Colourful abstract art

Nothing sets a room off like a piece of original art, and colourful abstract art never fails to make a great centrepiece. Sophia Persephone’s joyful use of colour creates eye-catching colourful abstract wall art – perfect for those finishing interior design touches.

Sophia is inspired by the landscape around her and paints her abstracts intuitively, using whichever medium is most appropriate for the subject. Often she creates imagined, semi-abstract landscapes in bold, striking colours.

You will find colourful abstract paintings in all sizes to suit all budgets. Acrylic abstract paintings, abstract oil paintings, abstracts on canvas, abstracts on paper – whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

Sophia also accepts abstract art commissions and will create exactly the piece you’re looking for from scratch. That way you can be sure you have the artwork you need to finish your room off to perfection.

The cost of original abstract art doesn’t need to be high. Prices start from just £95 for works on paper. You can also order prints of the pieces you love, if you don’t have the budget right now for an original piece.

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