‘Cityscape No1’ – Sophia Persephone – Abstract Cityscape Painting – 80cm x 80cm


This large urban abstract painting makes a great modern centrepiece

Created in artist grade acrylics on canvas, dimensions 80cm x 80cm.

Sold unframed.

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Abstract Cityscape Painting – ‘Cityscape No1’ by Sophia Persephone

This abstract cityscape painting by Sophia Persephone makes the ideal bold centrepiece for a modern room. The artist has used professional grade acrylic paints, charcoal, caran d’ache crayons, and oil sticks to create a vibrant, multi-layered piece of art.

This painting developed over a long period of time with many studio sessions. It’s possible to see the traces of earlier decisions in the layers. This invites the viewer to become part of the artistic process, retracing the steps of the artist.

Sophia employed a different colour palette than usual in this abstract city painting, with far more black and blue then you will typically find in her work. Over time, this began to evoke the darker colours of a cityscape and the painting started to evolve with this idea in mind.

Pops of colour lift the composition and guide the eye around the painting. The lighter, geometric areas, remind the artist of the traditional white houses to be found near her home in Southern Spain. These shapes often find their way into Sophia’s abstract work, seemingly subconsciously. The white buildings of Andalusia and the dark shadows they cast in the strong sun prompt the juxtaposition of black and white in her paintings. This creates drama and interest.

Size: 80cm x 80cm, sold unframed.

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