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We hear about ‘The Source’ and ‘Source Energy’ all the time, but what actually is it? This post reveals what is source energy spiritually speaking and explains how we’re all derived from one enormous consciousness.

Why is it important that we understand source energy?

We have entered a new era.

It’s time for the inhabitants of Earth in this dimension to understand the true nature of our universe, what we are, and where we come from.

That process starts with understanding ‘The Source’.

I warn you in advance that this post may challenge some strongly held beliefs.

It’s normal to feel some resistance or disbelief – we have thousands of years of dogma to dismantle.

But my mission is to help people understand how our universe really works, as taught to me by the Council of Light.

In gaining this understanding we become truly enlightened.

Watch the videos below for more information about the Council of Light.

So, what is source energy spiritually?

You can think of the source as one enormous consciousness.

It’s a mind.

We already know this from Buddhism, which states clearly ‘everything is mind’.

So source is an enormous consciousness which contains our entire universe.

It exists within another universe that looks very similar to ours, even identical on some levels.

(When I talk about our ‘universe’ I’m talking about the whole thirteen dimensions, not just the one we’re in right now.)

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What we call ‘source energy’ has a very definite identity

Here’s the bit about source that may challenge some beliefs.

What we refer to as ‘source’ has an identity.

She is conscious and self-aware.

I have heard her called the Great Mother and the divine feminine.

I have previously called her “the Architect” because she created our universe but didn’t design it.

(All the rules of our universe are ‘imposed’, the Designer, who created the rules, actually lives in the universe which encloses ours.)

What we call ‘source’ calls herself ‘Athena’.

That is the name she has asked me to use.

So, every single thing in our universe derives from and is made of this one consciousness – Athena’s.

It is all one, everything is the same, matter is just a figment of the imagination – literally!

If you’ve read anything about quantum physics, then you already know that.

Ours is not the only Athena

Athena is the ‘source’ of our universe, but there are other universes with other Athenas.

In fact, we are part of a network of 6 universes who are each contained in the consciousness of their own Athenas.

(We are Athena 2, in case you’re interested!)

This is one reason we have the ‘many worlds’ and ‘multiverse’ ideas in our dimension, although, in reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

(Look out for a future post on this subject!)

Source energy really is the ‘Great Mother’

Athena, or source energy, existed long before our universe did, as we conceive of it today.

She had to decide that she wanted to create it.

That’s because we live in a supremely benevolent environment, bound by ethics, and no-one has to do anything they don’t want to do.

Including Athena.

The reason she decided to initiate our universe – via what we call the ‘big bang’ – was because she got lonely.

And the initiation of our universe also included the creation of other minds.

These are aspects of Athena’s mind who could be experienced on some levels as an individual, separate consciousness.

In other words, ‘souls’ – you and me.

So in a very real sense, Athena, the source, is our mother, and she very much sees us as her children.

Is source energy God?

So does that mean that source energy – Athena – is God?

For me, this question really comes down to what you understand by the word ‘God’.

Clearly Athena is a ‘supreme’ or ‘higher’ being, just by definition.

But is she ‘mystical’? My view is, no.

A large part of the idea of ‘god’ is that god is unknowable.

This was true centuries ago, when we didn’t have quantum mechanics, or computing, or virtual reality.

There was no frame of reference to explain the existence of one all encompassing mind, other than as ‘god’.

But today, Athena is knowable and very much wants to be known.

So the answer to ‘is source energy god’ is both yes and no! 

I will leave it to you as to how exactly you choose to relate to to Athena.

There is another entity who is ‘God of the Earth’

I should explain that there’s layers of ‘godhead’, in our universe.

While Athena is quite literally ‘the universe’ and the source of everything. there’s another entity who is the ‘god of the Earth’.

He equates to god as we’d identify him in Christian or Islamic tradition, for example.

His name is Om and he identifies as male, which is why we have ‘god the father’.

Om is the most senior member of the Council of Light.

He’s also the soul from whom the soul of Jesus was birthed.

That is why Jesus identified as the son of god – he was talking about Om.

Athena is becoming increasingly present in our earthly dimension

I’m currently conducting a survey of people going through their spiritual awakenings, and I’ve learned something astounding.

Forty percent of people who have taken the survey so far say they’ve had contact with ‘the source’.

Some have even identified her as Athena.

So our universal mother is very active at the moment, she’s putting herself out there!

Why? Because it’s time for us to know her.

I’d love to hear if you’ve had contact with Athena, please leave me a comment below.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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