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Ear ringing has spiritual meaning and is connected to spiritual awakening. It can happen at different times in the journey, and a ring in your left ear has a different significance to ringing in your right ear. This post explains all.

The spiritual meaning of ears ringing is connected to the spiritual awakening journey.

Even if you’re not aware you’re having a spiritual awakening, ear ringing suggests you could be in the early stages, prior to ‘conscious awakening’.

There are two main spiritual reasons why ears ring.

The first is that there’s a vibrational difference between your personal energy and your environment.

The second is that spirits or guides from the other side are in the vicinity, possibly trying to communicate.

Right ear ringing usually means the cause is ‘internal’ – it comes from yourself.

Left ear ringing usually means the reason is ‘external’ – from other energies around you.

Ear ringing spiritual meaning – ear ringing in early awakening (pre-conscious)

During the spiritual awakening process you increase your vibrational rate.

Prior to your conscious awakening (the spiritual ‘Epiphany’) your guides will encourage you to raise your energy, ready for the conscious awakening journey.

They do this by steering you towards:

  • inner work and therapy
  • spending time in nature
  • healthier living
  • spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga (even if you don’t think of yourself as spiritual)

And away from things like:

  • damaging relationships
  • addictive substances
  • unfulfilling jobs and careers

As your energy shifts, you may start to experience ringing in your ears, even though you don’t connect it to spiritual awakening at this point.

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 Ear ringing spiritual meaning – ear ringing during the later stages of awakening (post-conscious)

Once you’re in ‘conscious’ awakening – i.e. you’re aware you’re having a spiritual awakening, or at least that something very strange is going on! – spiritual ear ringing can become very pronounced.

Typically you’ll experience both right ear ringing and left ear ringing.

That’s because you have lots of changes going on with your internal energy (right ear ringing spiritual meaning) as well as heightened spiritual activity around you (left ear ringing spiritual meaning).

After your spiritual epiphany your vibrational rate shoots up very quickly, at least for a period of time (prior to the Dark Night of the Soul).

This is the ‘connection’ phase of awakening during which you feel intensely connected to the universe and your guides.

This is also the stage of awakening when you’re most likely to experience sustained periods of ear ringing, although they can still happen in the final stages and even beyond.

Ringing in right ear spiritual meaning – Changes to your vibrational rate during spiritual awakening

As I mentioned, ringing in the right ear’s spiritual meaning is usually internal.

In other words, you have significantly increased (or decreased) your personal vibrational rate in a short space of time.

This is especially noticeable during the Connection phase of awakening.

Your vibrational rate shoots up, meaning your energy is ‘out of step’ with the forces around you.

(The Connection phase is designed to illustrate to us what things could be like if we complete the awakening journey and transcend.)

The suddenness and intensity of the connection experience means we haven’t had the chance to influence the energies in our environment significantly.

It creates energetic ‘dissonance‘ (this is the word my guides use).

This can cause ringing in the right ear.

As we progress through our awakening journey and our energetic rate starts to align more with our environment (because we’re manifesting a higher vibrational reality), this kind of ear ringing becomes less frequent.

Ringing in right ear spiritual meaning - sillhouette of young woman against a rainbow sky.<br />

Ringing in right ear spiritual meaning – Other reasons your vibrational rate may change

Outside of the ‘formal’ spiritual awakening process, there’s other reasons your vibrational rate might cause ear ringing in your right ear.

For example, if you enter a state of trance, you are temporarily accessing the higher dimensions.

As you enter trance, you may experience right ear ringing.

This will be more noticeable, the deeper the trance. It’s because your ‘Earthbound’ vibrational rate is much lower than that of the dimension you’re entering.

For the same reason you may experience ear ringing while under the influence of psychedelic or dissociative substances.

This can come in the form of both right or left ear ringing.

Right ear because we’re crossing dimensions, left ear because disincarnated entities may take advantage of our ‘out of body’ state to try to communicate with us.

Ringing in left ear spiritual meaning – Disincarnate activity around you

If your left ear is ringing, spiritually this often means your guides want to talk with you, or they’re drawing your attention to something.

The ringing or buzzing is a bit like a telephone, they want you to pick up!

However, sometimes you will experience spiritual ear ringing without your team wishing to send a specific message.

It just means there is heightened activity around you. This could come from your guides or from a wider circle of disincarnated spirits.

It can mean your supporters are excited.

They are literally ‘buzzing’ with excitement!

This could be because you’ve reached an important milestone in your spiritual development (that you may be unaware of).

Or it could mean that something significant has happened pertaining to your mission, outside your sphere of perception.

Sometimes deceased family members have stopped by to check in on you, or offer you support. 

It’s also possible to pick up their messages, if you learn how to ‘tune in’. 

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Ringing in ear spiritual meaning – how to receive messages from the other side

If your left ear is ringing or buzzing, then you probably need to take some time out and create the conditions to receive a message.

One way to know if someone is trying to communicate with you, is that you may also experience synchronicities at the same time.

These often come in the form of number sequences, animal, or bird symbols.

(Watch the video below to learn about the spiritual meaning of birds.)

If you become aware that someone wishes to communicate with you, then the quickest and easiest way to create the conditions to receive the message, is to perform a short meditation.

This makes space in your mind for other entities to use to communicate.

Third eye or nothingness meditations are best for this.

If you burn essential oil of myrrh while you’re meditating, this will also help messages to come through more clearly, as will meditating as close to 4am or 4pm as possible, when the ‘veil’ between dimensions is at its thinnest.

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Ear ringing spiritual meaning – does frequent ear ringing mean I’m having a spiritual awakening?

Almost certainly yes, especially if there’s no other obvious cause, such as ear damage or tinnitus.

It’s perfectly possible to be going through a spiritual awakening without being consciously aware that you are.

In fact, almost everyone starts their awakening unconsciously.

(Awakening is the process of integrating the earthbound soul with the higher self – watch the video below to find out more.)

Spiritual awakening is difficult but it will transform your life, so please try to embrace the journey with all its twists and turns (you can do it!)

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Ringing in ear spiritual meaning – can you stop the ringing?

You cannot switch the ear ringing ‘off’ as such, but there are things you can do to reduce it.

Firstly, if you commit to the spiritual awakening process, then naturally, over time, right ear ringing will reduce.

(Remember that ringing in the right ear’s spiritual meaning is that your vibrational rate is out of step with your environment.)

Later in the journey, after the Dark Night of the Soul, things start to balance out a bit.

We change our circumstances and our energetic frequency becomes better matched with our surroundings.

Secondly, if you set up regular opportunities to communicate with your guides, they’re less likely to need to use left ear ringing to alert you to their presence.

(Remember, ringing in left ear’s spiritual meaning is usually that someone from the other side wants to communicate.)

Meditate daily, learn divination techniques, teach yourself to read signs and dreams – all of these are ways for your team to get messages to you.

You can also take left ear ringing as a sign of support. You’re never alone in this life, ringing in our left ear reminds us that our guides are always close by.

Watch the video below for a super-easy daily meditation anyone can do in just 5 minutes.

Ear ringing spiritual meaning – waking in the night with ringing in your ears

If you wake up in the night with ringing in your ears, then pay attention to the dream that you woke up from.

(In fact, always pay attention to any dream you were woken from, especially if you’re wakened by an unusual occurrence.)

Typically there will be a specific message in the dream that your guides wish you to understand.

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, put your body back into the exact position it was in at the moment you woke up and then retrace your mental steps.

This makes it far easier to recall dreams.

I hope this article about ear ringing’s spiritual meaning has been helpful to you.

If you are going through your spiritual awakening, then congratulations.

You have been chosen to be one of the first people on the planet to have this exceptional and transformative experience.

Watch the video below to understand more about the global spiritual awakening happening now.

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