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Are you going through a spiritual awakening and uncovering memories of an alien existence on a far-flung planet? Then you could be what is known as a ‘starseed’. But what does that really mean? In this article I examine common myths about starseeds and explain how memories of an alien past reflect the wider truth of our fascinating universe.

What are Starseeds? – The Standard Definition

Starseeds are commonly defined as people who believe they originate from planets other than Earth.

They feel they are not originally from here but have incarnated to help raise the planet’s vibration and further the spiritual evolution of humanity.

This is essentially true, but there’s more to it than has previously been revealed.

It starts with the structure of our universe.

The Structure of Our Universe

Our universe has 13 dimensions.

At the very top is Valhalla, a dimension constructed almost entirely of pure thought, used as a meeting place by Source energy and senior members of the Council of Light.

Below that is Heaven (yes, it’s a real place).

This is the ‘real world,’ where souls live, work, and rest between incarnations.

It’s also where spirits go after physical death.

 The other dimensions in our universe are either live game environments, like this one, or test environments that support the live game environments.

We’re all playing the Game of Life, as many of you are starting to intuit for yourselves.

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What is Heaven Like?

Heaven is a lot like this live game environment – what humans think of as ‘the universe’, although of course it’s only one dimension of a much larger place.

Heaven has its own version of Earth but it also includes all the other planets and galaxies we have here (and possibly a few more).

This is the crux of the starseed phenomenon.

Just because we’re incarnated in human form in this dimension at this time does not mean that in our real lives, the ones we live in Heaven, we live as humans.

In fact, there are far more non-human entities than human ones in the dimension of Heaven.

So, What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are souls who do not adopt human form in their real lives in Heaven, or live on Heaven’s version of Earth, although they may be ‘humanoid’ in the sense that they have a head, two arms, and two legs.

(The Arcturians are an example of this.)

They live elsewhere in the Heaven dimension’s planetary system and can take many (alien) forms.

When starseeds are ‘remembering’ these lives as aliens, usually as part of the spiritual awakening process, that’s what they’re remembering.

They’re recalling their real lives in Heaven where, of course, they still exist and are still going about their daily business.

Because, like all of us, starseeds are multi-dimensional beings, existing in many places all at once.

(They may also be remembering some of their past incarnations on alien planets.)

In most respects, a starseed is the same as any other incarnated soul on this planet.

The main difference is that the human form feels extra strange to most starseeds because they don’t usually inhabit it and they aren’t used to the Earth vibration.

Many Starseeds Currently Incarnated Haven’t Been Here Before

Many starseeds currently incarnated on this planet haven’t lived on Earth before.

This isn’t true for every starseed, but it’s true for around half of currently incarnated starseeds.

This is because soul families tend to specialize in different areas.

For example, Sophia and Om on the Council of Light are Earth specialists and sponsor the Earth project.

Their branches of the family tree tend to incarnate on earthlike planets in human form.

However, other branches of the soul family tree prefer different environments, such as the Venusians, who descend from Aphrodite on the Council of Light.

Starseeds incarnating for the first time here are extra sensitive to the Earth vibration and the constraints of the human form—they feel dissonant, as though they don’t fit properly.

Even starseeds who have spent multiple lives on Earth may feel this dissonance because their ‘authentic self’ doesn’t express itself in a human way.

Why Are So Many Starseeds Incarnating on Earth for the First Time?

This is linked to the Global Enlightenment Project.

The Global Enlightenment Project is a huge mission currently being undertaken on this planet, closely observed by the entire multiverse.

Our version of Earth in this dimension got ‘stuck’ in a stalemate.

The other five universes in our cluster have all progressed their equivalent Earth to the new age of enlightenment, but we haven’t achieved this yet.

This is because the teams with the mission of maintaining the status quo and preventing enlightenment have played the Game of Life very well.

To avoid a potential nuclear Armageddon on this Earth, predicted in higher dimensions, the Global Enlightenment Project was launched.

For the first time ever in the multiverse, millions of senior souls, including members of the Council of Light, are incarnating en masse.

To ensure we had enough highly evolved souls, we called on our friends who don’t typically incarnate in an Earth environment—these are the starseeds.

This is why the starseed phenomenon has been observed on this planet over the last 50 or so years, in preparation for this mission.

Are Starseeds Higher Evolved Souls Who Have Incarnated to Help Raise the Planet’s Vibration?

Certainly, many starseeds fall into this category.

However, there are also many higher evolved souls incarnated on the planet at this time who are not starseeds.

Also, being a starseed is not a prerequisite for being a light-worker, although many starseeds happen to be light-workers.

A large proportion of the US adult population—0.5%—is currently a ‘Bodhisattva’ soul, meaning they have completed at least 98% of their soul lessons.

Thus, many highly evolved entities from various backgrounds have incarnated to help the Global Enlightenment Project, not just starseeds.

Are Starseeds ‘Angels’?

The terms ‘Angel’ and ‘Bodhisattva’ are pretty much interchangeable.

An angel is a soul who has reached the highest level of soul evolution (a Bodhisattva) and joined the Council of Light.

By this definition, some starseeds are angels because they are Bodhisattvas.

But being a starseed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an angel, or vice versa.

Do Starseeds Collect Karma?

My understanding is that first-time starseeds, the ones who have come to help the global enlightenment project, have a degree of protection against karma.

However, one of the stipulations of the opposing team (who had to agree to allow the special mission) was that everyone who incarnated had to be subject to the same rules of the Game of Life as everyone else.

This is true for the senior Council members incarnated right now, and even Athena (Source energy) who is expressing through a small number of individuals on the planet at this time.

So, the protection that the first-time starseeds have against accruing karma must come from within their own teams.

For example, they will be taking measures to neutralise all karma as quickly as possible, so these types of starseed don’t become bound in a cycle of reincarnation.

(Although this will inevitably happen for some and is one reason we, the Council, are so grateful for the starseed contribution.)

This is also a reason why many starseeds choose not to put down family ties on this planet, or to have children (or are prevented from having children).

If they do form close bonds, it will typically be with another starseed, where any karmic debt can be played out between them in a different environment, which they prefer.

Types of Starseed

The main starseed ‘tribes’ are well documented in this dimension, with certain groups seeming to be here in significant numbers at this time.

Here is a comprehensive list of the types of starseed that are commonly talked about:

  • Pleiadian Starseeds
  • Sirian Starseeds (from Sirius)
  • Arcturian Starseeds
  • Andromedan Starseeds
  • Orion Starseeds
  • Lyran Starseeds
  • Vega Starseeds
  • Venusian Starseeds
  • Avian Starseeds
  • Draconian Starseeds
  • Mintakan Starseeds
  • Polarian Starseeds
  • Arcturian Starseeds
  • Martian Starseeds
  • Alpha Centaurian Starseeds
  • Blue Ray Starseeds
  • Hadarian Starseeds (from the Beta Centauri system)
  • Feline Starseeds (often associated with the Lyran or Sirius star systems)
  • Reptilian Starseeds (distinct from Draconian, believed to be from other reptilian races)
  • Antarian Starseeds (from the Antares star system)
  • Cassiopeian Starseeds (from the Cassiopeia constellation)
  • Tau Ceti Starseeds
  • Alcyone Starseeds (from the Pleiades, specifically Alcyone)
  • Procyon Starseeds (from the Procyon star system)

How to Know if You’re a Starseed

The top three indications that your ‘real life’ is not lived in human form on Heaven’s version of Earth are:

#1 Recovering Memories of an Alternate Alien Life or Past Alien Lives

These memories can emerge through dreams, meditations, under hypnosis, or in spontaneous flashbacks.

They may involve vivid recollections of living in advanced civilizations, interacting with extraterrestrial beings, or participating in interstellar missions.

#2 UFO Encounters in This Dimension

Many starseeds report frequent sightings of UFOs, particularly during pivotal moments in their lives or periods of spiritual awakening.

These sightings can involve direct contact with extraterrestrial beings who convey messages of peace, guidance, or information about the starseed’s origins and mission on Earth.

#3 Having a Profound Sense of Not Belonging

Starseeds often report a deep sense of not fitting in with mainstream Earth society.

This feeling of alienation can manifest in various ways, such as a constant yearning for a place that feels like “home” or an intuitive understanding that Earth is not their original home.


In addition, the following traits may indicate you’re a starseed.

(Please bear in mind, they will also be true for many other higher evolved beings on the awakening path who aren’t starseeds):


  • You have strong intuition and psychic abilities
  • You take a deep interest in spirituality and the cosmos
  • You have a strong sense of mission or purpose
  • You’re going through a spiritual awakening
  • You experience unusual physical sensations or ailments
  • You have a strong aversion to violence and suffering
  • You have an advanced intellectual or technological aptitude
  • Your eyes are distinctive
  • You’re disconnected from the human sense of time and space
  • You have a desire to improve the world
  • You display heightened empathy and sensitivity
  • You have an unconventional appearance or lifestyle

Embracing Your Starseed Heritage

If you’re a starseed, you’ll almost certainly discover this fact in the course of your spiritual awakening.

You’ll become aware that your ‘real life’ is not lived as a human on Heaven’s version of Earth, but as an ‘alien’ on one of the many other planets found in the Heaven dimension.

(Although of course, we’re all aliens really!)

Learning who we truly are and where we come from is an important milestone when we’re going through spiritual awakening, as it helps the human ego develop a new understanding of self and leave old patterns behind.

So embrace your Starseed heritage and remember, your most accurate source of information is yourself.

Turn within, consult with your guides, and learn all you can about your cosmic past.


A starseed is a soul who, in their real life in the higher dimensions, is neither human nor resides on Heaven’s version of Earth.

Instead, they have an ‘alien’ form and live on one of the other planets found in the dimension of Heaven (which is similar to this dimension in many ways).

Many starseeds are incarnating at this time to support the Global Enlightenment Project, even if they have never been on Earth before.

The Global Enlightenment Project is a special initiative aimed at unblocking the stalemate on this version of Earth, which exists in a virtual, live game environment.

This explains the feeling many starseeds have of ‘not belonging’.

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