her bird is the owl) and also quite direct and pragmatic. At heart she is a logician.

People who are quite pure expressions of Sophia tend not to pull their punches, which can cause problems for them in the sensitive lower dimensions.

So people who descend from Sophia often need to learn to be more diplomatic, to cope in our 3D world.

Again, as with all of the council members, she is exceptionally kind and tolerant.  Nothing fazes her.

Sophia and her partner, Om, who I will talk about next, are the sponsors of the ‘Earth project’.

They are both heavily invested in the human race’s success and devote a lot of energy to helping us progress.

Joint #1:  Om (Compassion, Children, Animals)

Whilst Sophia represents ultimate wisdom, Om represents ultimate compassion.

He is everybody’s favourite because he is so gentle and patient.

Om is responsible for the higher emotions like compassion, kindness, humility, and forgiveness.

He also has charities, the animal kingdom and children.

One notable characteristic of souls descended from Om is that they love all animals.

Believe it or not, he also has cooking, so if you want to connect with Om, cook something from scratch and do it in a mindful way.

If you free space in your conscious mind he will often pop by to provide a few tips.

Sophia and Om are partners and typically work together.

After the Isis and Freya phases we will move into a Sophia and Om phase.

This is the time when the human race will become truly enlightened.

The souls of Jesus of Nazareth, the Prophet Muhammad, and Krishna, all descended from Om.

Significantly, Om and Lucifer, whom I talk about next, are twins.

They are 2 halves of the same coin and are jointly the most powerful souls in the universe.

At the moment, Om heads up the Council of Light, but soon this authority will switch to Lucifer (don’t panic, it’s a good thing).


Joint #1: Lucifer (Self-Actualization, Freedom of Thought, Rebellion, Chaos, Music)

People start to worry when Lucifer’s name comes up, but there’s really no need.

He has a bad reputation on Earth, but it’s false.

It’s something that’s been concocted by the various establishments through the ages to demonise him and diminish his power.

In fact, Lucifer is a very important entity and without his influence, the human race can’t attain its full potential.

(There’s a reason he’s called the ‘light-bringer’!)

Lucifer looks after music, rebellion, independent thought, dissent, teenagers, perversion, addiction and devilment (so you can see why the powers that be might want to suppress him).

As a personality, Lucifer is a very beguiling character and has a lot of charm and charisma.

He is also very confident and sure of himself, almost to the point of arrogance.

He represents ultimate self-belief.

Lucifer is not interested in following rules or being told what to do, he carves his own path.

Pure Lucifan souls are very easy to spot.  Two examples from recent history are the musicians, Prince and Frank Zappa.

Do NOT worry if you start to receive contact from Lucifer. This is typically a sign that you’re a very old, powerful soul.

Why do I recognise the names of so many of the Council?

We’re familiar with many of the Council members’ names from myth, legend, and major world religions.

This is very, very deliberate.

The Council seeded these names and stories on Earth, so that when the time came to elevate the consciousness of the human race and reintroduce the Council to this earthly plane, we would already have a point of reference.

That time is now and that’s why I’m starting to receive so much information about how the Council of Light works and who these entities are.

As you progress through your own spiritual awakening, you will find you can access this information directly yourself.

The Council member you meet first is probably the one you descend from, or otherwise they may be acting as one of your guides.

Read this blog article to learn how to communicate with your guides.

How do I know if someone from the Council of Light is trying to contact me?

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening in these early days of the awakening project, it’s likely that, at some time or another, you are going to be contacted by one or more members of the Council of Light’s inner circle.

They may appear in a dream, in mediation, or some other form of trance.

Similarly you may receive synchronicities around a particular name.

One way the Council members reveal themselves to us is by sending us bird signs.

Each member of the Council is associated with a particular bird, which they use as messengers.

Watch the video below to find out which birds represent the members of the inner circle.

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