‘Sardines’ – Sophia Persephone – Red Blue and Yellow Art – 42cm x 30cm


This joyful painting in red, blue, and yellow, evokes the feeling of the Mediterranean

Created in artist grade acrylic on archival quality paper, dimensions 42cm x 30cm.

Sold unframed.

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Red, Blue and Yellow Art – ‘Sardines’ by Sophia Persephone

Red, blue and yellow art is particularly eye-catching because it leans on the primary colours. Here the artist has lightened the painting and created interest by including cream and black.

The painting is one of a pair which were created in tandem. Here’s an image of the other painting, ‘Soleil’:

Yellow, red, blue art - abstract composition in yellow, red, and blue with cream and black.

(Find more details here.)

As always, the artist let the painting develop organically, starting with a few flowing marks in charcoal and crayon to create rhythm. As she worked, she saw the theme of the Mediterranean emerging.

Sophia didn’t plan the ‘Sardines’ of the title, but once they developed she decided to leave them in the composition. This feels like a piece which would work beautifully in a sunny, modern, open-plan kitchen diner, smiling down on people as they eat.

Sophia Persephone is passionate about making art affordable for everyone. She prefers to produce large-scale paintings on archival grade linen, but she knows not everyone can afford this type of art. So she makes smaller pieces and works on paper which can be sold for under £100.

In her view, having original art in your home is a joy that everyone should be able to experience.

Size: 48cm x 36cm, sold unframed.

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