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Are you going through, or have you completed, your spiritual awakening? I need your help! I’m looking for people to take part in the first ever in-depth spiritual awakening survey for a new book. All responses are confidential and anonymous.

Imagine if there were one, single, comprehensive guide to spiritual awakening…

That’s what this book will provide – but only with your help.

By including accounts of awakening from all over the world, it will reveal the common experience of all awakeners, as well as the many different flavours of spiritual awakening.

Its goal is to act as a guide to other awakeners, so they know what to expect along the journey.

If you’re awakening now, you’re a higher evolved soul and part of your mission is to help other people on their journey.

(I’m sure you know that already.)

Taking part in this survey is a simple and easy way for you to light the path.

If you’re happy to help, please just click the button below to go to the survey.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. This is important work and your input is invaluable.

The book is planned for the first half of 2024 so please keep an eye out on this website and my social pages for updates. 

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