‘Attach-Detach’ – Sophia Persephone – Original Abstract Art – 80cm x 60cm


This piece of original abstract art uses strong colors to create a bold, graphic composition.

Artist grade acrylic on linen – dimensions 80cm x 60cm.

Sold unframed.

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Original Abstract Art – ‘Attach-Detach’ by Sophia Persephone

Original abstract art is the perfect way to create a focal point for any room. This larger piece would work well in a modern, contemporary setting and is sure to add a touch of drama to your interior design.

Sophia Persephone created this painting using artist grade acrylic paints on archival quality linen. She painted in layers, using creams and whites to ‘excavate’ the colorful composition. This approach means that the original colours peek through the layers in a ghostly way, inviting the viewer to trace the route of the artist’s decisions.

Sophia is well known for her love of color and this painting leans on basic primaries, as well as purple and emerald green. This creates a strong, graphic feel. The work of Henri Matisse inspired the color palette for this painting, particularly his love of bright blue, emerald green, and red.

The title ‘Attach-Detach’ comes from the habit the artist has of repeatedly joining, separating, and re-joining elements of a painting as she works. She uses this method to carve out the natural rhythm of the work but also to explore the idea of ‘connection’ – a central theme of her abstract practice.

Size: 80cm x 60cm, sold unframed.

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