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Are you thinking, ‘I had a spiritual awakening, now what?! The early stages of awakening can be confusing and it’s normal to wonder what will happen next. This post tells you what to expect.

I had a spiritual awakening….I think

If you’re thinking, ‘I had a spiritual awakening, now what?’ the first thing I want to explain is that what you’ve probably had is your spiritual ‘epiphany.’

This is an important stage of awakening and it’s when we realise that there’s more to life than the 3D reality we find ourselves in.

The spiritual epiphany usually occurs around the beginning of a very intense stage of awakening called ‘Connection.’

During Connection, we become closely linked to the universe and our guides and experience a strong flow of energy.

We have other-worldly experiences which can be strange and wonderful.

It’s these experiences which trigger our epiphany and mark the start of our ‘conscious’ awakening.

Watch the video below to learn more about the spiritual epiphany.

Your spiritual awakening started a long time ago.

The awakening process begins a long time before we become aware of it.

It’s a lengthy process which takes many years to complete.

So when we say we had a spiritual awakening, actually we’re having an awakening.

While the epiphany means we become conscious that we’re going through a spiritual process, in fact we’re already in the third and fourth stages of awakening.

Stages 1 and 2 usually happen without us being aware that we’re ‘waking up’ and can start many years before we have our epiphany.

These stages are:

  1. Resolution: we undertake deep inner work and build a stable emotional and mental platform for our future awakening;
  2. Discovery: we become interested in spiritual matters, which can include topics such as quantum mechanics. This phase gives us the knowledge we need to understand what’s happening to us during awakening.

During the Resolution stage it’s also common to take up a creative hobby, move away from the city, and start to spend more time in nature.

These types of activities are meditative and aid the integration of our soul with our higher self.

This is the goal of awakening.

Higher self integration: woman lying down reflected in a mirror.

Spiritual awakening is integration.

The spiritual awakening process is designed to do 3 main things:

  1. Strengthen the conscious mind (the seat of the soul) and teach it to lead;
  2. Subdue the subconscious (body) and unconscious (Ego) minds;
  3. Reconnect the conscious mind (soul) to the superconscious (our higher self).

The entire process can be related to these aims.

These stages of ‘mind mastery’ overlap, however, once we reach the end of awakening – full ‘Transcendence’ – we’ve completed all of these steps.

Watch the video below to understand more about how the mind works in spiritual awakening.

So the question is: I had a spiritual awakening, now what?

Assuming you’re in the Connection phase, you’re 30-50% of the way through awakening.

There’s three more stages to go, which I’ll explain in the next section.

By the way, this doesn’t mean you have necessarily completed ‘Resolution’ and ‘Discovery’ (the spiritual awakening process isn’t linear).

For example, it’s not uncommon to still be doing inner work right up to the end of Transcendence and beyond, however the big knots will have been untangled prior to your spiritual epiphany.

Similarly, you’ll want to keep learning (‘Discovery’), especially once you work out your purpose.

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Road stretching into the distance, with a bright blue sky and sun

Having an awakening: the final three stages

I’ve mentioned the first four stages of awakening – here’s a brief reminder:

  1. Resolution: deep inner work to build a stable platform for awakening;
  2. Discovery: an interest in spiritual matters to build understanding;
  3. Epiphany: we become aware there’s more to life than 3D reality – the start of our conscious awakening;
  4. Connection: we’re intensely connected to the universe and our guides and have other-worldly experiences.

(Remember the awakening process isn’t linear, so you might have experienced these in a different order, or they may be running concurrently.)

The final three stages are:

5. The Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul: all connection disappears and we’re plunged into darkness for some months;

6. Advanced Learning: we learn advanced spiritual techniques and release what doesn’t serve us;

7. Transcendence: we’re fully integrated with our higher self and learn how to access their knowledge and power.

Timings of awakening

Through my spiritual awakening coaching practice I know that the timings for awakening can vary wildly.

Stage 1 can take years, depending on how much inner work you need to do.

Stage 2 is similarly open-ended but typically we’ll develop a deeper interest in spiritual matters before our Epiphany.

The period from Epiphany to the end of Connection usually takes around 9-18 months if we don’t block progress.

However it’s possible to come in and out of this stage for many years.

 Depending on how we approach stages 5-7 we can expect them to take a minimum of 2-3 years to complete.

However, it’s not unusual for awakeners to come in and out of the Dark Night of the Soul (stage 5) if they fail to get through it the first (or second) time around, so that extends the journey.

There’s also more learning required post-transcendence, however the ‘nuts and bolts’ of spiritual awakening are in place and you have completed the ‘mechanical’ process.

Having an awakening: woman surrounded by the light of each of the chakras.

The Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul

If you’re in the Connection phase of awakening, which is typical for those thinking ‘I had a spiritual awakening, now what?’ then you’ll eventually enter the Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul.

This is an important and difficult stage of awakening during which all connection is cut off.

It’s normal at this time to start to question your experience.

You may wonder if you had a psychotic break or a moment of ‘madness.’

You didn’t, and you can retain faith in everything you believed you learned during the Connection stage.

However, many people drop out of the awakening process during the Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul for exactly this reason.

At this time of global enlightenment, it’s vital we push through so we can continue the spiritual awakening journey.

So, when you reach this stage, please try to remember this blog post!

Keep the faith and keep going.

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Meditation is the key to successful awakening

Meditation is the single most powerful tool you can employ during the entire spiritual awakening journey.

5 minutes daily is more effective than an hour once a week, so please try to build this into your practice.

Watch the video below for an easy daily third eye meditation anyone can do.

Or to learn more about meditation techniques for each stage of awakening, read this blog post.

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