‘Connections No1’ – Sophia Persephone – Colorful Abstract Painting – 90cm x 60cm


This coloful abstract painting explores the theme of connection while seeking harmony of form and color.

Acrylic and oil on linen – dimensions 90cm x 60cm.

Sold unframed.

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Colorful Abstract Painting – ‘Connections No1’ by Sophia Persephone

This colorful abstract painting uses flowing, organic forms to explore the idea of connection.

It’s inspired in part by mycelium – the vast network of fungal roots which exists below the ground and helps trees and other plants to communicate with one another.

The artist is continually exploring the fact that ‘everything is connected’ in her abstract work. She paints intuitively, without planning, letting the forms and colours flow naturally. This means that her work is iterative, built up over time in layers.

As she paints, she feels compelled to connect areas of a painting, which results in sweeping, rhythmic patterns and shapes. Often she will work and rework as she feels her way around the painting, seeking the most pleasing rhythm.

She starts painting in acrylics which allows her to shape the composition quickly, before switching to oils for extra vibrancy and flexibility of mark making.

Drawn to colour, Sophia Persephone uses a broad palette, carefully balancing strong colours as she seeks harmony. Creating harmony is imperative in her work and something she pursues with passion and commitment. Here, dark blues and purples set off areas of red, pink, and yellow.

This abstract oil painting is large enough to create a dramatic centrepoint in any room and would work well on any colour wall.

Size: 90cm x 60cm, sold unframed.

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