‘Soleil’ – Sophia Persephone – Yellow Red Blue Art – 42cm x 30cm


This joyful painting in yellow, red, and blue, is one of a pair which evoke the colours of the Mediterranean

Created in artist grade acrylic on archival quality paper, dimensions 42cm x 30cm.

Sold unframed.

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Yellow Red Blue Art – ‘Soleil’ by Sophia Persephone

Yellow, red, blue art requires the artist to return to basics. Thismeans they can create powerful, impactful compositions, drawing on the depth and vibrancy of the three primary colours.

The painting is one of a pair which the artist created side by side. Below is an image of the other painting, ‘Sardines’:

Red blue and yellow art - abstract composition in red, blue, yellow, black and cream.

(Find the details here.)

Sophia is inspired by the colours of Southern Spain and this painting quickly started to evoke the Mediterranean. By including large swathes of lighter creams and whites, she tempered the vibrancy of the primary colours and arrived at a flowing composition. It felt entirely natural to the artist to include the sun motif.

This is a piece which would work perfectly in a modern, bright kitchen, especially if hung alongside its compaion piece, ‘Sardines’.

This painting represents the artist’s desire to make original art affordable to all. She prefers to create larger pieces on canvas but understands that largescale paintings aren’t affordable for everyone. So she also makes smaller works and creates pieces on paper which can be sold for under £100.

Size: 48cm x 36cm, sold unframed.

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