‘Granada’ – Sophia Persephone – Bright Colorful Abstract Art – 60cm x 60cm


This colorful abstract painting evokes the city of Granada, in Southern Spain.

Created in artist grade acrylics on canvas, dimensions 60cm x 60cm.

Sold unframed.

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Bright Colorful Abstract Art – ‘Granada’ by Sophia Persephone

Sophia Persephone specialises in bright colorful abstract art. Drawn to strong colours, she delights in seeking out harmonious multi-colored compositions.

She’s an intuitive painter and allows the work to develop over time, utilising many layers which are allowed to peek through in the final composition. This adds complexity and interest.

This particular work evokes the city of Granada for the artist, a city near her home in Southern Spain, where you can find the famous ‘Alhambra’ palace. Sophia was struck by the view of the city from the terrace of the Alhambra on a visit there.

The landscape of Southern Spain lends itself to bright colorful abstract art. Sophia Persephone draws on the juxtaposition of the traditional white houses, the darkness of the shadows in the strong sunlight, and the bright pops of color to be found in the local flora and on the houses.

While the artist didn’t originally intend this to be a painting of Granada, as the work evolved the connection emerged. This is a common feature of the artist’s work. She starts with a few marks in charcoal that construct the rhythm of the painting and proceeds to work with no thought as to the final outcome. However a theme frequently emerges, typically connected to the landscape and towns around her.

Size: 60cm x 60cm, sold unframed.

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