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If you’re asking yourself, ‘Why am I having a spiritual awakening?’ you’re not alone. A significant percentage of the human race is waking up right now. In this post I explain why, and why it’s happening to you, in particular.

We’ve entered a new age of global enlightenment.

When we ask ourselves ‘why am I having a spiritual awakening?’ it’s typically because we’ve been blindsided.

This crazy thing has started happening to us, and we want to know, ‘why me?!’

Many of us treat awakening as a private thing, at least in the early stages.

We conceal the full extent of our experience from family and friends, perhaps feeling confused and embarrassed.

However, the fact is, people are waking up all around us!

That’s because we’ve entered a new age of ‘global spiritual awakening’.

By the end of 2027, at least 5 percent of the Earth’s population will be on the awakening path.

In some parts of the world, such as the USA, this could be as high as 10 percent.

So when you’re wondering ‘why am I going through a spiritual awakening?’ one of the reasons is, you’re part of a massive global event.

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You planned your spiritual awakening before you were born.

If you’re having a spiritual awakening now, rest assured, it was planned long before you incarnated into this lifetime.

It means you’re an ‘old soul’, or a ‘higher evolved’ soul.

In other words, you’ve completed at least 70 percent of your soul lessons.

Souls who are further along in their evolution are leading the global awakening and forging the path towards ultimate enlightenment for the Earth.

If you’re waking up now, you’re one of these early ‘way-showers’.

Watch the video below to discover the hallmarks of an old soul. 

Why am I having a spiritual awakening? Because you’re ready

The other reason you’re going through a spiritual awakening is because you’re ready to take it on.

You’ve created the conditions for it.

Typically this means that you’ve spent time in deep inner work, untangling your ‘human’ traumas.

Perhaps you’ve undertaken psychotherapy or worked with a counsellor or mentor.

This kind of work creates the mental and emotional stability necessary for conscious awakening and is a prerequisite.

Spiritual awakening can be very disorienting and your guides won’t allow you to start the full conscious journey unless you’re mentally prepared.

You may also have made important changes in your life, like leaving a job or relationship which was wrong for you.

You may also have met a ‘Keeper’ – a person who will maintain a stable environment for you as you’re going through the awakening process.

Why am I going through a spiritual awakening? Young man in a therapy session.

Your guides are co-ordinating the timing of your awakening

Another reason you’re going through an awakening at this time, is because your guides are lining up the experiences of multiple people.

Souls work in close-knit groups and our paths and major life events are closely co-ordinated.

So both your awakening and its timing were planned.

There will be others in your soul group who are either awakening themselves or are on point to help you through yours.

As you progress through your awakening, you will become increasingly aware of these people, often leaving behind old friendship groups to build new bonds.

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A woman dressed as a black angel and a man dressed as a white angel on a rooftop.

You have a life purpose the universe wants you to uncover

If you’re waking up now, you almost certainly have an important ‘mission’ or life purpose.

It’s much easier to work out what this is if you’re awakened, because you can access the universal database, or ‘Akashic records’.

Also, it’s easier to deliver your mission once you know what it is!

And by the end of awakening – when you’re fully transcended – you’ll find yourself in possession of an enormous amount of power.

There’s nothing you can’t do.

Imagine an army of awakened, highly-evolved souls, who have reclaimed their full soul power and know what their mission is.

That army has the ability to transform the Earth in an astonishingly short space of time.

Watch the video below to learn how to find your life purpose. 

I hope I’ve answered your question, ‘Why am I having a spiritual awakening?’

If you’re going through an awakening right now, please try to embrace the journey.

Yes, it’s weird and wonderful and will turn your life upside down, but the rewards at the end are huge, not just for you as an individual, but for the planet and entire human race.

Keep going! 

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