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Discover the best foods to eat during spiritual awakening. Our diets can have a huge effect on our ability to connect and move forward in our awakening journeys. These foods for spiritual awakening will help you progress.

The best diet for spiritual awakening

The best spiritual awakening diet is unprocessed, organic, sustainable, and flexitarian.

A flexitarian diet prioritises plant-based foods while still allowing meat, fish, and other animal products from time to time.

In many ways it’s similar to the traditional Mediterranean diet and anti-inflammatory diet.

It’s important to buy the best quality food you can and avoid fast and processed food.

Why is this the best spiritual awakening diet?

There’s three main reasons why these are the best foods to eat during spiritual awakening.

Reason 1: You’re reducing harm

Eating organic, sustainable, ethical foods and limiting your intake of animal products means you’re reducing the harm you inflict on the environment and other beings.

Remember, plants want to be eaten, animals don’t!

Reducing harm means you’re more likely to be in positive karma balance and this makes it easier for your team to help you.

Reason 2: Eating this way gives your body everything it needs

The best diet for spiritual awakening is also the best diet for your body.

It’s important to remember we’re a multi-faceted being – a collaboration between “mind, body, and spirit.”

All three need to be nurtured and nourished for us to perform optimally.

If your body has to process harmful substances, like the chemicals and sugar found in processed food, then it’s not working optimally.

You need it to perform at its highest possible potential to have a sound physical platform to continue your awakening from.

Reason 3: Certain foods facilitate connection to the universe

Some foods, eaten in moderation, help you connect to the universe.

Any food which contains tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin, falls into this category.

This includes: nuts and seeds, poultry, salmon, eggs, dairy, and soy.

At certain times in the awakening journey you will feel compelled to eat more of these foods.

In my own case I had strong cravings for turkey and chicken, particularly the skin.

Do you have to be vegan to be spiritual?

No, you don’t have to be vegan to be spiritual, or even vegetarian.

These types of diet don’t work for everyone and the most important thing during spiritual awakening is to be in optimal physical health.

If you’re already vegan or vegetarian and it works for you, great, stick with it.

But you don’t need to completely eliminate animal products from your diet to be spiritual.

While it’s desirable to reduce our harm, in today’s society it’s very difficult to avoid animal products all together.

However, there’re already plenty of alternatives coming down the track, such as lab-grown meat, which will make it far easier.

In fact, in the Earth’s future, there will come a time when we can eat a rounded diet without inflicting harm on other beings or the environment. This is in the “cosmic plan.”

Specific foods to eat during spiritual awakening

Eat as much of these foods as you want:

  • Lots of organic vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Free range, organic eggs
  • A wide range of herbs and spices
  • Pulses and beans
  • Fermented foods, like kimchi
  • A small amount of organic fruit
  • Gluten-free wholegrains, especially ancient grains, like amaranth, quinoa, and millet
  • Olive oil

Eat these foods in moderation:

  • Small amounts of full-fat, high quality dairy, preferable non-cow
  • Full-fat natural live yoghurt with no added sugar
  • Small amounts of high quality honey, such as manuka honey
  • Sustainable, line-caught fish, especially oily fish
  • Shellfish and prawns
  • Small amounts of organic, ethically-reared poultry

Avoid if possible:

  • If you must eat red meat, then choose organic grass-fed, and eat very occasionally

 Read this blog article to find out which foods to avoid during spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening diet and chakra health

Maintaining good chakra health is vital during spiritual awakening.

Your chakras are your system’s connection to the seven major energies in the universe and blockages in one or more will affect the progress of your spiritual awakening.

The reason we need to “eat a rainbow” is because different coloured foods correspond to each of the chakras.

Each chakra needs to be nourished to work at its best.

This article from is an excellent guide to eating for chakra health.

If you suspect you have a block in a specific chakra, then adjust your diet accordingly until it’s cleared.

Fasting during spiritual awakening

I’ve talked about the best foods to eat during spiritual awakening, but not about quantity.

The human system needs far less food than we’re accustomed to eating in today’s society.

When your body is digesting food, it’s resisting connection to the higher dimensions – you’re “anchored” in the physical.

This is another reason eating flexitarian is the best diet for spiritual awakening – it prioritises foods which are quick and easy to digest.

Another way to limit the time your body spends digesting food is to fast.

In fact, intermittent fasting is an exceptionally valuable practice which strongly supports the spiritual awakening journey.

You can also try longer fasts – 24 or 48 hours – if you want to open up your connection to your higher self and guides, at least temporarily.

If you’re aware you need to lose weight, then intermittent fasting can also help with this.

Keeping your body as close to optimal health as possible will aid your spiritual awakening journey and weight loss can be a part of this.

(Please note: people with a history of eating disorders should NOT try fasting.)

Listen to your body

It’s not just about consuming the best foods for spiritual awakening, it’s also making sure you get the right foods at the right time.

Listen to your body and trust your intuition.

In the later stages of your awakening you should have clear communication with your guides, often they will tell you if you need to increase your intake of a particular food.

Otherwise, go with your gut!

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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