‘Mountain Pass’ – Sophia Persephone – Abstract Art Landscape – 50cm x 40cm


This abstract landscape painting is built in multiple expressionistic layers

Created in artist grade acrylics on canvas, dimensions 50cm x 40cm.

Sold unframed.

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Abstract Art Landscape – ‘Mountain Pass’ by Sophia Persephone

This abstract art landscape painting is built of multiple colored layers painted using expressionistic marks. The artist has offset the bright colors by placing carefully considered areas of neutrals and darks around the work. This creates a balanced and dynamic composition.

‘Mountain Pass’ is is one of three works Sophia Persephone created in one week. They are interlinked and use similar color palettes and marks.

The other two paintings are:


River Road

Unlike many of the artist’s abstract landscape paintings, this one seems to have a clear subject – a mountain with two roads cutting through it. It wasn’t the artist’s intention to create something more represententional. Rather, the forms emerged naturally over the course of the painting.

As always with Sophia’s abstract landscapes, ‘Mountain Pass’ is painted in layers. She allows the earlier composition to peek through, adding interest.

While the artist prefers to create larger pieces, she appreciates that not everyone can afford a big investment. However, she believes that everyone should be able to afford original art for their home and so deliberately creates smaller works that are more affordable.

Size: 50cm x 40cm, sold unframed.

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