‘Tributaries’ – Sophia Persephone – Colorful Abstract Landscape Paintings – 50cm x 40cm


This colorful abstract painting draws on the pattern tributaries make in the landscape.

Created in artist grade acrylics on canvas, dimensions 50cm x 40cm.

Sold unframed.

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Colorful Abstract Landscape Paintings – ‘Tributaries’ by Sophia Persephone

Sophia Persephone often creates colorful abstract landscape paintings semi-consciously. Without intending a specific outcome, she finds her abstract art draws instinctively on the landscape around her. ‘Tributaries’ is no exception.

This painting is one of three painted over the course of a week. They all came flowing naturally from the brush, utilising a similar color palette and marks.

You can see the other two paintings by clicking the links below:

River Road

Mountain Pass

The artist finds this is often the way her work emerges. She starts by making a few marks in charcoal which are almost always sweeping and organic. Then she starts to apply color, letting her intuition lead the way. She applies several layers of paint, letting the earlier layers show through. In this way she creates interest and also invites the viewer to step into the artistic process with her, tracing the decisions that she made during the course of creating the work.

As is often the case, in this painting Sophia has tempered the bright palette with the addition of light, almost white elements, which lead the eye around the painting and create a central motif.

Size: 50cm x 40cm, sold unframed.

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