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Asking yourself ‘How long does a spiritual awakening take?’ My ongoing survey of hundreds of awakeners reveals there’s no standard length of time for a spiritual awakening. Read on to discover the survey’s surprising results.

There’s a broad spectrum of lengths for spiritual awakening

Are you riding the weird and wonderful spiritual awakening rollercoaster and wondering how long does a spiritual awakening take?

Well, I can shed some light on the matter because I’m conducting a survey of awakeners from all over the world and I’m learning some astonishing things.

It’s very clear, there’s no set length for a spiritual awakening.

While all awakeners (broadly) seem to go through the seven stages of awakening, although in various orders, the amount of time their spiritual awakenings take is hugely varied.

(Find out more about the spiritual awakening survey here.)

The data is revealing some surprising things…

Let’s dig into the data.

I’ve taken a random sample of 50 survey responses and plotted them on a graph (see below).

How long does a spiritual awakening take- graph of distribution of length of tme of awakenings.<br />

As you can see, I’ve had a lot of responses from people who’ve been in the process for less than a year so far, right up to people who have been on the awakening journey for 20 years or more.

One third of people are only in their first year, so they’re still in the early stages of awakening.

However,  another third have been going for 4 years or more, and some for several decades.

In fact, the one person you can see represented at the bottom of the graph has been going through the spiritual awakening process for 45 years and hasn’t completed it yet.

That surprised me!

Only 3 or 4 people represented on this graph have actually fully completed their awakenings, which means they’ve transcended, or attained ascension.

So, for the vast majority of people represented here, spiritual awakening is an ongoing process.

It also seems that, for a percentage of people, their awakenings stop for a while and then start again.

I’d estimate this as 10-15% of awakeners based on the data I’m seeing right now.

Why do we see this great disparity in the length of spiritual awakenings?

There’s a few factors which influence how long your awakening will take and a couple of them might surprise you.

How long does spiritual awakening take? Factor #1

The first factor, which probably won’t surprise you that much, is how much you embrace and commit to the process.

Basically, you can speed up or slow down your awakening to a certain degree.

But you don’t have full control, and that’s because your awakening journey was planned long before you incarnated.

Because it needs to be co-ordinated as part of this great cosmic play we’re all taking part in.

Your awakening isn’t just about you, but all the other people in your soul group you’re interlocking with.

How long does spiritual awakening take? Factor #2

Factor number 2 in how long your spiritual awakening takes is how long it was planned to take.

My guides tell me that, at the moment, they’re hitting their targets with 87% accuracy.

So that means that 87% of awakening journeys unfold exactly as they’re meant to.

And that might include taking 20 years.

But why do some awakenings take so long and why are others so short and intense?

Read on to discover the surprising reason below.

How long does spiritual awakening take? Factor #3

So this is factor three – some people are what I call ‘outliers’.

That means that they are being given an atypical spiritual awakening – our teams in the higher dimensions are testing ‘around the edges’.

They want to see the impact that a much shorter or longer awakening journey has.

Why are they testing?

Because we’re in the very early stages of the global enlightenment project.

That’s why it’s highly evolved souls who are waking up first.

We can take whatever’s thrown at us, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

And we’ve volunteered to be guinea pigs.

That’s so, when spiritual awakening is rolled out to other souls who may have less experience, our teams have already tested what the likely results will be.

So if your awakening’s either been going on for a very long time, or has been super short and intense, you could be an outlier.

Key takeaway – go with the flow

Now that we know there’s no set length of time for a spiritual awakening, it’s important to ‘go with the flow’.

I speak to awakeners all around the world every week, and often they ask me if they’re ‘doing something wrong’, because their awakening seems to be going so slowly.

No! They’re not doing anything wrong.

In fact, there is no right or wrong in this journey, because right now it’s primarily a learning exercise.

So, do what feels comfortable and take your guides’ direction, and everything will unfold exactly as it should.

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