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Are you wondering what flying in a dream means spiritually? Flying dreams are very common and are closely linked to spiritual growth. This article reveals every spiritual meaning of flying dreams.

Flying dreams in different cultures and traditions

In many ancient cultures and traditions flying in dreams symbolises freedom, transcendence, and spiritual elevation.

Here are some examples of the spiritual meanings associated with flying dreams in ancient cultures:

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, flying dreams were often associated with the concept of the ‘Ba’, a person’s spiritual essence or soul.

Flying in dreams meant that the Ba had temporarily left the physical body and was able to travel freely in the spiritual realm.

Native American Culture

Many Native American tribes believed that dreams were a way for the soul to communicate with the spirit world.

Flying dreams represented the connection with the divine and the ability to transcend physical limitations.

Hindu Culture

In Hinduism, dreams were considered a means of divine communication and were often seen as reflections of the soul’s journey.

Flying dreams were a symbol of spiritual progress, indicating that the dreamer’s soul was moving closer to enlightenment.

Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhist traditions place great importance on dream interpretation.

Flying dreams were regarded as auspicious signs, representing the dreamer’s progress on the spiritual path and the ability to overcome obstacles and limitations.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, flying dreams were associated with the god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods and had the ability to fly.

Dreams of flying were seen as a divine message, indicating that the dreamer was being called to a higher purpose.

What does flying in a dream mean spiritually? Ten spiritual interpretations.

Flying dreams are almost always connected to the spiritual journey in some way.

Below are the ten most common spiritual interpretations of flying dreams.

#1 Spiritual awakening

Flying in dreams often indicates you’re on the spiritual awakening path.

It signifies a deep desire for spiritual growth and understanding, and a wish to connect with higher states of being.

Flying dreams indicate you are journeying towards enlightenment and expanding your awareness.

The Message: Embrace the spiritual awakening path.

#2 Spiritual exploration

Flying dreams symbolise your ability to transcend earthly matters and your desire to explore the spiritual aspects of life.

They are a metaphorical gateway to the higher dimensions.

Dreaming of flying represents your curiosity to uncover the mysteries of the universe and commune with Source.

The Message: Continue to explore and learn. Question everything.

#3 Spiritual insight and intuition

Flying dreams are associated with heightened intuition and the ability to communicate with the higher realms.

(Read this blog post to learn how to communicate with your guides.)

You’re being encouraged to cultivate your connection to your guides and higher self.

The Message: Trust the intuitive insights and messages you receive.

#4 Expanded consciousness

Flying dreams signify an expanded state of consciousness.

You are integrating with your higher self and are able to transcend the physical.

The Message: Your mind is evolving.

#5 Shedding the Ego

The spiritual meaning of flying in a dream can be associated with shedding the Ego.

It symbolises leaving your ‘human’ self behind and embracing soul state.

You are leaving behind the limited thought patterns you once had.

The Message: You have entered a transformative phase of awakening.

#6 Union with source

Intense flying dreams during which we feel ecstatically happy can represent a union with source energy.

You’re being reminded that your physical ‘shell’ is just a temporary earthly constraint, and that you’re part of the cosmos.

The Message: You are not your body.

#7 Freedom and liberation

Flying in a dream is a powerful symbol that evokes a profound sense of freedom and liberation from the physical world.

It represents a desire to rise above the mundane aspects of our existence and explore new possibilities.

You are encouraged to pursue your dreams and aspirations with courage and determination.

The Message: You are free to shape your own destiny and manifest the life you want.

#8 Inner power and confidence

Dreams of flying reflect inner power and confidence and indicate belief in your abilities and potential.

Our ability to defy gravity when flying in our dreams signifies freedom from fear.

Flying dreams also symbolise your ability to reach ‘great heights’.

The Messages: Have faith in your abilities and step into your power.

#9 Overcoming obstacles

Flying in a dream represents overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to challenges.

It symbolizes our ability to rise above difficulties and demonstrates our resilience and determination.

The Message: There are no true obstacles.

#10 Release from burdens

Flying in dreams can represent a release from emotional or psychological burdens.

You are letting go of, or wish to let go of, negative emotions and attachments.

The Message: Release what doesn’t serve you.

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What does dreaming of flying mean spiritually? Variations

The interpretation of a flying dreams can vary depending on the context.

Below I share some variations of flying dreams.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of flying a plane

Dreaming of flying a plane carries a spiritual meaning of personal control and leadership.

It shows you have the ability to navigate your journey.

You are taking charge of your spiritual path.

The Message: You’ve got this.

Dreams about flying in a plane as a passenger

Dreaming of being a passenger on a plane holds a spiritual meaning of surrender, trust, and reliance on higher forces.

It signifies a willingness to let go of control and have faith as your spiritual path unfolds.

The Message: Embrace the guidance you’re being given.

Dream of airplane flying low

Dream of airplane flying low

Dreaming of an airplane flying low indicates you are grounded, or need to ground.

It reminds you to stay connected to the present moment and approach your goals in a realistic manner.

The Message: Reassess your goals and consider the practicalities.

Flying with someone else

Dreaming of flying with someone else carries a spiritual meaning of connection and collaboration in your spiritual journey.

It symbolises the power of shared experiences and the importance of relationships.

The Message: Seek meaningful connections.

Flying then falling

Dreaming of flying and then falling carries a spiritual meaning of temporary setbacks.

You must embrace both successes and challenges.

These types of flying dreams reflect the fluctuating nature of the spiritual journey and the need to find stability.

The Message: Stay grounded during your journey.

Flying into space

Dreaming of flying into space carries a spiritual meaning of exploration, expansion, and a yearning for higher knowledge.

It symbolises your quest for spiritual enlightenment and desire to transcend earthly limitations.

The Message: You can soar as high as you choose.

Flying feeling scared

Dreaming of flying while feeling scared carries a spiritual meaning of needing to confront your fears.

You should push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

The Meaning: Face your fears.

Flying against your will

Dreaming of flying against your will reflects a meaning of spiritual resistance.

You are blocking your spiritual progress.

The Meaning: Examine what is holding you back in your spiritual growth.

Flying with birds

Flying with birds in a dream represents your spiritual connection with nature and the universe.

Certain birds also symbolise a connection to a certain member of the Council of Light.

You are being pointed towards your origins.

The Message: Learn more about your personal connection to the Council of Light.

How to interpret your flying dream

What does flying in a dream mean spiritually?

It depends!

You can use the 3 approaches below to dig deeper into your flying dream and understand the messages it holds for you.

Think about the emotions and experiences you had in the dream

Pay attention to the context of the dream and the feelings it provoked. How do these connect to your waking life circumstances?

What aspects of your journey could be connected to your flying dream?

This kind of exploration will help you unearth the underlying message contained in the dream.

Find a spiritual teacher or dream interpreter

If you're struggling to understand your dream, think about finding a spiritual teacher or dream interpreter.

They possess insights gleaned from their own spiritual journeys and can help you uncover the meaning of your dream.

Use meditation and divination techniques

Meditation clears the mind and leaves space for communication with your guides.

You can ask them for help interpreting your dream in a formal meditation session.

You can also use tools such as tarot and runes to seek ‘yes/no’ answers.

Work out what you think your dream means and then validate it using one of these methods.

Flying dreams vs floating dreams

Floating dreams represent a state of surrender, trust, and letting go, symbolizing relaxation and peace.

They encourage us to embrace the present moment and accept the flow of life.

On the other hand, flying dreams signify freedom, empowerment, and transcending limitations.

They inspire us to rise above challenges, explore higher realms, and embrace personal growth.

Both types of dreams carry spiritual significance, inviting us to find inner peace and embrace our inner power on our spiritual journey. 

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