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The spiritual awakening process is actually THREE separate processes intertwined. You must complete all three to reach your full soul potential. In this article, I explain each of the spiritual awakening processes and how they relate to the truth that every one of us is an immortal soul having a human experience.

Standard Definitions of Spiritual Awakening

It’s hard to find a concrete description of the spiritual awakening process.

There is information available, but it’s vague.

We’re told that spiritual awakening is:

  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Personal transformation
  • Connecting with the divine
  • Releasing ego
  • Discovering inner peace

 It’s true that these things are associated with the spiritual awakening process, but they don’t really get to the heart of the matter.

In fact, it’s only recently that the Council of Light has channeled the full details of the three spiritual awakening processes through me, so I can share them with other awakeners.

I'm a channel for The Council of Light and Source Energy, and coach awakeners all over the World

Are You Having a Spiritual Awakening?

Before I step you through the three processes, let’s first look at how you know you’re going through an awakening.

If you’re reading this article, you’re almost certainly in one of the early stages of awakening, probably the Connection phase, which is when all the weird and wonderful stuff starts to happen.

Here are some of the major early signs that you’re having a spiritual awakening:

  • In the last few years, you’ve spent a lot of time doing deep inner work
  • You’ve started removing yourself from toxic relationships
  • You’ve gone through a period of time when you’ve needed to rest a lot or had a chronic illness
  • You’ve made positive changes to your diet and lifestyle
  • You’re seeing signs and synchronicities
  • Your ears are ringing or buzzing when there’s no obvious cause
  • You’ve become deeply interested in spiritual topics and have been doing a ton of research

 Do these sound familiar?

If so, you’re almost certainly on the awakening path.

How Does Spiritual Awakening Relate to Our True Nature as Souls?

You’ve probably already come across the idea that you’re a soul having a human experience, and that’s correct.

But what is a soul?

Well, a soul is an intelligence, it’s a mind.

In our natural state, we don’t have material form; we’re completely energetic beings, and we exist primarily to learn.

We’re learning machines, and the way we learn is by incarnating in different forms in different environments.

In this lifetime, you incarnated specifically to learn something about what it means to be human.

And if you’re reading this article, it’s a pretty safe bet you incarnated to learn what it’s like to be a certain type of human going through a certain type of spiritual awakening.

How Does Incarnation Work?

You might be wondering how come you’re in a body if you’re an energetic being?

Well, this is a virtual environment and our physical shells are the way we interact with it.

Your body is an interface.

We think of this as ‘the real world,’ but in fact, the real world is the higher dimensions.

It’s this place which is artificial – we created it!

We literally built this world data block by data block, to be a place where we could come to learn in a challenging and enjoyable way.

You’re in a vast simulation which you helped build and which you chose to come to, to carry out the mission you decided to take on for this lifetime.

How Does This Relate to the Spiritual Awakening Process?

On one level, spiritual awakening is literally the process of remembering all of this.

  • Remembering that you’re a soul, or intelligence
  • Remembering that you come from another place entirely, and
  • Remembering why you’re here and what it was you came to do

And after that, it becomes the process of reaching your full soul potential.

Equipping yourself to navigate this world as an extra-dimensional being so you can deliver your missions and quite literally help to transform the planet.

The Three Processes of Spiritual Awakening

So without further ado, let me now explain the three spiritual awakening processes which every awakener goes through.

Spiritual Awakening Process #1: Mind and Consciousness Transformation

The first process of spiritual awakening is a complete transformation of your mind and your consciousness.

This is a very noticeable aspect of awakening.

The way your mind works and your sense of self change radically.

The mind-based transformation is, in itself, a three-stage process:

Stage 1: Reintegration

Your earthbound soul, the part that’s incarnated to learn in this human body, is part of a larger entity, the oversoul.

The seat of the earthbound soul is the conscious mind and the seat of the oversoul or higher self is the superconscious mind, which lives in the higher dimensions.

Before awakening, you experience the superconscious as the voice of intuition.

Stage one of the mind transformation process is to reintegrate these two parts of the mind; essentially, you’re building a ‘data pipeline.’

Along the way, you also progressively reduce the hold that your lower mind (subconscious and unconscious mind) has on your overall system.

By the end of the mind transformation process, these aspects of the mind are fully integrated, and your system is led by the superconscious rather than the ego.

 Stage 2: Consciousness Upgrade

The second phase of the mind transformation process is upgrading your consciousness.

The consciousness is a tool that travels between all the different zones of the mind, gathering and interpreting data.

When you start to open up access to the superconscious mind, you also need to upgrade the consciousness so you can interface with it more completely.

 Stage 3: Learning to Use Your Enhanced Consciousness

Finally, once you’ve reintegrated the conscious and superconscious minds and upgraded your consciousness, you need to learn how to use it.

This is the process of ascension.

Ascension is a specific state of consciousness you have to work at consistently for a long time to be able to maintain, although you will experience temporary periods of ascension throughout the awakening journey.

Spiritual Awakening Process #2: Energetic Transformation

The second major process during spiritual awakening is an energetic process, which expresses itself in a more physical way.

People tend to be biased either toward a more mind-based or more physical awakening, which can dictate their overall spiritual experience.

This energetic process covers both chakra rebalancing and kundalini awakening.

The chakric and kundalini systems are separate but interrelated.

The goal of the energetic aspect of awakening is:

1) To get your system into balance and flush out any blockages, and

2) To increase the capacity of your chakras so you can hold and process an enormous amount of energy

 This energetic transformation allows you to reach your potential and become an enormously powerful individual by the end of awakening.

Spiritual Awakening Process #3: Completion of Learning Modules

The third spiritual awakening process involves completing 10 major learning modules.

There may be slight variations for individuals, but by and large, these are the lessons we all have to learn as part of awakening:

  1. Setting boundaries
  2. Controlling emotions
  3. Doing what you want
  4. Valuing yourself correctly
  5. Developing good judgement
  6. Becoming self-sufficient
  7. Building resilience
  8. Learning to forgive
  9. Becoming non-judgmental
  10. Learning non-attachment

 These lessons often come in parallel and will also come around more than once, getting progressively harder.

However, as you evolve throughout your awakening, you become better able to handle them.

Embracing Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

By the time you’ve completed all your lessons, integrated the various parts of your mind, built a data pipeline back up to your oversoul, and rebalanced and boosted your energetic system, you will be unstoppable!

As long as you keep going with your spiritual practice, meditate every day, exercise your body, and pay attention to what you eat, then you will be in the perfect position to fulfill your soul potential and deliver your mission.

People who are awakening today are here to help transform the Earth.

It’s mission ‘Save the World’ and you’re part of it.

Managing Your Awakening: Check Your Mind Integration Level

It’s important to take charge of your awakening and keep tabs on your progress.

You can use this simple technique to work out how integrated your conscious mind and superconscious mind are.

All you need to do is ask your spiritual team.

Specifically, ask them for a number.

Ask, “What percentage integration do I have right now?”

Then keep your mind still, as you would in meditation, and let the number drop into your head.

That is the answer.

Your team is monitoring your progress constantly, so these numbers are out there, you just need to access them.


By understanding and working through the three spiritual awakening processes: 1) mind and consciousness transformation 2) energy transformation, and 3) the ten major learning modules, you can reach your full soul potential.

Remember, you’re part of a bigger mission to make the world a better place.

Embrace your journey with commitment and trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

Do you want to unlock your TRUE soul potential?

I teach people from all over the world how to harness their soul power, discover who they really are, and pursue their purpose.