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Asking yourself, ‘How to find my life purpose?’ During awakening we often become aware that we came here to ‘do something’ but it can take a while to work out what it is. In this post I share some simple techniques which can help you discover your life purpose.

How do I know if I have a life purpose?

Maybe you’re not asking ‘how to find my life purpose?’ but ‘do I even have a life purpose?’

Rest assured, you do.

Every single soul incarnated on Earth came to this planet with a plan.

Sometimes these will be on a smaller, more personal level – to learn specific things, for example – but often they will be on a bigger scale, contributing to the greater good.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled or under-utilised, it’s because you are aware, at some level of your consciousness, that you have a life purpose you have yet to find.

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Awareness of our life purpose comes with spiritual awakening

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening, you will certainly start wondering ‘how to find my life purpose?’ at some point in the journey.

We’re on the path to global enlightenment and higher evolved souls are waking up first.

(‘Higher evolved’ means you’ve completed at least 70 percent of your soul lessons.)

That means that, if you’re awakening now, you have a specific mission, over and above your own spiritual awakening.

We become aware of this over time.

As we become more aware of our true soul nature, we’ll typically start asking ‘what’s my purpose?’

Usually by the end of awakening – once we’ve fully transcended – we’ve worked it out.

However, the need to know what our purpose is can weigh on us earlier on in the awakening process, so try the techniques below to help you discover it.

Then you can get to work on your plan.

Only you can find your life purpose

Your guides cannot tell you your life purpose, you must uncover it yourself.

In our human incarnations we are given free will, and one of the rules of ‘The Game of Life’ is that we must find and forge our own path.

(Watch the video below to find out more about The Game of Life.)

If our guides told us what to do all the time, it would completely negate the point of having free will.

However, they can provide encouragement and ‘clues’, in the form of signs and opportunities.

Also, as you start to form a clear idea of the path you’d like to take, they can provide more concrete confirmation, during meditation, for example. 

Read this blog post to learn how to communicate with your guides.

How to find my life purpose? Technique #1

Think back to when you were a young child, what did you want to be?

How did you think your life would pan out?

This is almost certainly connected to your life purpose in some way, no matter how far-fetched it might seem.

Until the age of six or seven, children are closely connected to the universe and higher dimensions.

They retain a memory of their ‘plan’ – the life purpose they intended before they were born.

While they’re not aware of this on a conscious level, it colours their hopes and dreams for the future.

So casting your mind back to that time will help you narrow down your purpose.

A young boy blowing a dandelion clock.

How to find my life purpose? Technique #2

Your life purpose will usually be something you are drawn towards and like to do.

Ask yourself three questions:

1. What do I enjoy?

2. What am I good at?

3. What will make a difference in the world?

If you can identify something which ticks all three boxes, then you are closer to finding your purpose.

Woman holding a light bulb.

How to find my purpose? Technique #3

Think about the opportunities which have presented themselves to you during your life, especially in more recent times.

Is there a theme?

Do you regularly meet people working in a particular discipline?

Have you had a number of unprompted conversations in a short space of time about a particular topic?

These kinds of synchronicities are huge arrows pointing towards your path.

A blue arrow painted on a tree.

How to find my purpose? Technique #4

Our most reliable guide is always ourself.

Turn inwards.

Once you have an idea of the direction you’d like to go in, spend some time in contemplation.

Visualise yourself doing a few different things connected to your potential path.

Which one resonates the most strongly?

Remember, it’s ok to be ‘selfish’. Design something that works for you.

If you only want to work part-time, or can’t bear the thought of working in an office, then a big corporate role is not for you.

This is true even if you believe objectively that it would help you deliver your life purpose.

Our own feelings are the surest indicator of the direction we should go. The universe wants us to be happy!

Start your contemplation session with a few minutes of third eye meditation to enhance your intuition – see the video below.

How do I find my purpose? Technique #5

Once you have a clear feeling about which way you want to go, try some stuff out in the ‘real world’.

You can do this on a very small scale, you’re just dipping a toe in the water.

One of two things will happen.

First, if it’s not the right path for you, you’ll realise pretty quickly.

The most obvious signs that it’s not right is that you don’t enjoy it, or it makes you feel stressed.

Also, the universe may put obstacles in your way.

Second, if you’ve found something connected to your purpose, then opportunities will start to present themselves.

This is the universe encouraging you along the path – you’re getting ‘into flow’.

You don’t have to take every opportunity, it’s ok to go slow, but you can understand it as confirmation that you are close to finding your life purpose.

Woman outdoors with her back to the camera, raising her arms, framed in sunshine.

How to find my life purpose? Technique #6

If you’re really stuck, consider finding a coach to help you explore your options.

A good coach will ask you questions which lead you to areas you might not have considered.

Alternatively, if you have people around you who know you well and you can trust, ask them what they see for you.

Why am I going through a spiritual awakening? Young man in a therapy session.

If you’re awakening, part of your purpose is almost certainly to help other awakeners

As I mentioned, if you’re waking up now, you’re a higher evolved soul.

That means you have an enormous amount of power to access (and you will, by the end of your awakening).

Consequently, you may have more than one purpose, or mission.

Most likely, part of your intention before you incarnated was to help other awakeners along their own journeys.

This might be the core of your mission – by writing books or setting up a social media channel, for example – or it might be something you do on a smaller scale, perhaps coaching people one on one.

Ask yourself, what can I do to help the people who travel this road after me? 

And please, never underestimate the impact your guidance can have.

Enjoy discovering your purpose, I’d love to hear what you find out! Just leave a comment below.

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