Have you had a sudden spiritual awakening? This is known as a spiritual epiphany and is an integral part of the spiritual awakening journey. After the epiphany we are in a state of ‘conscious awakening’.

What is a spiritual awakening?

To comprehend a sudden spiritual awakening, or spiritual epiphany, it helps to understand what is happening during the awakening journey.

Spiritual awakening is the process of reintegration of your earthbound soul with its higher self, situated in the upper dimensions.

Reintegrating with our higher self helps us shed our Ego and tame our subconscious mind, as well as giving us access to the universal knowledge and power.

Full integration followed by the final stage of awakening – transcendence – results in a state of enlightenment.

Watch the video below to understand what is happening during a spiritual awakening.

Why do we have a sudden spiritual awakening?

This process of integration starts without us realising it.

In other words, our early awakening is ‘unconscious’.

The spiritual epiphany is the start of our ‘conscious awakening’.

It’s the moment we realise there is more to life then just this 3D ‘reality’ we inhabit.

Our teams arrange an ‘aha!’ moment, often in spectacular style, to introduce this concept.

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Are spiritual epiphanies always sudden?

A spiritual epiphany doesn’t have to be sudden.

Sometimes it can manifest as a slow dawning over time.

Whether your epiphany is sudden or not will depend on how deeply held your beliefs are prior to your conscious awakening.

If you are convinced that this is all there is and when you die you die, then your epiphany will be more sudden and intense than that of someone who believes in the existence of the soul, for example.

If you are already ‘spiritual’ then your team will not need an extreme epiphanic event to convince you there is more to the universe than 3D life on Earth.

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Does everyone have an epiphany?

Not everyone will have an epiphany, even if they are on the spiritual awakening path.

However the majority of those going through the spiritual awakening journey will have a spiritual epiphany, in one form or another.

Some awakeners become conscious early on, naturally.

These are typically people who have always had a belief in spiritual matters, which has grown stronger as their life has progressed.

Also, only a small percentage of the Earth’s population is destined to ‘wake up’ in the next few years.

The global enlightenment project will take a long time to implement and is being done in stages.

That means the vast majority of the planet’s inhabitants will not go through the full awakening journey in this lifetime, and therefore will not have an epiphany.

Watch the video below to learn more about the mass global awakening that is happening now.

What is a sudden spiritual awakening like?

The sudden spiritual epiphany is designed to open your eyes to the wonder that is our universe and your own nature as an immortal soul.

For this reason, it is usually highly impactful and often cinematic.

We have a ‘vision’.

This will usually occur in a trance state: meditating, dreaming, during hypnosis, or whilst taking psychedelic drugs.

We may feel that we are outside of our bodies (we are).

It is not unusual for sudden awakeners to meet their guides, higher self, or even their own soul.

Michael the Archangel might be present, as he is the protector of awakeners as they go out of body.

Some people may even meet ‘the source’ – our universal mother – experienced as a bright light and an overwhelming feeling of love.

Others may experience themselves as ‘a being of light’, or as a radiant orb (the soul).

It’s also common to be taken on a ‘tour’ of the higher dimensions, out beyond the void (a black, empty space) and into the upper reaches.

How we experience the higher dimensions will depend very much on our own cultural traditions and experiences.

In the Western world it’s not uncommon to see angels and the ‘heavenly kingdom’, even if we’re not religious.

Usually the spiritual epiphany will be accompanied by a sense of extreme calm and well-being.

It’s also typical to feel a sense of connectedness and to instinctively understand that ‘we are all one’.

What should I do now I’ve had a sudden spiritual awakening?

If you’ve had a spiritual epiphany, congratulations!

That means you are in this first wave of awakeners.

There are three things to do which are most important at this time.

1. Educate yourself

Read everything you can on spiritual matters, metaphysics, reincarnation, Near Death Experiences, telepathy, remote viewing, quantum mechanics.

This knowledge will help you as you progress through your conscious awakening journey and will give you and your guides a common vocabulary and platform of understanding.

2. Learn to communicate with your guides

It’s their job to steer you through your conscious awakening.

The more clearly you’re able to communicate, the easier their job will be.

Good ways to build communication are: using divination techniques (e.g. tarot), learning to read signs, teaching yourself to lucid dream.

(Check out Charlie Morley’s teachings on lucid dreaming.)

3. Meditate

Meditation is the single most important tool in the awakening journey.

This is because it facilitates integration between the soul and higher self.

In fact, it’s fair to say, it’s impossible to complete the full awakening journey without a regular meditation practice.

Your guides will also find it easier to communicate with you while you’re meditating, so this will help with that objective too.

Watch the video below for an easy daily meditation you can do in just 5 minutes.

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