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Hearing voices during spiritual awakening is perfectly normal, in fact, it’s an important part of the journey. This post explains where the voices are coming from and how to distinguish between them.

Why do we hear voices during spiritual awakening?

We hear voices during spiritual awakening because we’re creating a channel between our conscious mind and our higher self in the upper dimensions.

Our higher self and our guides use this channel to communicate with us so they can steer us through the awakening process and help us succeed in our soul purpose.

As we become more ‘psychic’ throughout the spiritual awakening journey, we may also telepathically pick up communication in the wider enviroment.

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Often the voices we hear are coming from within our own ‘system’

During awakening, you’re hearing several voices but they all sound like you – it can be confusing!

It’s because there’s no language in the higher dimensions, so when your guides, higher self, or other entities want to talk to you, they borrow your voice.

Often the voices are coming from within our own system via the mind.

The mind of the human avatar has 4 separate compartments.

We think of ourselves as an ‘I’ but in fact we’re a ‘We’.

Here’s how it works:

  • The unconscious mind is the Ego
  • The subconscious mind is the body
  • The conscious mind is the soul
  • The superconscious mind is your higher self.

All of these parts of the mind have their own agendas and they will try to communicate with your entire system, to influence your behaviour

These are often the voices you’re hearing during spiritual awakening.

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Here’s how you can tell which part of your mind is speaking

If you’re hearing voices during spiritual awakening, there is a fail-safe way to know which part of your mind is speaking.

They appear in different areas of your head.

If you hadn’t noticed this before, listen carefully next time and you’ll see it immediately.

If you’re in early awakening – before the spiritual Dark Night of the Soul – then the voices from each part of your mind resonate in this way:

If your subconscious or Ego is talking, you’ll hear it in the lower part of your head, below the eyes.

If your conscious mind is talking, you’ll hear it right at the front of your head, where the pineal gland is located, on your forehead.

And if your superconscious mind is talking, in the earlier stages of awakening, you’ll hear at the crown and upper back of your head.

In the later stages of awakening, this changes

This changes later in awakening, after the spiritual dark night of the soul.

That’s because you’re in the process of doing some important things:

Firstly, you’re shedding your Ego and subduing your subconscious;

Secondly you’re progressively integrating with your higher self.

So when you’re in the sixth stage of awakening – advanced learning – you’ll notice you receive little to no communication from the Ego and subconscious.

Your ‘monkey-mind’ switches off.

And communication from your superconscious (or higher self) moves nearer and nearer to the front of your head.

Eventually this voice will appear in the same place as the conscious mind, right where the pineal gland is situated.

Because you’re integrated – you’re one and the same.

Your guides will also use this same channel, and you’ll observe the same thing with voices coming from this source during spiritual awakening.

The voices of your guides move progressively forward to the front of your head.

Close up of woman's head with a crystal balanced on her third eye.

What do the voices of your higher self and guides sound like?

As I mentioned, tonally, they sound like your own voice, which can make it difficult to trust what you’re hearing in the early stages of awakening

You wonder if it’s something you’ve just made up.

It isn’t! It’s interdimensional communication

The tell-tale sign is that the way your guides and higher self talk is different.

They are very succinct, even abrupt at times

They’ll use one or two words, whereas the subconscious and Ego tend to use ‘stream of consciousness‘.

So if you’re hearing short, direct, sentences at the crown, upper back, or upper front of your head, then that is either your higher self or a guide

As you progress through awakening, you might also find you can hear them talking to each other.

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Woman whispering in a man's ear.

You hear voices more frequently as you progress through the spiritual awakening journey

Verbal communication increases throughout the awakening journey as a natural consequence of integration with your higher self.

So in early awakening, you might hardly ever hear voices at all, instead you receive images.

Later on, you may hear voices but only in meditation.

Later still, you may hear voices all the time, whether you’re meditating or not.

This partly depends on your innate psychic ability: if you’re clairaudient you’ll pick up voices more easily.

However, the only time you can be really sure you’re only hearing your higher self or guides is when you’re meditating.

That’s because meditation is ‘sacred’ and no-one can interfere with your ‘scheduled’ conversations.

So if you need guidance, always ask for it in a formal meditation session.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get it other times, it just means you can be sure of the source when you’re meditating.

Why do I hear voices more clearly some times than others?

You might also be wondering why sometimes you can hear the voices really clearly and other times you can’t.

If you’ve been closely following a spiritual routine, then interdimensional communication will be louder and clearer.

Similarly, if you attain a deep level of trance, it will be louder and clearer.

If you’re finding the voices are getting distant or distorted, you can usually get clarity back by doing a couple of short, extra meditation sessions.

Young woman shouting through a megaphone.

Voices from external sources

If you’re clairaudient, than it’s possible to pick up all sorts of disembodied voices in your environment.

These will usually still sound like your own voice. 

You’re picking up general airwave chatter coming from other dimensions, or you might be intercepting other human thoughts telepathically. 

You may also find that, outside of meditation, you have voices which sound like your guides, but they’re giving you poor guidance.

This could be because you’re being misdirected by someone on the opposing team in the ‘Game of Life’, who’s trying to disrupt your mission.

(Watch the video below to learn about the Game of Life.)

Or it could mean you’re going through the ‘judgement’ learning module of awakening, during which your guides misdirect you, so you learn to fall back on your own resources.

So, what is the voice in your head during spiritual awakening?

It’s either from your lower consciousness or higher consciousness, or you’re picking up external signals.

The more you meditate and spend time with your guides and higher self, the more you’ll be able to distinguish between them.

I hope this article has explained why you’re hearing voices during your spiritual awakening.

I’d love to hear about your own experiences of communicating with your guides, so please tell me about it in the comments below.

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