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Are you wondering ‘Why are we here on Earth?’ Or why are we here at all? This great mystery of our existence is being revealed as we progress toward the new age of enlightenment.

To understand why we’re here on Earth we first need to understand what we are.

The question ‘Why are we here?’ can only be understood in the context of what we are.

The fundamental truth of our being – that we’re all immortal, immaterial souls – is gradually being revealed.

Increasing numbers of us understand and believe this intuitively, even if we haven’t got direct evidence.

We are eternal, non-physical beings who have chosen to incarnate in human form to live a life on Earth.

In fact, this is something we do time and time again – we reincarnate.

The question is ‘Why?’

Souls are learning machines.

The purpose of souls is to learn and grow.

We incarnate into a multitude of different human bodies and earthly cultures so we can learn everything there is to know about being human.

All souls will experience every aspect of human life throughout their many incarnations.

We use these lives to learn about what it means to be human but also to aid our own personal development.

All souls must complete ten modules of learning, which correspond directly to the ten senior members of the Council of Light and their areas of expertise.

Once we’ve completed at least 98 percent of our soul lessons, we’re considered a ‘Bodhisattva’ soul.

That means we no longer need to incarnate for our own development, however we still come to Earth to help others.

Why are we here on Earth? It’s a learning environment

Earth is a learning environment we’ve constructed ourselves.

It’s a virtual reality which exists in just one of the thirteen dimensions of our universe.

The dimensions become more physical as they descend – in the highest dimension we exist as pure ‘thought.’

However, the earthly plane is the third dimension from the bottom and so is one of the most densely physical.

That means we have to incarnate into a physical body to interact with it – we take on human form.

So in answer to the question, ‘Why are we here on Earth?’

We’re here because this planet is a place we’ve built specifically to come and learn on.

It’s ‘Soul School.’

a young smiling girl writing on a notepad in front of a blackboard

We’re playing the ‘Game of Life’

As well as creating the earthly plane as one of our primary learning environments (there are others), we’ve ‘gamified’ our experience.

Gamification means adding the elements of a game to something to make it more interesting and enjoyable.

That’s exactly what we’ve done.

As with every game, there are rules to the Game of Life.

These govern how and when our guides can communicate with us, amongst other things.

There are also teams. In the Game of Life, teams have opposing ‘missions.’

This is the source of ideas such as ‘good and evil,’ or ‘angels and devils.’

However, there’s no judgement attached to being on one side versus another, everyone is just trying to carry out the mission they’ve been given.

The tension this creates is what gives us challenges. These in turn give us a greater opportunity to learn and grow.

Each team wants to achieve its goals (personal and collective), but also prevent the other team from reaching theirs.

The Game of Life is a game of strategy and skill and we wholeheartedly enjoy it.

That may seem strange to us in our human incarnations, when we’re experiencing hardship and difficulties, but at soul level surmounting obstacles is all part of the fun.

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening, the more you progress, the more you will implicitly understand that this is what’s happening.

You’ll be able to spot patterns and members of your own and other teams, and to elevate above basic human emotions to engage in the fun.

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‘Story waypoints’ in the Game of Life

The Game of Life has rules and teams, but also something called ‘story waypoints.’

These are significant points in Earth’s development which need to be reached to move it on to the next ‘chapter’ of the game.

We’ve wrapped up our learning in strands of stories, just as you would find in some RPG video games (Role Playing Games).

This is important to know when we’re trying to understand why we’re here.

We’re not just learning and developing, we’re also moving the story forward.

This is especially true for Bodhisattva souls, who often have significant missions designed to either help their team to the next story waypoint or prevent it, depending which side they’re on.

Man dressed up in a sci-fi battle costume.

Where is ‘God’ in all this?

The traditional answer to ‘Why are we here?’ usually has something to do with ‘God.’

In a way, this is true (I’ll explain why shortly).

However, over the next few decades as people wake up, we’ll radically reappraise our understanding of what ‘God’ is.

Back in the dawn of time, the only way we could explain the workings of our environment was through the creation of multiple gods, usually associated with an aspect of nature.

Later, the major prophets changed the course of religion – Jesus and Muhammad, being the notable examples.

Jesus and Muhammad were both human incarnations of the same Bodhisattva soul, come to move us forward in the Earth’s story.

They preached love and compassion and the idea of ‘one god.’

This was necessary to move us away from primitive, violent behaviours, and toward the belief in a ‘supreme being.’

The next phase of ‘religion’ will be about starting to understand the true nature of this being.

Colourful statue of Jesus in a church

So is there a God or isn’t there?

Yes and no. It depends how you choose to view it.

First of all, the being we think of as ‘god the father’ on Earth is Om, the most senior member of the Council of Light.

He, along with Sophia, heads up the ‘Earth Project,’ and cares deeply about the fate of our planet.

(Watch this video to learn more about Om.)

Om ‘birthed’ the soul which incarnated variously as Jesus Christ, Krishna, and the Prophet Muhammad.

That’s why Jesus was presented to the Earth as the ‘son of God.’

But there’s another soul higher up than Om, from whom he himself was birthed.

I call her the Architect. She’s the ‘universal mother’ from whom all souls ultimately descend.

We’re all given aspects of the Architect when we’re created as souls, and as we learn our lessons we gain more.

Eventually, once all our lessons are completed, we’re identical to the Architect.

That’s why we have the idea in spirituality that we’re all divine, or aspects of ‘God,’ and in major religions that we’ll ‘return to God’ after death.

The Architect is often referred to as ‘the Source’ in spiritual circles and this is correct.

Without her none of this would exist.

That’s why I say the answer to ‘is there or isn’t there a God’ depends on how you choose to view it.

It depends how you define ‘God.’

There is an ultimate being upon whom our existence depends, but she’s a long way removed from the traditional religious view of God.

An enormous golden Buddha rising into the sky above a temple.

What to do now you know why you’re here on Earth

I hope I’ve answered your question, ‘Why are we here on Earth?’

However, I appreciate I’ve shared a lot of new information in this post and some of it is hard to wrap your head around (I’ve been through the journey so I know!).

Whatever your beliefs, there are things you can do to make your life on Earth more fulfilling.


Meditation is your route to connection – to the source or God, however you choose to relate.

It will enhance you spiritually and allow you to uncover your own information about our universe.

Watch the video below for an easy daily meditation routine anyone can do:

Identify and learn your lessons

Lessons are easy to spot because they’ll keep repeating over and over again until you resolve them.

For example, do you:

  • Fall for unsuitable partners
  • Fail to set boundaries
  • Refuse to ask for help
  • Work too hard
  • Give too much

These are all examples of challenges we’re given so we can learn how to overcome them.

Spotting the patterns and making changes means you’ll be able to move on to the next lesson.

Uncover your mission

Do you have the sense of a bigger purpose? If so, try to work out what it is.

It’s very difficult to feel fulfilled in a human incarnation unless we’re delivering the mission we planned for ourselves before we were born.

Signs you’ve found your purpose are:

  • It’s something you’re good at and have expertise in
  • You enjoy it
  • Pursuing it will have an impact on the wider world
  • It fulfils you
The word mission spelled out in wooden tiles on a sparkly silver background.

Help those around you

Souls are naturally collaborative and want to help each other.

It’s how we operate in the higher dimensions.

Transferring this behaviour to the earthly plane will bring you peace and contentment.

Prioritise your happiness

We’re meant to enjoy ourselves during this great adventure called life.

Eliminate the things that make you unhappy and pursue those that please you.

In the tough times, try to stay positive, remember, ‘this too shall pass.’

Never forget that happiness is a state of mind.

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