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Wondering which foods to avoid during spiritual awakening? What you eat (and don’t eat) has a huge effect on your spiritual progress. Keep away from these foods during awakening for a smoother spiritual awakening journey.

Why should we avoid certain foods during spiritual awakening?

We know instinctively there are foods to avoid during spiritual awakening but why is that?

There’s three main reasons.

Reason 1: Reducing harm

Certain foods and the methods of creating them are more harmful to the environment and other beings than others.

As part of our spiritual evolution we should be aiming to reduce the harm we inflict so we can build a positive karma balance.

This, in turn, means our teams can give us more help.

Reason 2: Taking care of our body

We are a collaboration of ‘mind, body, spirit’ and all three need to be nurtured.

Eating poor quality food means our bodies aren’t getting the nourishment they need.

We need our body to be a strong platform for our spiritual endeavours.

Reason 3: Freeing ourselves from the physical

Spiritual awakening is all about reconnecting to our higher self in the upper dimensions.

When we eat certain types of food – or too much food – we become “anchored” in the physical.

This makes it difficult to connect and progress.

Read this blog article for the best foods to eat during spiritual awakening.

Sugar and refined carbs

Too much sugar, or refined carbohydrates, which are essentially sugar, is the surest way to inhibit your spiritual awakening.

Foods to avoid in this group include:

  • All types of granulated sugar
  • Sodas
  • Beer and other sugary alcoholic drinks
  • Syrups
  • Jams and cheap honey (a little high quality, organic honey, such as manuka, is fine)
  • White pasta
  • White bread
  • White rice
  • White flour
  • White potatoes and fries
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Biscuits
  • Sweets and candies

As with anything, a little sugar from time to time won’t hold you back too much, although it’s better to eat some sweet fruit, or add a little honey to your tea.

However, if you have a sugar addiction, going “cold turkey” for while will reduce your insulin resistance and ultimately eliminate your sugar cravings.

Highly processed foods

One of the most obvious foods to avoid for spiritual awakening is highly processed food.

By “highly processed” I mean cheap manufactured food which is made in bulk and contains lots of unnatural additives.

These kinds of foods are easy to identify by reading the ingredients label on the back of the packet.

If it has a long list of ingredients, which includes things you don’t recognise, and/or E-numbers, then it’s processed.

This kind of food provides very little nutritional value and places a heavy load on your body, anchoring you in the physical.

Often the ingredients have been produced unsustainably meaning that you are also increasing your harm.

“Diet” foods

So-called “diet” foods are often both full of sugar and heavily processed, so it’s a double whammy. Avoid these at all cost.

Cheap, unsustainable, unethical foods

When we rely on cheap, unsustainable foods, we’re damaging both the environment and ourselves.

Remember, our goal is to reduce harm.

Choosing organic, ethical foods as far as possible helps us keep our physical health and karma in positive balance.

Red meat

While you don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to be spiritual, it’s helpful to reduce your intake of meat, and especially red meat.

It’s now well understood that the farming methods used to raise cattle are exceptionally harmful to the environment.

Cheap meat also usually means poor animal welfare.

Plus eating red meat is proven to cause inflammation in the body (watch the video below to find out more).

If you are really reluctant to give up red meat, reserve it for a once a month treat.

Dairy, especially cow dairy

For the most part, dairy should be avoided during awakening.

The dairy industry causes a great deal of harm to the environment and to animals, and modern dairy products have very little nutritional value (milk in particular).

If you struggle to give up dairy completely, then try to choose non-cow products, such as goats’ or sheeps’ cheese.

As always, it’s best to choose organic, and also full-fat versions, which are less processed.

There is a caveat here, however.

Some people, usually leading up to and including the Connection phase of awakening, need dairy to help boost their energy and aid chakra flow.

(This is because dairy contains ‘chi‘, the universal life force.)

However, by the later stages of awakening, when our vibrations are higher and our chakras are open more fully, dairy is no longer necessary.

You will know if you need dairy during your awakening as you will experience intense cravings for it.

If that’s the case, go for it, but try to choose the least harmful option, such as buying from the Ethical Dairy in the United Kingdom or Clover in the United States.

(Watch the video below for more information about the 7 stages of spiritual awakening.)


This is not a food to avoid during spiritual awakening as such, but definitely something to severely restrict or eliminate completely.

Alcohol depletes our serotonin levels, the molecule which aids connection to the universe and our higher self.

While it’s ok to have an occasional drink, daily use of alcohol or regular bingeing will actively hold back the progress of your awakening.

If you discover you have an alcohol use disorder when trying to stop drinking, first of all, be forgiving of yourself.

Alcohol is highly addictive and difficult to kick.

There are many brilliant support groups out there which are worth investigating. My personal favourite is the subreddit /stopdrinking.


The final thing to avoid during spiritual awakening is caffeine.

Again, a small amount won’t hurt, in green tea for example.

But if you have a 5 a day latte habit then you are holding back your awakening.

Choose herbal teas or high quality decaffeinated coffee instead of your regular Starbucks, and avoid caffeinated sodas, even those which are sugar free.

Don’t forget to read this blog article for the best foods to eat during spiritual awakening.

I’m a spiritual awakening coach and channel for the Council of Light and Source (Athena)

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